"Please stop! I don't want to do this anymore!"

"Your desires and sins have brought you here. There was no turning back once you opened the door to Hell." Another day in Hell, another sinful victim that was needed to be tortured. Otherwise known as the regular days of the Cenobites. Well, that's only when someone is tempted to open the Lament Configuration. Nothing was more fun than to torture.

Then again, many years ago I became one of them. It was a mistake at first because our love was forbidden. But then I died and ended up here where it was okay. Cenobites don't remember who they are once they're made. Thanks to our leader, my lover, Pinhead, he made me remember who I was.

I was a very depressed, suicidal, hating the world teenager who went through a life of suffering. It didn't matter much to Pinhead and the others at first but later on he developed feelings towards me. Feelings no Cenobite should ever have for a mortal.

Notheless, he ignored the rules for once for his own desire. But desire led to sorrow once my late mother found us. She killed me, I went to Hell, and I became one of them.

Pinhead seemed anxious to figure out if I was his mortal lover when alive and he was right. When our lips touched and my mind came back, it was clear I was his. But now, I am not known as Nicole Alkins. I am Watcher, a Cenobite just like them.

And right now, as I watch another person being tortured by Pinhead, I think of those moments for a short while.

I do that at times. Just silently stand there, stare at something, and think. Just like I'd done while alive.

He gave the chains a final pull with his mind and they were torn apart.

"Our work here is done. For now." That was our cue to go and for him to put the Lament Configuration back together for someone else.

I walk around for awhile in a room with chains. It's always comforting for me to see these chains, besides that we make them appear when we're let out of the box.

I sit down in a corner of the room and mentally grab a chain. It's fun having to move things with telekinesis. It's not so fun with humans because the pain/death is not as fun as doing the work yourself. Then again, there are creative things you can do with what's here.

I put the chain into my hand and throw it forward, watching it swing back and forth with my eyes that are forced to never blink. It's nice that it doesn't hurt along with the other parts of the body.

I heard footsteps approaching and turned my attention to the doorway. It was Pinhead, looking for me like always. I never got annoyed with him trying to find me.

He walked to me and sat down next to me as I continued to watch the chain.

"Having fun there, Watcher?" I giggled, not taking my eyes off it.

"That depends on what you mean by fun." He chuckled, getting my joke.

"There are many plaesures here," he muttered.

Indeed there were, for us. There was torture mostly but then there was one we shared. Our love held different pleasures, neutral or dirty. Yes, we still do that from time to time but that's if we can be alone (Which he has to do by force sometimes).

He wraps his arm around me and watched the chain. After awhile, he made it stop so that I'd look at hm. He looks back at me with his calm gentle face and puts his hand on my face.

"You forgot some blood again," he says, rubbing some drops off my face. He knows I'm a bit OCD about touching the blood coming from my eyes but he tries to be careful.

"You know, maybe I just do this so you'd rub my face," I say, remembering the first time he did that to me before I went to school.

He chuckles again, still rubbing my face.

"And maybe I enjoy doing this." I smile up at him as he finishes rubbing the last spots of blood. He slides his bloody fingers down my lips, both of us looking into he other's cold black eyes.

"I love you, Watcher."

"I love you, too, Pinhead." He leans in closer and our lips touched. One thing that sucks about having your eyes forced open is that you can't enjoy a good kiss with the Dark Prince of Pain.

But I found an alternative solution that still doesn't hurt me. Rolling my eyes in the back of my head is as close to not seeing as I can get. When I showed this to Pinhead for the first time, he laughed. Not that he thought it was dumb or anything. He just found it funny and, in a way, cute.

He let go and I rolled my eyes back to where I can see. He smiles at me and I lay in his chest, rubbing the blood that trailed down it.

"Our love is like the blood," I whisper, "It's forever as long as it still flows."

"I couldn't put it any better than that, Watcher." Eternity is a long time but as long as I was with Pinhead I was happy. I could say that I'm in heaven with him by my side but there's no escape for us but here. But as long as we were together, I didn't care what place we ended up in.