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Genre: Romance/Mystery/Humor/Drama

Rating: M (just to be safe)

Warning: Slash, violence and gore. After all, this story is about evaluating dead bodies to catch killers. The bodies usually aren't in the best shape.

Summary: While investigating a murder in London, Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's assistant, Harry Potter-Black. With his boss murdered, Harry decides to take a position at the Jeffersonian Institute under Brennan's guidance. SLASH.

Author's Note: This was in my head for a long time and I needed to write it out as it was distracting me. Note that When the Lightning Strikes is still my #1 priority. These chapters will be mostly short and glossing over a lot of the investigations and focusing more on Harry's friendships with the people at the Jeffersonian Institute.

Like my other stories, this will contain SLASH themes (mainly Harry/Sweets) but nothing as graphic or intense as in my Supernatural crossover series. Their relationship will take a long while to start so Harry may have several partners before Sweets comes around to his persuasions.

For those Bones fans out there, the title of the story is NOT a mistake. I know the episode in season 4 is called "Yanks in the U.K." but I wanted to manipulate it for my own purposes. I like the title as it aptly describes Harry's situation and reflects the Bones episode I'm inserting him into.

Yanked from the U.K.

Moriarty's Minion

Chapter 1
"Innocent Until Proven Guilty"

When Harry had shown up for work this morning, he'd never expected to find out that his boss had been murdered the night before. He'd also never anticipated being in an interrogation room by noon. Nor had he foreseen being interrogated by a Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation named Seeley Booth or his partner, the renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Harry studied the woman, for the first time feeling what other wizards and witches must feel when they met The Boy Who Lived. He'd never had the chance to meet a celebrity that had actually caught his attention before. The experience was surprisingly entertaining and not at all disconcerting.

"You're Mr. Potter-Black?" the FBI Agent asked.

Harry nodded, turning his attention from the anthropologist that was the best in his chosen field of employment. He studied this Special Agent Booth and wondered why he hadn't taken more of an interest in him. The man was handsome in the classical sense of strong muscles and hard-headedness. Definitely an alpha male, he thought.

"Your work for Dr. Wexler is most impressive," Dr. Brennan complimented him, flipping through Harry's personnel folder with obvious interest.

"Coming from you, Dr. Brennan, that's an amazing compliment. Thank you."

"You're welcome." Her smile was warm.

Harry watched in amusement as Agent Booth leaned closer to his partner. "Bones, you're not supposed to compliment the murder suspect."

"What? Why?" Brennan asked, completely bewildered. "Is there a more appropriate time to give out compliments?"

Harry leaned forward. "I believe that there is no bad time to give someone a compliment."

As Dr. Brennan looked victoriously at the man next to her, said FBI Agent rolled his eyes in exasperation. Harry smiled internally, marveling at their easy camaraderie. It reminded him intensely of the humor he had shared with Ron and Hermione during the war.

"Look, can we please just get back to the interrogation?" Agent Booth asked the woman, closing the folder and taking it from her. "Please?"

Brennan nodded her head for the man to continue.

"Now then, how well did you know Dr. Wexler?"

"I started working for Ian Wexler in January, so just over half a year," Harry responded calmly, maintaining eye contact with the FBI Agent. "I'm one of his graduate students."

"You don't refer to him as Dr. Wexler?" Brennan asked, looking at her partner with raised eyebrows. "So far all of his students haven't referred to him with such familiarity."

"I'd say Ian and I were a bit closer than most of the other students," Harry replied. "At least the other male students."

"Are you suggesting that Ian was sleeping with his female students?" Agent Booth asked. Harry could tell that he was not the first to insinuate as much.

"Clearly not a suggestion made for the first time," Harry noted. "I do hope someone confessed his wide interest in sexual partners."

"Meaning he didn't just play Doctor with his female students?"

Harry nodded, taking in the shock on Dr. Brennan's face. He wondered briefly if Ian had been hitting on her. As he looked over the famous forensic anthropologists body, he knew that she was just the type that would entice Ian Wexler. She was gorgeous and had a brain to match… just Ian's type.

And Harry should know, those were the very same qualities that had drawn Ian to Harry.

"Were you sleeping with Dr. Wexler as well?" Booth asked, shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "Is that why you were on such personal terms with him?"

"It would explain why he gave you so much more responsibilities than your fellow graduate students," Dr. Brennan cut in.

Harry sat up a straighter in his chair. "My skills at forensics, my dedication to my job and my unique fields of study are why Dr. Wexler invested so much trust in me. Nothing else."

"Ah, but you didn't say if you were sleeping with him or not," Agent Booth pointed out, looking like a predator that had just caught scent of his prey.

"I never slept with Dr. Wexler," Harry answered, determined to call Ian by his proper name from then on. "No matter how many times he attempted to seduce me."

"So what, he came on to you one too many times and you killed him?" the agent continued, seamlessly changing his argument. "Maybe he got a little too aggressive in his approach and you just… defended yourself? Or maybe you were so disgusted with his advances and wanted to show him how straight you were by giving him the ultimate rejection?"

Harry couldn't help but chuckle at the man's suggestions. Both Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth were startled at his sudden amusement.

"Maybe he's crazy?" Dr. Brennan whispered to her partner. "Should we have Sweets evaluate him?"

If anything that made Harry laugh even harder. "Forgive me, Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan. It's just… I'm gay, so none of those scenarios even come close to being accurate."

"If you're really gay than why didn't you just sleep with him?"

Harry stared at the agent, wondering if the man's question was serious or not. "Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm easy, Agent Booth."

To his credit, the Special Agent actually looked a bit embarrassed at his question.

"I'm a professional, Agent Booth," Harry continued, turning his eyes to Dr. Brennan. He couldn't explain why, but he felt the need to defend his reputation in front of his idol. "I wouldn't sleep with my boss… no matter how glowing his reputation in bed is."

"He didn't mean to offend you," Brennan apologized on her partner's behalf.

"It's an interrogation technique, I understand," Harry said diplomatically, glancing at the FBI agent. "I just didn't realize how effective it was until now."

Booth cleared his throat. "Anyway, you're one of the only graduate students who doesn't have an alibi on record yet…"

"I was at home," Harry replied, filling the space that the agent had left hanging in the conversation.

"Anyone who can verify that?" the agent continued.

"According to the news reports, Dr. Wexler was killed at 3 in the morning," Harry said pointedly. He waited for the pair to understand his meaning before realizing he was going to have to point out the obvious. "It's a little late to be out and about being noticed by witnesses don't you think? Frankly I'm shocked so many of my peers had verifiable alibi's for a 3am murder."

A humorous light entered the FBI Agent's eye. "Actually most of your peers were either at Wexler's dig site working or… spending their time with one another."

"He's hinting that they were all sleeping with each other," Dr. Brennan added, giving Harry a conspiratorially wink.

"I got that, thanks."

"No problem," the scientist said, leaning back in her chair happy to have been able to explain something to someone else. A look from Booth set her back on the right conversational track. "Is there any other way you have to prove that you didn't murder Ian Wexler?"

"I don't suppose you'd just take my word for it?" Harry asked hopefully. He wasn't surprised when his interrogators shook their heads in unison.

"In that case… I'm willing to take a polygraph test and provide a DNA sample in case you find evidence to compare it against later on. To eliminate me as a suspect, of course."

Dr. Brennan smiled. "That would be very helpful, thank you."

The FBI Agent merely nodded. "We'll be in touch to set up that polygraph test."

"So I'm free to go?" Harry asked, already standing up from the interrogation table. Agent Booth nodded, pulling out the personnel file of the next employee they were planning on interrogating.

Harry bid them a good day before exiting the interrogation room.

He never saw Dr. Brennan take his personnel file back from her partner's discard pile and put it in her bag. Agent Booth merely quirked an eyebrow but otherwise gave no indication that he saw her actions.

"Anyone home?" Harry shouted as he walked into the foyer of the Black Manor.

Heels clicked on marble as Andromeda Tonks entered from a side corridor. Harry marveled at the beauty of the woman despite her age. During the war – and especially after – the woman had turned absolutely gauntly. Not that Harry could blame the woman after losing her husband, her only daughter, and her son-in-law.

But Teddy had changed all that. For both of them.

Harry had felt the deaths of his friends and surrogate family just as much, if not more, than the rest of the Wizarding world. If a woman as strong as Andromeda could wither away under the strain of grief than Harry must have been an absolute wreck.

Teddy had brought meaning back to their lives. Harry was ashamed that he'd avoided seeing his godson for so long, afraid that he would only perceive the child as a painful reminder of what he'd lost. But helping Andromeda raise Teddy had taught them both the miracle of life all over again, the beauty of loving another person unconditionally.

Andromeda wrapped her arms around Harry in a tight hug, dragging him back to the present. His arms returned the hug automatically, so used to her style of greeting.

"Harry, what a surprise," she greeted warmly into his ear. "And how many times do I have to remind you not to shout and just ask for a house elf to find me? Besides, I thought you'd be at work?"

Harry wondered at the tone she used in her question, hearing the deeper question. Sometimes he thought that Andromeda hadn't just been raising Teddy these past ten years, but Harry as well.

"My boss was murdered last night," he replied, hanging up his suit jacket on the banister. He registered her stiff surprise, wishing he hadn't been so abrupt with his answer. Andromeda didn't handle news of murder well.

"It wasn't aimed at you, was it?"

"Not at all," he reassured her. "It was a Muggle-on-Muggle type of crime. Nothing to do with me or any Death Eater activity."

Her eyes trailed to his left sleeve, before returning to his face. "You're sure?"

Harry took her hand and patted it lightly. "Positive."

Her shoulders lifted and a smile returned to her face. "In that case you have the day off?"

Harry nodded warily. Andromeda was not above using his day off to her advantage.

"Excellent, you can help me pick out wall colors for the cottage in Glasgow," she said, turning down the corridor she had entered from. Harry sighed but dutifully followed her to the kitchen where examples of different paint colors covered the breakfast table.

Harry groaned as he remembered the last time he'd been asked to look through this many paint chips.

Ever since Harry and Andromeda had decided to team up to raise Teddy, they had created several goals for themselves. At the top of the list was making sure that Teddy had the best life possible. In fact that was the only reasoning that had persuaded Andromeda to move into the Black Manor outside of London. She had absolutely refused to return to Grimmauld Place… not that Harry could blame her.

Renovating the Black Manor had been a project that had kept Andromeda not just distracted but content during the times when Harry was taking care of Teddy. After her stunning success with the manor Teddy and Andromeda currently live in, she had moved on to resurrecting the Black family properties around the world.

While Harry didn't live in the same manor as Teddy and Andromeda, he spent most of his waking hours there. In fact, the only time he spent in his apartment was when he was sleeping. He didn't even keep his clothes at the apartment, just an emergency supply for work. All of his clothes were in a room Andromeda let him use at the manor.

Harry had been forced into changing his name to Potter-Black in order to fully take over as Sirius' heir to the Black family. He had been against the change at first – upset that the ancient pureblood laws were forcing his hand – but eventually he'd come to enjoy his new name. It had forced the press into seeing him not just as The Boy Who Lived, but as an adult with wealth and power to his name.

He also enjoyed that he had a way of remembering and recognizing Sirius in his everyday life. He liked to joke to Teddy that between his double last name and being Teddy's godfather that he had all three of the Marauder's covered. He'd conveniently left out the existence of Peter Pettigrew.

Andromeda had taken most of the political pressures off of Harry's young shoulders. There had been public support from the Wizarding World for Harry to run for office, but he had zero desire to become a politician. He served his purpose well enough as a symbol of change to the public.

Like a true Black, Andromeda wielded her family's political power with absolute grace and ability. Harry attended the political events she asked him to and wrote fat checks to the charities she picked out for him. For the most part, he was the banner she waved in everyone else's faces. But he trusted her to make powerful changes in the Wizarding World… after all, that's what her daughter died for.

"I think I like this dark purple, Harry," Andromeda interrupted his walk down memory lane. "What do you think?"

"You know there's only one way I look at paint colors," Harry grinned at the older woman.

"Drachna," Andromeda said calmly into the air. A second later a house elf appeared in the kitchen, looking at Andromeda expectantly.

"Welcome home, Master Harry," Drachna greeted him. "You called for me, Mistress Andromeda?"

"Would you mind asking Teddy to come to the kitchen, Drachna?" she asked politely. "Tell him his godfather is here."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "You didn't want to surprise him?"

Andromeda shook her head in exasperation. "He'll come faster if he knows you're waiting for him."


"Of course, the boy adores you."

"As he does you."

She waved his comment away. "He's only three years away from being a teenager, Harry. He doesn't want to come when his grandmother calls, he'd rather his favorite godfather."

Harry shuddered. "Don't remind me. The boy will be more than a handful as a teenager."

Andromeda grinned back at him but held back her response as the sound of running feet hitting marble approaching the kitchen. Harry smiled widely as a nine year old Teddy Lupin ran into the room.

"Hey, Squirt," Harry greeted before having the wind knocked out of him as Teddy pounced on him. "Careful, you're godfather is getting old."

Andromeda grunted in response to his comment.

Teddy pulled away grinning, his straight brown hair flickering with gold at his happiness. Harry knew how proud Remus and Tonks would be of their only son, if only they could see what a handsome young man they'd produced. Harry knew it would be a nightmare when the boy started Hogwarts and the girls were old enough to notice him.

"We need your help with choosing some paint colors," Andromeda piped in. Teddy turned a dark look on her, his hair turning a darker brown than normal.

"I hate when you guys make me help," the boy pouted, turning his expression on his godfather. Harry chuckled to show that he would be no help in fighting Andromeda. If he had to pick out colors than his godson would have to suffer along with him.

Teddy seemed to read his godfather's expression as he rolled his eyes before marching dramatically over the kitchen table and sitting down. "Which one are you looking at?"

Andromeda grinned at Harry over her grandson's head before sliding a purple slip across the table. Teddy picked it up and studied it before squeezing his eyes and holding his breath. Harry used to joke that it was Teddy's constipation face, much to his godson's endless displeasure.

Andromeda and Harry watched as Teddy's hair slowly turned the same color as the paint sample. Harry ran a hand through the now dark purple hair before applauding his godson. Teddy turned a proud look at him before the hair turned back into its original reddish brown coloring.

"You're getting really good at that," Harry complimented him.

Andromeda nodded her agreement. "The Medi-witch said you just needed to practice your abilities. Your mother was the same way."

Teddy's proud smile wavered slightly at hearing them mention his mother. Harry squeezed his shoulder lightly in comfort but otherwise didn't indicate that he'd seen Teddy's expression. If there was one trait Teddy had inherited from his father it was that Remus Lupin had never been one to desire sympathy or pity.

"What about that green one on the end?" Harry suggested, catching Andromeda's eye. She nodded her understanding of his scheme to get Teddy to practice his talents more regularly. "It might be a Slytherin color but it might look nice in the Glasgow mansion."

"It's worth a shot."

Teddy grunted but complied, reaching forward to take the paint chip. "You know, I get what you two are doing. I'm not stupid."

Harry grinned. "I've no idea what you're talking about."

Teddy smirked at him before turning his attention back at his task, grimacing until his hair began to turn into swirls of light green.

The Next Day…

Harry was just about to leave his office when someone knocked on his door. His eyes widened in surprise as he recognized Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth were hovering in his doorway.

"Come in, please," Harry waved them as he rounded his deck to shake their hands. "What a pleasant surprise."

"We were just leaving to head back to D.C. when Bones saw your office," Booth explained, taking a seat at Harry's desk. "She wanted to say goodbye."

"I heard you'd arrested two of Dr. Wexler's students," Harry remarked, sitting back down at his own desk. "I hope you aren't here to arrest me as well. It'd be a horrible way to end the day."

Dr. Brennan smiled at him, politely. "Actually, I was going to ask what your plans were now that Ian has been murdered."

Harry stared at the woman for a moment, wondering how someone went about just saying things like that. He supposed that when you're the leading member of your field and a best selling author you could be as blunt as you liked.

"I hadn't thought about it, actually," Harry answered truthfully. "I suppose they'll bring in someone new but I have no idea if they'll keep us all or not. My guess is there will be some cut backs. Dr. Wexler was a bit more liberal on the number of graduate students he took on."

Dr. Brennan shared a look with her partner before turning back to face him. "I recently had an opening at the Jeffersonian… one that I'm not looking to replace full time. It would merely be an opportunity to learn and observe. I'm afraid it won't pay very much either."

"I'm sorry," Harry sputtered, "but are you asking if I'd like to fill the position?"

"I already have six graduate students on a rotating schedule, and I am hesitant to add a seventh," Dr. Brennan explained. "However, Ian was very impressed with your work. As was I, frankly, but I believe I could teach you many things."

"And she hasn't had a squint with a specialty in the occult," Booth added with a grin.

"A squint?" Harry asked, suddenly feeling like a Muggle being called a Muggle for the first time.

"You know, because you squint when you're studying things," Booth answered, demonstrating with his own eyes and miming looking through a microscope.

"I hope that's not how I look," Harry murmured.

"I understand that it's a big decision, so I'll give you some time to think on it," Brennan said, standing up.

Harry rose and took the woman's business card before shaking both of their hands. "I will give it a great deal of consideration. Regardless, please know I'm flattered that you'd even consider me."

"I look forward to hearing from you, Mr. Potter-Black."

Harry waited to bring up Dr. Brennan's offer until Teddy had turned in for the night. Though he was sure that Andromeda had picked up on his anxiety and his excitement all through dinner.

"So," she asked as soon as Teddy's Quidditch themed pajamas disappeared from sight. "What's been bothering you so much? You spilled butter on your pants without even noticing."

Harry glanced down at the dark stain on his upper thigh and grimaced. Andromeda waved her wand and the stain evaporated.


"At least now I know who to blame for Teddy's ridiculous table manners."

"I got a job offer today," Harry confessed hesitantly.

Andromeda's eyebrows rose. "That was fast. Didn't your boss just die?"

Harry nodded. "There were Americans from the Jeffersonian Institute there to assist Scotland Yard in their investigation. One of them was quite famous actually."

"And they offered you a job?"


"In America?"


"When would you start?"


"Well… you said yes, I hope?"

Harry head snapped up to look at Andromeda. For her part the woman merely chuckled at his dumbfounded expression.

"You think I should say yes?"

Andromeda waved away his question as if it insulted her. "Of course, silly boy. Why wouldn't you say yes?"

"I'd have to leave Britain… and I would never do that to Teddy." Harry shook his head in frustration. "And I can't just take Teddy with me."

"And why is that?" Andromeda demanded. "Teddy doesn't start Hogwarts for another year. It would always do him good to get some culture in him before going. The Blacks used to have us go abroad for several years to experience how much better life was in Britain."

They both chuckled at the arrogance of the Black family history.

"You have responsibilities here," Harry argued. "You wouldn't be able to come, too."

"I can always visit," she replied quietly. "You can always visit."

"Do we even have any properties in D.C.?" Harry questioned, already running out of excuses to turn Dr. Brennan down.

"No, but we have enough money to buy the Jeffersonian and just move in," Andromeda joked, though Harry doubted she was too far off. Last he'd checked their fortune hadn't diminished by much, especially since he'd combined the Potter family vaults with the Black vaults.

"I could also use the break," she admitted, the shame written on her face. "I love Teddy, you know I do. But he's getting older and there's less I can do for him… less and less I can keep up with."

Harry put a comforting hand on Andromeda's knee. "I should be doing more now anyway. You took the first ten years, I'll take the next ten."

Andromeda looked at him with grateful eyes. "He's getting to that age where he needs a man to talk to anyway."

Harry groaned and leaned his head on the woman's shoulder. "Don't remind me. I've had actual nightmare about giving him 'the talk'. Are you sure you won't be too bored? I can always send him back here and you could explain the birds and the bees to him…"

"I enjoy the political games I get to play in the Wizengamot, Harry, they'll keep me busy enough while you're off in America," she replied with a smile.

"If you're sure?"

Andromeda nodded. "Just don't wait too long between visits."

Harry turned to the dark corridor where he knew Teddy had been listening in on their conversation. "What do you say, Squirt? Want to see if America can survive the two of us?"

Teddy's bare feet trotted into the light of the living room. He may have worn a guilty expression for getting caught eavesdropping but the excited look on his face gave away his true feelings.

"I guess we're going to America."

Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoyed the first chapter!

I know the progress was a little rushed (as well as the background information) but I want to get Harry to the Jeffersonian as soon as possible. I like the idea of Teddy tagging along because I enjoy reading post-Hogwarts fics where he's taking care of the little tyke. Plus I thought it would be a good addition to his character when dealing with the other Jeffersonian workers.

For those worried about me eliminating the other graduate students, no need to worry. All six of the original assistants will be there. I always felt like in the show they formed their own little friendships outside of the Jeffersonian where they discuss having to deal with Brennan and the rest of the gang.

Next chapter will be Harry's first day of work.

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