Song: "The Tourist," By: Radiohead.

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when we choose to get on it we believe it's real because that's how powerful our minds actually are. The rid goes up and down and all around, it has thrill, chills and it is very colorful and very loud and very brightly lit. and some people think, 'Is this real, or is this just a ride?' and then there are those who get off the ride; people like Gandi, Jesus, JFK; people who tell us 'hey, don't ever worry about anything because in the end…'s just a ride.' And we…..kill those people. 'shut him up! Look at my furrows of worry! Look at my big bank account, and my family! This has to be real!' no man, it's just a ride. But does anyone else find that ironic; that we kill the good guys and let the demons run amuck. But even then….that doesn't even matter because after all…it's only a ride. And we can change it at any time we want to. No money, no commitment, just a choice between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your doors, buy guns, and seclude yourself off from the world whereas the eyes of love see us all as one. And if we keep choosing love, maybe one day, we will explore space, both inner and outer, in peace and harmony. Thank you and god bless."

Bill Hicks.

After the mission, Julius just wanted a simple and quiet life, or at least as simple of a life a clone of a historic fairy leader could get. So, leaving the underground world behind, Julius now resides in an undisclosed location somewhere in America. It is rumored that he has found love and settled down.

Mulch, being the opportunist, went back to San Juan and opened a food vending shop in which he gets his supplies illegally through his favorite restaurant. He has not been caught and has Artemis and Holly on speed dial in case he does.

Trouble went back as commanding officer and after a few more years behind the desk, got promoted to Council Member. It has been said that Trouble's council initiation was one of the best decisions in fairy political history.

Unfortunately, Grub went back to work as a pencil pusher and continues to be. However, he found love with a new secretary by the name of 'Filifolia' and it has been reported that they will be married soon. Kids are defiantly being planned for.

Juliet continued being Artemis Fowl's most trusted body guard. In her off time, she has made special reappearances in the arena back in Mexico, sporting her old title 'The Jade-Ring princess.'

Melinda eventually did go on that date with Apollo. They have been going steady for 7 months since. Since Apollo lives in New York, they usually only get to meet each other on the weekends but it keeps the relationship stronger. Melinda has pursued her duties as a body guard as well, but that topic will come up in just a bit.

Artemis and Holly are still happily married, still residing in the Fowl Manor, and are excited to announce that they have not been in any other adventures since then. Holly had another baby, named "Orpheus," who had black hair and no pointy ears or magical abilities. However, and it is unfortunate, he regained the fairy's aging process and by the time Apollo passes on, Orpheus will still be only a little child.

Apollo pleaded with Todd and his band to start up another gig and fortuantly they did. It was a success and it lead them to create an album. They have achieved an underground cult status as a 'punk rock, funk, grudge, progressive metal,' band and are about to embark on their first tour. It has been reported that Melinda has been Apollo's security guard for all his shows and will be on the road with him as well. He is doing well in school and is now in his senior year, just months away from graduation.

The teacher read the story with curiosity. She knew that Apollo already was exhaling head and shoulders above the rest in her class, but the story was good; really good. It's just….something was missing.

She was startled by the knock on the door. She turned to see, much to her surprise, Apollo. And judging by the way his jaw held slackly, he was surprise too. It was then she realized that he was surprised because he noticed her reading his story on the computer. She shrugged and pulled the junk drive out of her laptop. As she handed the blue device over to Apollo, she began to speak.

"I saw it lying in your chair when you got up," the teacher said. "You told me that you had your homework on it, and since you've also said that it was complete, I decided to cut you some slack and print it out myself."

"And that's when you discovered my rough draft," Apollo sighed with a smile.

"It was actually really good," the teacher stated.

"Thank you," Apollo replied happily; actually fascinated by the fact that someone actually enjoyed his writing. "How much have you read?"

"All of it."

That really surprised Apollo. He corked a brow. "….all 27 chapters?"

"And the Epilogue," The teacher stated with a smile.

"Dang," Apollo sighed. "Well, it must've been good to have been keeping your attention for that long."

"Although," the teacher began as she made gestures with her hands, "and this is my only criticism. The characters of Holly and Artemis, they're very fantastic and captivating but I don't know enough about them. Could you have at least provided a back story?"

"I thought about it," Apollo explained. "But when I worked out the plan on paper I realized that if I was to make a back-story for them, it would take up a series of 8 novels."

"I'd actually support you if that were the case," the teacher made an off handed remark.

But it stuck in Apollo's brain. He light switch was flipped on, and Apollo began to smile. He thanked his teacher and walked out, and started to pursue the nearest payphone.

The call between Apollo and Artemis on that day went something like this.

Artemis: ….hello?

Apollo: hey dad, it's me.

Artemis: how's everything in New York working out for you?

Apollo: Terrific. I'm graduating in a few months and I'm hoping to get a job as either a musician or a writer.

Artemis: you better hope you gain a minimum wage job on the side to support you along the way. Of course, I'll help out as well, but I know how you like to pursue you're on path.

Apollo: that's actually what I'm calling you about…dad, if I was to write a series of novels, would you publish them?

Artemis…it depends. What are they about?

Apollo: I've already selected 'Eion Colfer,' as my pseudonym. I am thinking of writing 8 books in the series, and the first one will be named after you.

Artemis: So it would be 'Artemis Fowl,' written by 'Eion Colfer.' This sound appealing. Very, very appealing.