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Song "Nice dream." By Radiohead.

"You have to be careful when you name your child. Because kids these days can take any name and change it so they can taught your child with it. Like Mary is hairy, Luke smells like puke, Mike you mothers a dyke. Shit like that. For example *looks into the crowd* what's your name? Harry? Eat a bag of shit and die harry. See! Kids are geniuses."

-Louie CK

How does one describe Artemis Fowl? Various psychiatrists have tried and failed. The main problem was Artemis's own intellect. It seemed that no one could tap into that genius brain. Everyone tried to, but failed.

Everyone, except one.

She currently was enjoying a good book. She was amazed at how well Mud Men could actually write. The author who wrote this book had such intellect and class that he was able to grip the woman and keep her on the edge of her seat, even if it was just writing. She couldn't believe that a Mud Man by the name of Stephan King could write with such class. These are the same people who use indoor toilets?

She was distracted when she heard the sound of a door close. This was followed by a body slamming down next to her on the bed. The man groaned; tired, for it had been such a long, strenuous, and all around dreadful day. She knew that this was probably how he was going to react when he got home. It was 1 A.M. in the morning, and this man usually went to bed at 10. After all, with a mind as intellectual as his, he needed to rest that genius brain.

After noticing who laid beside her, she focused her attention back to the book.

"Hard day, I presume?" she asked her husband.

"You have no clue." Artemis moaned into his pillow.

"Oh believe me. I know." Holly stated putting her book away. "I'd had to take orders from those people for almost half a century on the work force. So believe me, I understand how hard it is to deal with the council."

Fowl looked up and gazed into her eyes. It was a split second, but it seemed to last a life time. She looked lovely. Ever since they got partnered, he was one of the happiest men who ever lived. What kept him happy the most was the fact that every night, he was curled up next to such a beautiful wife. She had the auburn hair of a goddess, the caramel skin that shined like fine wine, and the type of beauty that would make Aphrodite green with envy.

What he loved more than her looks was her personality. Before Fowl meat her, he was one of those people that didn't know what to do with happiness. He was one of those people, that when his happiness would ask him "are we having a great time?" he'd usually reply, "Well, you know, shit can happen. For example, looked what happen to my father."

But Holly gave him permission to be positive. She made him positive as well. Without her, he probably wouldn't be able to see his father anymore. Without her, he'd still be a child with a mentally insane mother. Without her, he'd probably be buried six feet under by now. But most importantly, without her he wouldn't haven't been able to experience love. He knew what it was like to care for one thing, but he never knew what it was like, to truly intimately love.

He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. It was a long soft kissed, that symbolized compassion and loved. He curled up on top of her, smiling as he did. And soon, both of their noses were touching. He had that smile that looked as if he was mischievous. And Since Holly and Artemis got partnered almost years ago; she knew exactly what he was thinking. And was her job, as the wife, to tease. She loved doing that to him, just to see his expressions was something else.

"What did they say?" she asked him.

Lost in her beauty, Fowl totally forgot everything she just said. She had the ability to do that to him. One minute, he was an esteemed scientist with the highest of intellect, and the next minute, with a wink here and a kiss there, he was a mushy love dog.

"Huh?" Fowl replied as he kissed his wife softly on the lips.

"What did the council say about us being together?" She asked.

"They said the usual drabble that I was expecting to hear."

"Such as," she asked as her back curved to his touch. She felt a warm, yet chilling tingling creep up her spine as his fingers lightly played with her back. It sent a delicious shiver through her nerves.

"Why we got married? When did we get married? When did we get partnered? Did we not know the consequences? Basically, it was sayings that I was prepared to hear before I stepped into the room."

"And what did you tell them," she whispered.

"I told them that we both love each other, and that we've had for a long time now. And if they disliked our relationship, I suggested to one of them that they could cry me a river, jumped down of the cross, use the wood to build a bridge and get over it."

"My, My, My" Holly stated a bit teasingly. "How rude of you. And you told me you were a gentle man."

"Be that as it may," he continued. "I really love you, and when I see people hating us for liking each other, it really brings out the worst in me. There's only one thing that brings out the best of me."

"What's that?" Holly asked him.

He lifted her head so it was close to his. His forefinger and thumb grabbed her chin softly and began to rub. They gazed into each other's mismatch eyes, and then Fowl told her.


She smiled soothingly, and almost a bit shy. Her faced flushed red. It was not out of embarrassment (maybe a little bit) but in a strange way, what Artemis did to her was the exact same thing as what Holly did to him. Fowl kissed her lightly and lovingly on her lips. Their mouths opened and their tongue began to massage each other. It seemed to last an eternity, and it was Holly who pulled back.

"What else did they say?" she asked as their fingers intertwined; ring brushing up against ring.

It was a beautiful, enchanting ring that Fowl had given her. It was a gold band. And not just off of the line gold. This was pure fairy gold that he had melted down for this use. The gold shone in all of its glory. On top of the band, were Holly's birthstone; two of each. Rubies. They glowed with a bright red/ orange glow. And the rubies always matched her hair. The Rubies sat side by side, up against a large white Topaz diamond. It was the perfect shade of white that almost blinded people when light reflected off of it. And it was, without a doubt, the perfect wedding ring. Holly loved it so much. And she'd never forget how she reacted that day. She was crying out of joy so much that Fowl almost feared she'd flood their own room.

"The council really didn't state anything out of the obvious." Fowl continued. "In the end, the whole meeting felt like one long, and drawn out conversation." While he spoke to her, he plant kisses along her jaw line. Once he finished his second sentence, he grew a sly smile and looked at Holly straight in the eyes. The glow of his eyes was filled with deviousness. And his smile was somewhat playful.

"Speaking of long drawn out conversations," Fowl proclaimed as he drifted down her body. His head was now right on her stomach.

Holly was the one who groaned this time. Ever since the night she proclaimed the news, he did the same act over and over. And while the topic's of the conversation changed from time to time, it annoyed her that it was only three weeks ago that Holly found out she was pregnant with Fowl's child, and yet he'd talk to his son, growing inside her, every night.

At first, she'd admit, it was kind of cute seeing Artemis talk to his son in the womb, but now it was kind of annoying. She'd wish that she'd get most of that attention that her son was getting from Artemis.

But she didn't tell fowl face to face how she felt about this issue; not yet anyways. Besides, it was really one of the first times, besides when he married her that Fowl truly cared for another being's health and emotions.

"Hello Son," Fowl told the child inside Holly's belly. "This is your father speaking."

"He already knows that." Holly stated, annoyed.

"I just wanted to tell you," he told his child as he kissed Holly's stomach, "That after my meeting with the council, I've realized that there are some stuck up pricks in the universe."

Holly's eyes shot open in shock.

"Fowl!" she almost yelled. "Watch your language."

Artemis looked upon his wife, and smiled.

"And if you have not already realized this, your Mommy is a hard-ass," he continued to his child.

She raised one of her brows.

"A hard-ass?" she asked him.

He pulled up towards her face, and kissed her on the cheek. He still had that smile that looked as if he had something bad on his mind, yet it caused Holly to melt into an effusive mess.

"Yes," Fowl admitted. "You have to admit, if anyone in this family is strict, it's you."

"I'm not strict." She replied.

"Then what are you, besides my lovely, beautiful wife?"

She smiled, as suddenly the connection between them became so strong that she felt as devilish as he did at the time. Her emotions became so powerful, that he mental wall that told her to keep her lover waiting, broke. She crumbled in lovely goodness. She kissed Fowl behind his ear, and whispered seductively to him.

"Flexible." She replied.

When she came back to his face, his expression made her life out loud. He looked as if he found the secret hidden treasure on a strange unbeknownst island. His mouth was gaped open in surprised, and his eyes, those mismatched eyes, were widen.

"God, I love you." He replied.

Holly giggled. She said to him "Come here you," and brought him up for another kiss.

Soon, that kiss became heated to the point that she was sucking on his tongue and he was sucking on her upper lip.

Soon, he felt that same feeling that he felt years ago when they first came together; that strange, good, feeling that made his blood boil and his nerves tingle in excitement.

Soon, they became hot to the point that they felt their clothes constricting them.

Soon, Holly was screaming his name, over and over again.

And about three hours later, both Artemis and Holly, were spooning with each other, happily asleep, and completely naked. They dreamed peacefully as they waited for the sun to rise, to begin a new day.

About nine months, two weeks, and 3 days into Holly's pregnancy, Fowl found out the hard truth. It was a truth that rocked his inner being and brought him to the point of panic. He thought he knew everything, but there was one thing he did not know.

And that particular subject of knowledge that seemed to escape his mind was the subject of pregnancy.

He thought he knew everything about it. When the news came to him about how he was going to be a daddy, he began studying constantly. He read textbooks, digital books, listen to audio books over the subject and hell, even read magazines (which Fowl believed was a load of garbage) to understand not only the man's role in the birth of a child, but how to raise the child as a good father. He wanted to be the best dad and greatest husband ever, when that day came when Holly's water would break.

But then, Juliet, who came over for a family visit, informed Fowl on one of life's great facts. It was a fact that Fowl had no clue about, though he wished he did. It was a fact that still, to this day, haunts him to his dreams.

And that fact was this.

All women lie about childbirth.

And if any women chuckles at this statement, Fowl would personally like to tell them that the situation is not funny one bit.

When Juliet told Fowl this, he personally freaked out. All this time he thought he knew everything. But now as this new information came forth, he not only realized that he didn't know, but that his wife didn't know as well. He realized that all the information that his wife received from Juliet and Angeline was all brutal lies, for the purpose of just making sure that his wife got pregnant. All women had a tendency to do this. And now that Artemis knew this fact of life, he only had one motive on his mind on August 8th of 2010;

Get to Holly as fast as possible.

He brought Juliet along with him, to personally apologize to Holly herself. When they pulled up to the driveway of the Fowl Manor, Juliet frankly did not want to be her. She thought that Fowl was acting ridiculously.

"This is stupid," Juliet mumbled under her breath.

"This is not stupid!" Artemis shouted to her. "You've lied to my wife for that past nine moths! And I am here to ask why!"

"It's just all in good fun." Juliet replied. "When I had my child, my pregnant friends in the women's wrestling league did the exact same thing to me."

"Why are all women crazy?" Fowl shouted into thin air.

"Cause that's how we roll," Juliet replied. "Look, the birth of a child is magnificent. We only want every woman to experience that magnificent moment, where the doctor says 'it's a girl' or boy."

"I understand how important this child is to her and me as well," Fowl stated as he and Juliet finally made it to the door of the master bed room. "But I also understand how awful it is to lie. I lied once to Holly, and I regretted it for years. I paid for my lie with the loss of my sanity, and Holly as well. Now, that we have finally come to terms that we love each other, I never want anybody to lie to us again; including you."

Juliet looked away. From how Artemis was stating what she did to Holly, Juliet felt kind of, awful. No, scratch that, she felt really bad for lying to Holly.

"I know," Juliet said as she bit her lip in regret.

"Then go in there, and apologize!" Artemis commanded.

Juliet faced the door and prepared herself to speak to Holly. Fowl turned the handle and opened the door.

And at this moment, both of their brains literally fried with panic and fear.

Both Artemis and Juliet opened the door, to find Holly crying and screaming. Her back was clamped to the headboard, and Fowl noticed she could feel some pressure because Artemis could hear wood crack. Holly's arms and legs were sprawled out across the bridge like a drunken Russian gymnast, and both Juliet and Fowl knew that Holly was in pain, for she sounded like this.

"OH GODS!" Holly cried.

Fowl immediately ran to his wife's side. Juliet just stood there in the doorway; amazed at what was happening in front of her. Fowl was amazed as well, but even though his body was in a state of panic, he knew exactly what was happening.

"Honey," Fowl told Holly. "I believe that you are in labor."

"NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,NO!" Holly shouted. Her back curved in pain. She took a long breath that sounded as if she was about to die. "UGHHH!" And then, she told Fowl "This is just false labor."

..Holy shit. Fowl thought. He turned back to Juliet who was standing in the door way. Artemis was now madder than hell. "DO YOU SEE WHAT LIES DO?" Artemis asked Juliet.

The Butler snapped out of her haze and ran right next to Holly on the bed. She began to assist Holly in any way she could. She told Holly the usual; to breathe, to push, and so on. About two minutes later, Holly let out another vicious scream in pain. No amount of fairy healing could help her with this situation right now. It was nothing like Juliet and Angeline said it what be. This wasn't just 'some pressure' she felt. It was as if her lower lip got ripped off and pulled over her skull. She breathed hard and fast, and then screamed some more.

"MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!" she shouted to Artemis.

"I wish I could," Artemis stated to Holly. "But I honestly don't know how. I believe that even with the healing in motion wouldn't exactly dull the p-"

Holly hormones went dreadfully high, and they took a twist in anger. The pain fuelled her hate, as she then grabbed Fowl's throat and brought him up to her face.


"Wait!" Juliet shouted. "I got an idea. I have just the thing for Holly." Juliet then ran down stair to her bag, leaving Artemis alone with his in labor wife. He was now in a state of fear. What was he suppose to do. He did the only thing he could do. He told his wife to breath, relax and push, and all the while, he and Holly both waited for the arrival of Juliet. In one hand, was her bag with clothes and accessories; and in the other hand, was a syringe needle.

Fowl was confused.

"What is that syringe needle filled with?" Fowl asked.

"Oh," Juliet sated. "It's just an epidural."

Fowl corked a brow. Holly immediately stopped breathing for a second, confused as well. Out of nowhere, Juliet seemed to just have an epidural in handy.

"Why in the world do you have an epidural?" Fowl asked her.

She suddenly grew a smile, and started to laugh in pleasure.

"I'm not a junkie." She assured the couple. "But trust me. When you have a job like I do, and you get hurt in the cage, this shit helps."

And with that, she stuck the epidural in Holly.

That's when Fowl realized why Juliet would keep such a drug with her all the time. The effect was so immediate, that even Fowl started thinking about trying that epidural out on him if he had any pain in the future. Because, a few minutes ago, Holly was in so much pain, she was literally screaming in tongues. But, about three seconds after Juliet placed the epidural in Holly's vein, Holly's scream transformed.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. oh. oh. Ahh. Yeah." She screamed. Her eyes rolled back in a drug fixed haze. She felt no pain whatsoever at this moment. And suddenly she started cackling like a hyena. Fowl gave Juliet the cocked brow. And then he asked her a question." Does this happen to everyone when they get and epidural? Cause if that's the case; I'm having some major trouble with my back…"

Finally, after a few seconds of Holly's constant cackle, Artemis had to ask her the one stupid question.

"How do you feel?" Fowl asked her.

Holly laughed and turned towards her husband. She pointed at his nose for a long time, and then, just before passing out, she stated "great."

With that word, Holly immediately drifted in a drug hazed sleep. She was now out cold. Fowl stared at his wife, amazed at what this drug did for her. One minute, his wife was in total pain, and the next minute, she was now softly asleep. Fowl looked up at Juliet, who was cleaning the needle out, and started rummaging through her bag for supplies.

"How long will she be unconscious?"Artemis asked Juliet.

"About three hours," Juliet said. She turned from her bag to see an amazed Artemis.

"Three hours?" Fowl proclaimed.

"Don't worry," Juliet said. "It gets rid of some of the pain, but in the end, for pregnancy, it just prolongs the effect. Trust me. I have this done to me before for pregnancy, and that's what it's supposed to do."

Juliet went over to Fowl's side, at patted him on the back. Artemis watched as his wife slept.

"Now go into the other room." Juliet said. "Get some rest."

"What? No!" Artemis stated to Juliet. "I love my wife. I am never leaving her side."

"You're not leaving." Juliet told him. "It's just that you've had a long day, and that the next part of her pregnancy is brutal. I need you fully rested up for the next part. So go into the other room, get some sleep, and I'll get you when she's thirty seconds apart."

Artemis glanced over to Holly. She looked so peaceful while she slept. He notice how round her tummy was with their child. He knew that any minute now, that round tummy would disappear, and be replaced with a newborn baby. And while he was thrilled at that thought, he was also scared. Anything could go wrong from this moment on. He wanted to stay by his wife's side and make sure that nothing went wrong. He needed to make sure that his wife was taken care of properly.

"You trust me. Right?" Juliet asked Fowl.

Artemis looked right back at Juliet, and sighed; disappointed that she was right.

"Yes," he stated. "I trust you."

Artemis walked out of the room slowly. He went downstairs to the main couch. His mind was filled with anxiety and fear, but he knew that his wife was in good hands. After all, Juliet was a Butler, and she also experience child labor herself. So Artemis just laid there on the couch. And slowly, but surly, he drift off to sleep as well.

*three hours later*

Juliet rushed down stairs. She ran so fast that the stairs almost lit on fire. She found Artemis asleep on the couch, and ran up to him and shook him viciously. He immediately snapped out of his daze when he felt Juliet violently shaking him.

"Fowl!" she screamed almost out of breath. "Your wife. She's thirty seconds apart!"

That's when Fowl heard a very loud scream up stairs coming from his wife.

He and Juliet immediately ran upstairs. He ran so fast that his heart felt like it was pumping battery acid. When he reached the door to the master bedroom he pulled the door so hard that he almost tore the door off its hinges. He saw that Holly now had an IV placed into her (which Juliet got from the science lab,) and that the bag was filled with epidural.

Holly was now curving so hard that Fowl swore he could see her spine through her front. She arched hard and screamed loudly. Artemis rushed quickly to his wife's side and held her hand. Due to their partnered ship, he could feel some of the pain she was feeling, and while it wasn't on the same scale as Holly's pain, he felt as if his insides were being torn out. To see his wife in so much pain, hurt him so much.

He did his job as the man. While Juliet got between Holly's legs and studied if the baby was crowning, Fowl told his wife to push, and to breathe. He held her hand tightly, but not as tight as she was holding on to him. Later, Fowl would find out that three of his fingers were broken.

She screamed in total pain, which hurt both Fowl's and Juliet's ears.

And that's when Holly said it.

"I'M NOT HAVING THIS BABY!" she screamed.

Fowl immediately stopped and stared. He felt as if he didn't hear her quite correctly. She's thirty seconds apart AND NOW she doesn't want to have this baby?

At first, Artemis and Juliet tried to retain their frustration and act cool and collective.

"Holly, you need to corporate." Fowl stated calm.

"I DON'T WANNA!" Holly screamed.

"You need to push." Fowl told her.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Holly screamed. Then tears of pain feel down her cheeks. When she started breathing in after the long scream she said, "I'M NOT PUSHING. YOU TELL JULIET TO PULL!"

And that's what set her off. Juliet, frankly, was mad at the frustration of the situation. All that she wanted to do was apologize, have cup of tea, and get out. Now, she was aiding Holly in the birth of Artemis's child. And yet, she doesn't want to push. Well fuck that, she thought. Her anger made her slam her fist on the bed, and then she screamed at Holly with fury.

"Damn it Holly!" Juliet yelled. "If you do not have this baby in the next ten seconds, I will personally kill your epidural flow."

That baby was out. Holly reacted like a crack head threaten with rehab.

That baby flew out. And no one was prepared for the baby. Three hours, and one push was all it took for that child to be born, and it may be possible that no women in history ever had a birth like that; which is probably why no one was prepared for it. Luckily, Juliet's training, along with her lightning fast reflexes kicked in, and she caught that baby before it hit the ground.

Fowl watched in amazement as Juliet caught the baby. Holly's screaming finally died down, and all that was left was heavy breathing. She looked towards Fowl, noting that he looked just as amazed as well. They looked towards each other, both breathing heavy excitement.

"You feeling better?" he asked stupidly.

She narrowed her brows towards him.

"I just went through childbirth Arty," she told him. "I don't think I'm in the best of moods for stupid questions."

"You're right." He told her. "I'm sorry. It's just, all of the excitement and pain you and I went though, I just had to know."

Suddenly, they heard a crying sound. It was the sound of their child crying. They felt there heartbeats rise again, as they were about to meet their child. While the anticipation was great, the sound of their child put Holly in a good mood.

"You know what would make me very happy," Holly told Artemis. "Is if we see our child." She tried raising her head a little bit to meet Juliet, who was wiping off their child behind the bed with a towel. "Juliet." She yelled. "Can we see our child?"

Juliet rose from under the bed; with a smile on her face and a child in her arms. "Why of course." She beamed.

Frankly, Mr. and Mrs. Fowl the II didn't hear a thing Juliet said. They were too busy staring at their child. He was beautiful. There was nothing wrong with him one bit. And while he looked like a normal child in the world's standers, Fowl thought that his child was the most amazing thing in the universe. To know that he made this wonderful child, without the use of technology and science, and to know that this child was his, and a part of him and Holly, made his eyes water with tears of joy. Holly reacted the same way.

"Oh Gods Arty," she stated.

Juliet smiled as she handed the child to Holly. Holly held the child in her arms and immediately, the child stopped crying. Now that the child had found his home, his mother, the child felt at home and at peace. The child immediately started cooing. Artemis felt as if he was going to explode with happiness. To know that he finally did it, that he finally was a father, made him fill with joy. The child then began to fall asleep. Holly's heart melted.

"He's beautiful." Holly told Fowl.

"Yes he is." Fowl stated to Holly while wiping away the tears with his sleeve.

"What should we call him?" Holly asked as she lightly bounced the child.

Artemis thought really hard for a moment. People need to be careful when naming a child. After all, Arty was teased in the all boys' school for years about having a girl's name. Although he usually was so cold and bitter that no one wanted to talk to him. And for the unlucky few that did tease them, they later got to meet the giant sized bodyguard that drove the Bentley. Then, an idea popped into his head. He knew that Holly didn't want to keep the Artemis name going. After all, it was her child too, and they expected to at least have three, so they could possibly name another child Artemis. But Fowl realized that he could still name his kid after a Greek god.

"Apollo," Arty announced.

Holly cocked a brow.

"You mean you want to name our child after a series of NASA space missions? One of them that failed miserably and had a movie with Tom Hanks star in it?"

Artemis laughed.

"No, no." he corrected her. "Apollo is the Greek god of music, and light; along with truth and prophecy. I want our child to be named after someone who was honest, so later in the future, when our child would be prepared to tell a lie, he'll stop himself and realize what his name means."

A bright smile grew across Holly's face. She realized that it was in Arty's intentions to be a good father and for his kid to never fall in the same pit holes as he did.

"Well, now that I know why you named him Apollo," she said grinning. "I think it's very sweet."

"You think so?"


They stared at the child for a long time. At this moment, Juliet felt that they would need some peace and walked out of the room. The child was wonderful. He was so small and fragile that Holly and Artemis felt as if they'd accidently break him. He was a small beacon of life that filled any dark voids of their life. He was a small child, but a heavy one as well, and Holly could tell for her arms were getting tired.

"You hold him." Holly told Fowl.

Fowl's eyes widen in excitement.

"I can't." Artemis stated with fear.

Holly laughed at his fear.

"It's not like you'll break him."

"I'm afraid I will."

She handed him their child. Carefully, Fowl cradled the child in his arms.

"Being a father comes naturally." Holly told Fowl.

And she was right. As soon as Fowl felt his child, the instincts took over. He cradled his child and bounced him lightly in his arms. As a Father, it was in his instincts to comfort his child. But it was also in his instincts to never let go of his child. He wanted to make sure that nothing bad happened to his own flesh and blood. He studied his child as he rest in his arms.

"He's got my skin complexion." He told his wife. "He's got my looks, my gender. Huh, he even has my nose."

"Guess he takes after you." Holly asked him.

Fowl didn't reply. He didn't need to reply. It didn't matter who his child got what from whom. All that mattered was that this was his child that he was holding in his arms. Never in a million years did Fowl believe he would be a Father. And the feeling that came from knowing he was now a dad filled his spirits with joy and righteous.

Then as he looked back to his child, he saw it.

He immediately gasped loudly. Holly twitched her head towards Fowl with lightning speeds. Fowl's mouth was gaped open in surprise. Then, a couple of seconds later, he said it.

"He's got your ears."

Holly immediately perked up from the bed when she heard this.

"What!" she almost screamed.

Artemis handed their child back to Holly. She looked closely at the child's face to see if Fowl was telling the truth, or just pulling her leg. "Look," Artemis told her as he handed her the child. She looked for a couple of minutes at the child, and then she noticed it. Their child had pointed elfin ears. These were defiantly not human ears at all.

"Oh My Gods." Holly proclaimed. "Your right. Those are elf ears." As she studied the child more that was resting on her lap, she noticed something else. The small patch of hair that grew on his scalp was a reddish auburn color. "He's even got my hair."

Fowl looked closer at his child as well, and she was right.

"I guess he takes some things after you as well." Fowl exclaimed to his wife.

They looked at their child once more. He looked like a mixture of Holly and Fowl put together. And in the end, he was now their child. But with the elf ears, it was a whole new territory of business. If the child had the powers of and elf, along with the ears, he was indubitably an elf, and thus, the child belonged underground. The council was going to be pissed.

"Yeah," Holly replied to Fowls statement. "I guess he does."

*about 3 months later.*

Fowl approached the doorway cautiously. He knew that Holly would probably be in a hell of a mood. Ever since their child got three months old, he basically became a hassle. Not that they no longer wanted him; Apollo was still their child. It's just once he got to the three month mark, Apollo became a crying, pooping, burping, eating machine. To top that off, Artemis had newer business companies to deal with around the world. And since Artemis didn't trust planes for Apollo's age (or any automobiles for that matter) Holly was left at home caring for the poop maniac.

Sometimes, if not most of the time, when Fowl got home, Holly was so pissed that she would throw something at him when he walked through the door.

It was not just the stress of having a three month old child to deal with that bothered her. About two weeks after the birth of their child, Holly and Fowl was ordered to take their child down to the lower elements and to visit the council immediately. Once they got there, millions of troops surrounded them and pushed them towards the meeting chamber. Their child was given to Foaly for the period of 2 hours to run small test on the child. Foaly got some D.N.A results and figured out that even though their child had the extra chromosome for magic, and indeed had elfin ears, he also had the lifespan of a mud man and would grow to the height of a normal mud man as well. When the council received this news they came to a conclusion. And this conclusion left Holly mad for years to come.

Since Apollo was half mud man, he couldn't live with the council. Gods forbid, if another mud man found out about the lower dwellings…..But since Apollo was also half fairy, he couldn't necessarily live on the surface. Too much exposure would get people wondering why the child had pointed ears. And since Holly would be the only close contact the child would have to mythical creatures, the council ordered that their child could no longer live with them after his second birth day.

and Holly personally lost her job too, because after council man Lope made that decision, Holly found him in the parking lot before he left and gave him two punches in the temples, and fist in his teeth, and a swift knee to the testicles.

The order to place Apollo away from them made Holly and Artemis cry almost half the night. It still haunted them to this day. And while Artemis was completely stricken with grief, Holly took it the worst. After Holly got mad at Fowl, she would usually cry herself to sleep, and wouldn't never speak another word to Artemis until morning.

But this time, Artemis came prepared. In his hand was a square object wrapped in gift wrap. The contents that were inside the wrap were a surprise. Fowl only hopped that Holly was at least in a good enough mood to not try to kill him. He hoped that he could give her this gift before she went all 'psycho' on his ass.

So when he opened the door, he made sure he did it slowly.

He heard the sound of a child crying, with a frantic Holly scampering around the room. As he peeked through the crack in the door, he saw that the child was nestled comfortably in his crib, yet the child cried uncontrollably. Holly was rushing back in forth in the room, and looked as if she was about to explode.

"What do you want." She asked the child, knowing that he wouldn't understand a thing she said. "Your bottle? How about your binky? Oh Gods. Please just say something!"

Fowl tried opening the door a little bit more to see. It was a big mistake on his part that he made. For when he opened the door, it accidently squeaked a bit. The infant Apollo suddenly stopped crying and perked up to the sound. Since Holly's ears were elfin as well, she immediately heard the quite squeak, and turned around towards the door. She noticed that the door moved a bit, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that Artemis had just gotten home from his business meeting in London, and was trying to sneak into the room

Holly immediately flipped. She ran towards the door and threw it open. Since Fowl's hand was on the knob, when Holly opened the door, Artemis immediately jerked forward. His face met an Angry Holly, and from the looks of it, she was already in psycho mode.

"Where the hell have you been?" Holly screamed. She pointed towards Apollo, who had now immediately fallen asleep for no apparent reason. "I've been here trying to take care of this damn child like you should be doing, and you've been all over the fucking planet. I HAD TO DEAL WITH MUD MAN POO! I can't believe you at all. What the Fuck is wrong w-"

She never finished the sentence. Artemis had attacked Holly's mouth with a ferocious kiss. His tongue entered the roof of her mouth and began to do the mystic dance. Holly's eyes immediately flew wide open. In normal circumstances, she would have melted with just one kiss. His kisses tended to do that to her. But today she was angrier than usual. She was shocked at what was happening. So she pushed Fowl away, and began to go off on a tirade.


Her voice drifted away as she looked down. She noticed the gift that was in his hands. And while she knew it was a gift, she still had to ask "What's this?"

"It is a gift for you." Artemis replied.

Holly was surprised. Fowl was usually one to receive gifts, and not give them. So there had to be a special motive behind this gift. Her eyebrows cocked.

"All right Arty." She stated. "What's the occasion?"

"Open it up and you'll see."

Holly slowly took the gift out of his hands. It was a medium sized gift that felt heavy, and had sharp corners. She lightly tapped the front of it and she noticed that the sound the object make when she tapped it made her believe it was glass. She tapped the back of it and it sounded like wood. She was really confused, so she opened it. She stared for a long time at the strange gift. Why in the world would Fowl give her a…..

"Picture frame?" She asked.

"It's not just a picture frame." He beamed. He tapped his fingers on the photo that was inside. "Take a good long look at this and tell me, by your perception, what do you see?"

Holly didn't look that long, for she didn't have to. The sample picture was that of a kid. He looked like he was somewhere around twelve to thirteen years of age. He had red hair that stood out like a sore thumb, since the rest of his body was so pale; it looked like he was a vampire. He had long lengthy fingers, and a lightly tone body. He had a very tall neck, looked very skinny, and had bright blue eyes.

"It's a sample picture of a teenager." She said. "So?"

"This is not a sample picture." Artemis told her. "This is a D.N.A altered photo."

"A what?" she asked. She looked up towards Fowl for an explanation.

"When I returned home and was walking through the Dublin Airport, I noticed this store that said 'D.N.A age alternative photos.' I thought It would be a thoughtful gift to give you."

"It'd be really sweet," Holly told him as she looked down on the photo. "If I knew what in Frond's name you were talking about."

Fowl sighed as he rubbed his index finger and his thumb across the top of his nose. He then looked up and took a deep breath in. "Let's set the scene here. Let's say that what if you had a very old family member that was so old that he or she didn't have a photo of themselves when they were…..let's just say…..7. with D.N.A. altered age photo's, you give a person working in the store some physical information about them; like weight, they age they are now, facial features, etcetera, and they run the information through a computer, along with a photo of the person you are alternating, and they give you a very accurate photo of what the person would look like when they were 7."

"We use to have things like that in the lower elements market district," Holly stated. "But when you live for decades, there not that much of a change between individual years. Although I can imagine for humans it's very different." She looked back at the photo, and studied the teenager once more. "So whose altered photo is this?"

Artemis Fowl gave off a chuckle. It was a chuckle that he used when he was smug, or very happy. Usually, this meant bad news for Holly. This time, it was different. He pointed at the photo once more.

"When I got home at the Dublin airport, I gave the lady behind the booth some information from his birth certificate and the wonderful photo of our child." He tapped his finger on the photo once more. "Honey, that is Apollo when he's 15."

The first thing she did was blink rapidly. She blinked so many times so fast that Fowl thought her eyelashes were going to fly off. The second thing that happened was her eyes bugged out to the size of saucers. The third thing she did was look back at the infant Apollo who was fast asleep in his crib. She looked back at the picture, and then back at the baby. She snapped her head between the photo and her child; back and forth, back and forth. She snapped her head between the two so fast that her head motions almost became a blur. She looked like she was about to have and epileptic seizure and then, she screamed.

"Oh my Gods!" she proclaimed.

Immediately, Arty's fingers went forward and shushed her lips. "Sssh." He proclaimed softly. He looked back at his child behind Holly's shoulder. Apollo was still asleep, peacefully dreaming. He looked so precious. He turned his attention back to Holly; whose mouth was gaped open in amazement.

"This is our son?" she whispered quietly.

"Yes." Fowl whispered back.

She started jumping up and down franticly, like a teenage girl at a pop band concert.

"This is really our son?" she exclaimed.

"Again," Fowl stated. "I said yes."

"Oh my Gods Arty!" she exclaimed quietly. "He is such the handsome young man. We made a hell of a kid huh?"

Fowl smirked smugly at Holly's remarks about their child. Maybe he gets his handsomeness from my genes, he thought.

"Yes," Artemis stated. "I believe we did."

Holly's laughter in amazement suddenly died down; as the look of confusion spread across her face. More importantly, she looked as if she were thinking. Artemis didn't know what to expect. Holly looked up at her husband, and said one word while cocking her brow. "Why?" she asked.

Artemis smirked and chuckled a bit at this statement. He fully understood what she was asking. Why was Artemis Fowl giving her this photo of their future son? He walked up slowly to her and brushed her cheeks with the palm of his hand. He kissed her softly on the lips, and then her neck. After that, he whispered in her ear.

"Is it possible that I just love you so much and this gift came out of pure love and has no other purpose or underlining theme?"

She moaned softly as she wrapped her hands around his neck. She kissed him softly and the lips. He looked back into her eyes. She smiled as she gave her answer. "Nope."

Fowl smiled. Defeated again by my wife, he thought. Drat.

He took the picture from her hands and walked slowly to the bed. Holly followed him. He sat across his bed and placed the picture on the nightstand; right next to Apollo's crib. He looked so precious while he slept. Fowl smiled tenderly. Knowing that this was his child made him warm inside. Holly then joined Artemis right beside him next to the bed, as they watched their child peacefully dream.

"Listen Holly," he stated caringly, "Your right. I gave you this picture for a reason, other than because I love you very much."

"What is it?" Holly asked.

"In two years time, we are no longer going to see our child," Fowl said as he motioned his hand before there sleeping son. "The council made the ruling that he would half to live with someone else. And what makes me angrier than that, is to see you get angry at him when you should be cherishing these moments. They only stay precious for just a second. And sure, right now, our child may seem just like a machine hell bent on destroying half his diapers we buy him. Sure, right now he passes gas and regurgitates, and defecates, and belches, and let's be honest here; he sometimes smells. But, 15 years from now, he is going to be this grown teenager. He won't take much advice from anybody, and he won't know you. But when you see him, if we ever see him again, you're going to remember what he was like when he was like this," Artemis stated as he extended his hand towards the sleeping infant. "And you are going to cherish this moment in your head for a long time."

Holly completely understood what he meant by this gift. She understood that she should love her child more often, now that she knew he would leave soon. Frankly, sometimes after her tirades, she'd feel awful about how she acted to her son. But she couldn't help it that the kid went through almost 10 diapers a day. Still, she understood the gift, and with that, she kissed her husband on the cheek and stated "You're right."

"I always am." He stated.

She smiled.

"Smug bastard." She whispered.

"Don't push me fairy," he stated seductively.

She moaned and kissed him once more on the lips. Then they went back to watching their child. Suddenly a thought popped into Holly's head.

"Did you find an adoptive mother?" she asked.

"You're going to love this." he stated almost giggling.

"What?" she asked almost worried.

"Do you remember a little French girl by the name of Minerva?" he said fully knowing that she remembered the blonde haired girl.

It didn't take long for Holly to put two and two together.

"You serious?" she asked amazed as she supported herself with her elbows on the bed. "You mean to tell me that Minerva wants to be our adoptive mother."

"You're absolutely right." He told her. "You see, Minerva found out that her reproductive system is dysfunctional and that she can never have children.

"That's horrible Arty." Holly stated shocked.

"It certainly is," he proclaimed. "I told her about our child and the situation we are having, and she said that she was getting a long term job in New York. She'll live there for about twenty years. She always wanted to be a mother, and sense Minerva was a good friend, I told her that if it was okay with my wife, she could legally adopt our child, and he could live with Minerva in New York."

"I don't know," she mumbled to herself. "This is Minerva we are talking about right?"

"Yes," he exclaimed. "And I know that the few times we've met Minerva she always acted like a b-i-t-c-h…."

Holly cocked a brow, trying to understand why Artemis spelled out the word instead of saying it.

"I'm not going to say it in front of our child." He told her. "But Holly, think about it. It's perfect. First off, Minerva is rich like the rest of us. Secondly, she won't be living in the city part of New York. She's living in a mansion, in a small town only a few miles away from the actual city. And thirdly, and most importantly, New York is the prefect environment for our son. It's the straw in the great melting pot that is the U.S. He'll learn to appreciate all cultures, and to never be bias. He'll be open, and friendly, and most importantly, he'll have more 'human' friends than I ever had. He'll have the life that I wished I had. It nothing short of perfect."

Holly let the thought roll around in her mind for a bit. It seemed like a good idea, but something seemed off about it. Maybe it was just because she really didn't trust Minerva. Or maybe it was because New York seemed like the perfect place to raise an asshole. But in the end, however, as Fowl stated earlier, he was always right. Apollo would have the perfect life in New York with Minerva. So, with a long sigh, she said, "Okay."

Artemis replied by kissing her on the cheek.

Soon that kiss became heated.

Soon, Holly felt like she was going to explode if she didn't get more of Artemis.

But then, they were interrupted by a soft sound; almost a whisper. It was a cooing from their child. And it was the most precious sound they ever heard. Immediately, they stopped kissing and turned their attention to their child. They watched him intently, like a teenager wrapped in his favorite video game. Suddenly, their small infant child stretched his arms and gave off a yawn.

They couldn't help it. But at that particular moment, both Artemis and Holly said at the same time, "aww."

Fowl took the child from his crib; careful not to disturb his sleep, and carried him off to the main nursery. Knowing that Holly would want to finish what they started earlier, he didn't want to affect their child's fragile mind in some way. So he carried the child to the nursery, lightly bouncing him on the way their as Artemis walked.

When he reached the nursery, Fowl lightly placed the tiny child in the large crib. Once he tucked his child in, he was about to walk away, when he fully realized how much he fully loved his child. Make every moment count. He thought. God, remember when you use to believe that 4 was the number of death.

He walked slowly back to the crib, watching his child as he slept. He leaned forward slowly, and kissed his child on the cheek. He whispered softly into the night,

"Good night Apollo; my one and only precious son."

When he walked off towards the main bed, one thought was in his mind.

Apollo, what a great name.

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