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Warning: Slash, violence and gore. After all, this story is about evaluating dead bodies to catch killers. The bodies usually aren't in the best shape.

Summary: While investigating a murder in London, Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's assistant, Harry Potter-Black. With his boss murdered, Harry decides to take a position at the Jeffersonian Institute under Brennan's guidance. SLASH.

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Moriarty's Minion

Chapter 19
"Smells Like Pre-Teen Spirit"

Harry was supposed to be at dinner. He was supposed to be having a first date with Jared Booth at a nice restaurant. He was supposed to be flirting poorly and getting progressively worse with each glass of expensive wine. Harry would have at least gotten a goodnight kiss out of the evening... maybe more if he and Jared had really hit it off. Maybe. His flirting wasn't the only romantic skill-set that was out of practice.

But Harry was most definitely not at dinner.

No, Harry had been forced to cancel his first date in years because of the urgent summons from the American Ministry of Magic. A government that, so far, was the worst one he'd ever worked with. Which was saying something seeing as the British Ministry had not only tried to slander his fourteen-year-old self. And that was only a year before one of their employees attempted to kill him.

So, yeah, Harry wasn't exactly appreciating his treatment thus far. He'd taken off work as soon as the summons had come and rushed to the abandoned factory on the outskirts of D.C. that hid the Ministry from the Muggles. In spite of his urgency the American witch who gave him his access pass for the building showed him to a small conference room overlooking the parking lot before leaving him there and spelling the door sealed behind her.

That had been two hours ago.

Which is why Harry had been so surprised when the conference room door finally opened and the man that stepped through wasn't even American.

"Seamus?" Harry asked in surprise before his irritation at his mistreatment returned in full force. "What the hell am I doing here?"

The scarred man ignored the irate tone. "Nice to see you too, Harry. Please allow me to apologize on behalf of my American colleagues for the delay but they wanted me to be the one to speak to you and I was…" Seamus hesitated as he thought through the best way to phrase the rest of his explanation. "Let's just say that my talents were being otherwise utilized."

Harry crossed his arms and gave his friend an unimpressed look. "You mean you were blowing something up."

"I didn't say anything of the kind," Seamus returned quickly, tugging on his earlobe and glancing around the room pointedly. "I assure you that the American powers that be don't condone the same offensive actions that our old employers do."

"I just assumed you'd be doing the same kind of work here," Harry replied smoothly, catching Seamus' hint that there were others listening in on their conversation that weren't aware of all of the covert details in Seamus' job description. Just because he was pissed at his poor treatment didn't mean Harry wanted to get his friend in any trouble. Not unless he was forced to anyway. "So why is it that the Americans had me wait around for you specifically? They don't have anyone in Immigration qualified enough to deal with whatever situation has come up?"

"Well that's just it, you see," Seamus explained as he slid a manila file folder across the conference table. He waited for the other wizard to pick it up before adding, "This isn't about your immigration status, Harry. It's about your godson."

Harry quickly flipped open the file and started scanning the page while Seamus continued to give him the summarized version of events. "Obviously this is an accidental breach of the International Statue of Secrecy and there will be no punishment levied at Teddy."

"Then why was I summoned here?" The dark-haired wizard asked suspiciously. "And why drag you into this? Surely there's an Obliviator available somewhere in America that was free to clear up this mess."

Seamus smirked. "Still sharp as ever, mate."

"Still wasting my time, Finnigan."

"Again, apologies. You're absolutely right." Seamus raised both of his hands in a placating manner. "The Americans didn't ask me here instead of a squad of Obliviators just because you happen to be The-Boy-Who-Lived. They see this little mishap as a golden opportunity."

Harry could feel his level of apprehension rising. If Seamus was implying that the American Ministry was going to exploit his godson in order to accomplish anything indecent then they were going to meet the real Boy-Who-Lived. He did his best to get that message across by letting the physical weight of his power fill the room. "And what opportunity would that be?"

It was evident in the way that Seamus was pressing as far back into his chair as he could that Harry's display of power hadn't lost its effectiveness over the years. Seamus cleared the nerves out of his voice with a harsh cough that caused his scarred skin to stretch and gleam in the office lighting. "The Americans want to repeal the Statue of Secrecy."

A shocked silence settled over the room.

"They don't just want to, Harry, they're going to do it," Seamus continued after realizing that Harry was still frozen in surprise at the pronouncement. "That's one of the reasons I was recruited. They've been bringing in wizards and witches from all the major magical countries to keep up diplomatic ties after the big reveal."

"But that's mental! They can't just pull back the veil like that!" Harry was quick to point out. The secret was too big, too intricately tied to the Muggle society it was hidden from. It was an impossible task.

Seamus shrugged. "Why not? They've been trying the political routes for years now and it's always ended in dead ends. The Muggle world was already suspicious enough after the destruction during Voldemort and his Death Eaters. It's only a matter of time before something else happens that is too difficult to cover up. Much better to have the truth be revealed in an organized manner."

"Organized manner?" Harry echoed. He was already feeling dazed by the surprising turn the conversation had taken.

"They have a ten year plan." Seamus grinned at the look on his old classmates face. "And, trust me, it's a good one. You're moving here worked perfectly into their game plan. In fact that's why my superiors were so happy to have Teddy accidentally spill the beans to his friends."

Suddenly Harry went from flustered to suspicious. "Oh? How so?"

Seamus looked as excited as a kid in a candy store. "Don't you see, Harry? You're already working with the Muggle authorities. It's always been the plan to inform the government workers before the general populace. This is the perfect opportunity to see how Muggles and Magicals can work together." The Irishman winked at him. "If the Harry Potter helping the greatest forensic minds the Muggle world has to offer to capture criminals can't convince the rest of the world of that than nothing can."

"And have you given any thought as to what I might want in all of this?" Harry asked through gritted teeth. "I spent my childhood being a pawn in a game just like this. I didn't move my family halfway across the world just to go back to serving as a soldier in someone else's war."

"Whoa, Harry, hold your horses, mate," Seamus was quick to pacify his friend's anger. "No one's forcing your hand here. We're asking for your help." Spotting the skeptical look on the other wizard's face he added, "I swear to Merlin that that's the truth. There's no stick in this equation, only carrots."

"Carrots?" Harry asked.

Seamus nodded. "Yeah, mate. Carrots. Incentives. Thank-you cards and favors up the arse. That's all."

"What kind of favors?"

"The kind that help you deal with Seeley Booth of the FBI," Seamus answered, his grin slowly returning. "You do realize how much easier your life will be with him in the know, right? He won't be hunting down your family secrets anymore. Plus your kids can go on being the best of mates since Teddy won't have to keep his magic from the Booth boy anymore."

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers. Just because Seamus was infuriatingly right didn't mean he had to admit it. Seamus was only slightly less annoying when he was in the right than when he was stubbornly clinging to an idea that was off the mark. "How long have I got to make my decision?"

Seamus bit at the unburned portion of his lip. "Not very long, I'm afraid. We haven't wiped the Booth boy's memory yet in the hopes that you'd come on board with us." He glanced at the clock on the wall. "How about you give me your answer by midnight? It'll give you a chance to talk it over with Andromeda and Teddy."

"Fine. Now take me to my godson."

"No problem," Seamus said as he led him to the door, which finally unsealed itself and opened for the pair of them. "Though I should warn you that we also picked up Agent Booth. He'll be waiting for us with the kids and I doubt his son has kept the fact that magic exists from his father after all this time."

Harry glared at the back of the other wizard's head and wondered how much trouble he'd be in for cursing him in a government building. "What a coincidence. It's almost like you'd planned it that way to make it even more difficult for me to turn you down."

Seamus' barking laughter echoed down the corridor.

As soon as Harry spotted Teddy he knew the decision had been made for him.

Or rather his godson's bright, happy smile decided it for him. Teddy's hair was rotating colors faster than the neon lights on a Christmas tree. Lavender gave way to traffic cone orange which swirled into cotton candy pink that quickly changed into mustard yellow. All the while Parker laughed and shouted out more color suggestions and hairstyles, each more complicated than the last. Teddy took to the challenge with glee.

In the far corner Andromeda was talking with Seeley Booth. Or rather she was speaking into the FBI Agent's ear since the man himself was busy staring across the room at the magical display between the two children. Harry had to give him credit for only looking slightly pale at seeing magic for the first time.

That didn't mean Harry had to rush to join the adult's conversation. He took his time and took in the surroundings where he'd be having one of the most important moments of his life. It was certainly one of the most important ones in the lives of the Booth Family. The room the American Ministry had chosen to house them in was infinitely more comfortable than the conference room he'd been abandoned in. There were colors for one thing which made the space feel warm. Couches decorated the room in all shapes, sizes and shades giving it a distinct Charlie and the Chocolate Factory look of eccentricity. Especially when matched with Teddy's impressive displays of transformation.

True to form, Seeley refused to let him escape so easily. As soon as Harry started drifting towards the kids and away from the adults the FBI Agent was quick to join him.

"So," Seeley greeted with an awkward wave as if to reference the entire magical community as a whole. "Magic, huh?"

Harry stared at him in surprise. "That's it?"

Seeley gave him an unimpressed look. "Witches are real, Squint. What am I supposed to say – act – whatever?"

"Usually there's a lot of fainting but with you I was expecting more shouting, I suppose," Harry half-joked.

"Screw you. I'm not angry. You're angry." Booth froze in thought. "Wait. Am I that angry?"

Harry caught himself staring at the man for a second time in as many minutes. "Well, yeah, you've been like a dog with a bone about the incident at the birthday party ever since it happened. There's the harassment at work and the way you look like you want to snap my neck every time I walk in a room." Harry stopped as a seed of suspicion started to grow in his mind. "In fact this is the calmest I've seen you in months. Usually the only time you're this relaxed is with Dr. Brennan."

Seeley shrugged. "Maybe knowing what was really going on helped settle some things?"

"Or Teddy's grandmother cast a few calming spells on you," Harry suggested, sparing a glance at a guilty looking Andromeda who was trying a little too hard to look nonchalant from her spot on the sofa.

The FBI Agent finally looked as though he was struggling against the emotional compulsion. Harry had to choke back a laugh at the way it made Seeley look more high than anything else. "She can't do that." Wide, worried eyes turned to face the wizard. "Can she?"

Harry adopted a faux look of commiseration. "I'm sorry to say that she's been known to drop a few charms into every day conversation. She was an excellent dueler in her day. Count yourself lucky that she didn't dip into her selection of curses. You should have seen her at the Wizengamot banquet a few years ago with that handsy politician." He sighed at the dazed expression on Booth's face. "If it makes you feel any better I'm sure she thought she was doing the right thing."

"She was," Seamus interrupted finally making his reappearance. Of course being the cryptic ass he'd become there was zero explanation offered for why he'd snuck off or to where. "According to the Aurors outside your Muggle friend here was making quite the spectacle of himself before Andromeda stepped in."

Seeley frowned sloppily at the Irishman. "Was he there the whole time?"

Harry and Seamus exchanged a worried look. "Merlin's Balls how powerful of a charm was that?"

"Muggle!" Booth slurred loudly. "She called me a Muggle. Didn't like the sound of that. Told her that to her face too."

"Well that explains that," Seamus chuckled. "Bloke must have made a real arse of himself for Andromeda to get him that badly."

"He's not that bad," Harry admitted grudgingly. As poorly as he and Booth had gotten on in the past Harry couldn't truthfully call him a bad person. The man was equally as passionate about protecting his family as Harry was about defending his own… which is probably why they butted heads so much. Besides Harry wanted things to work out with Jared and bad-mouthing his older brother to the Magical Community was not the best way to go about accomplishing said goal. "Booth just gets a little… passionate."

Seamus grimaced. "I can't wait to see it for myself. Would you mind asking Lady Black to reverse her spell? Agent Booth will need to be more – lets just call it aware – for the upcoming conversation."

Convincing Andromeda wasn't the problem. Seeley coming back to his senses was. It took the man a few minutes to figure it out but he was pretty pissed about having magic used against him on the very first day of finding out about it. Andromeda apologized (with a minimal of verbal barbs sent at the FBI Agent about his temper) before taking over supervision of the children so that the three men could have their conversation in peace.

Andromeda pulled Harry aside before making her exit. She kept her eyes on Seamus as she cast a privacy spell under her breath. "I know about the American Ministry's plans, Harry."

The wizard leaned back in surprise. "Why do I get the feeling that you knew about it long before today?"

"I was the politician in family before marrying Ted, dear," she reminded him. "Just because I play with the socialites now doesn't mean I keep my ear off the ground. Not even the Americans could keep something like the repeal of the Secrecy Act quiet from everyone." Her smile was as smug as he'd ever seen it. "I'm one of those lucky few who they couldn't conceal it from."

"And what do you suggest?" Harry asked.

Andromeda shook her head. "Change is inevitable."

"That's it? That's all you're going to say?" He doubted Andromeda would have brought it up unless she wanted to nudge him in one direction or another.

"It's always better to be a leader of change than the one standing in its way," she answered after thinking it over for a few minutes. Her attention moved from the two men to the two boys. "Besides, have you seen how happy Teddy is now that he doesn't have to hide his magic? He loves Parker, Harry. Could you really ask him to give up that friendship? Again?"

Harry shook his head. "No. I suppose not."

Andromeda gave him a gentle nudge towards Seamus and Booth. "Then what are you waiting for? Go make some history."

"I already made history!" Harry called over his shoulder.

"Well don't get lazy about it now!"

Seamus was grinning the whole time Harry was walking back over to them. A wave of nostalgia washed over the wizard. For a moment Harry felt like he was right back at Hogwarts. Countless school nights had ended with the five Gryffindor boys staying up late in the dorm laughing, playing games and talking about girls. Even with the terrible burns Seamus' smile was just as powerful and infectious as it had been in Gryffindor Tower.

"Have a good chat?" Seamus asked with a teasing smile.

Harry shoved him just like he had when they were schoolboys. Seamus' eyes went wide, clearly remembering how they'd acted back then, before giving him a sharp dig to the side with his pointy elbows. And just like that the tension that Harry had felt building since the Irish wizard had shown up in his life again.

Not that Seamus was at fault for the anxiety. But Seamus represented everything about Harry's past that he wanted to move on and forget. After the war had ended Ron and Hermione started their family but Harry had stayed bitter and angry. Seamus had suffered a great deal and also had issues re-adjusting to life post-war time. Sure, Seamus may not have done anything as crazy as infiltrating the group of remaining Death Eaters to take down from the inside but that didn't mean he didn't get blood on his hands either. How could Harry not connect the two when Seamus showed up the same night as someone from his past had tried to hurt Teddy?

Booth broke through Harry's melancholy by clearing his throat. "You two going to gaze into each other's eyes all day or what?"

"I'm starting to see why Lady Black cursed you," Seamus grumbled before leading them over to a table shaped suspiciously like a pear.

"Charmed not cursed," Harry corrected with a pleased grin at the sour look on Booth's face. "You really don't want to see the kind of curses that get passed down from Black to Black, Agent Booth."

The FBI man patted at his empty holster. "Any of you magic-folk try something like that again and I'll show you what lessons get passed down in the Booth family. You get me?"

Seamus rolled his eyes at Harry before adopting a chastised expression. "Of course, Agent Booth. We here at the American Ministry of Magic cannot apologize enough for the unfortunate situation earlier – "

" – Yeah right – "

" – and hope that it won't negatively impact our future dealings," Seamus continued in his most professional voice as if he'd never been interrupted in the first place. "Obviously this isn't the way we would have preferred to formally introduce ourselves but sometimes we just have to roll with the Hippogriffs. I'm sure that once you've heard our proposal all will be forgiven."

Seeley blinked at him in silence long enough that Harry started to worry he'd been hit with another relaxation charm. "What the hell is a Hippogriff?"

Harry failed to choke back a laugh. "Oh I change my mind. I wouldn't have missed this for the world." He waved imploringly at Seamus. "Go on, Finnigan. Use that Outstanding in Muggle Studies to teach the good Federal Agent here all about the magical beasts and where to find them."

The dark-haired Wizard propped his feet up on the empty chair next to him and settled in for what he was sure would be a lengthy (and entertaining) conversation. He was not disappointed. Seamus had started off trying to give Booth a kind of historical rundown of how the Wizarding and Muggle worlds had gone their separate ways but the G-man wasn't well versed enough in his own history to really grasp the importance of the timeline.

That didn't mean Booth missed the essential truth about why the two worlds had separated. "So let me get this straight. You all have special powers that let you do basically anything you want and you're afraid of us because we have some guns?"

"You say 'guns' as if that's the most progress that your people have made in weaponry," Seamus replied. "When we want to kill someone we have to curse them using a wand, muttering Latin and performing a choreographic waving of said wand. You Muggles launch missiles and an entire country disappears in a blink of the eye."

Booth waved away the over-simplification. "But we wouldn't do that."

Harry shook his head. "You were a soldier, Seeley. You know better than that. You know that extreme actions can always be justified so long as you can claim a credible enough threat to excuse it." Harry hadn't needed to be in the Auror ranks to know that it rang true for more than just the Muggles. After all he'd seen first hand how he Ministry had battled Voldemort and vise versa. "Can you honestly say that magical users living covertly among the rest of the world suddenly announcing their presence wouldn't be met with a military response of some fashion?"

"Well how do I know your people aren't the ones planning to enslave the 'Muggles' with your powerful little sticks?" Booth answered the question with another question if only to hedge away from being in agreement with Harry. "I seriously doubt that no human has ever uncovered the truth about you. Which means your people 'dealt' with them in some way so as to protect the big magic secret?"

"We have a long history of welcoming Muggles into our culture," Seamus said in such a balanced tone that Harry just knew the wizard was quoting from some training manual on how to answer those kind of questions.

Harry laughed. "Seamus you're a Half-Blood. You know better."

Seamus shot him a warning look. "We're trying not to scare him off."

"No, you're supposed to be getting him to cooperate with your big plan," Harry corrected. "Booth, here, has one of the best bullshit-detectors I've ever seen. You want his help? Then be straight with him." Harry glanced at the FBI Agent just long enough to catch the surprise on the man's face. "He can take it."

"Shit, squint, tell us how you really feel about my detective skills."

Harry gave him the finger. "You're still an ass."

"An ass you apparently respect," Booth replied. He turned his attention back to the burned man. "So what's the real deal?"

Seamus sighed wearily. "Fine. The Americans are pro-Muggle but that doesn't mean the rest of the Magical Community feels the same way. In fact there are some who might go to the extremes you mentioned in order to retain unilateral control." The Irishman's gaze hardened. "Just like there are some Muggle governments that will be less than pleased about having us popping up and demanding equality with them."

"Point," Booth agreed after a long moment of silent consideration. "What about the British? How do they feel about us humans?"

"Muggles," Harry tried to correct the man yet again. It was clear that Booth was not a fan of the terminology. That he kept rearranging the two groups into 'human' and 'other' was also rather telling. "And we just finished fighting a war over that issue. You'll be happy to know that the pro-Muggle side won ensuring that all of Magical Europe won't be trying to exterminate you."

Booth frowned at the colorful table between them. "All those deaths a few years ago. Thousands killed if I remember correctly." He looked back up at them with an angry scowl stretched over his lips. "That was you people?"

"The other side mostly," Seamus answered before gesturing to the most prominent scars and burns on his face. "And many Witches and Wizards sacrificed a great deal to stop them."

The government agent looked properly chastised. "Right. Of course. Sorry."

Seamus cast a side-eyed look at Harry. "In fact your favorite 'squint' played a large part in defeating them."

Booth looked at the slender intern in surprise. "You were a soldier?"

Harry shrugged. "Nothing official."

"He was a hero," Seamus declared. His angry eyes were locked on Harry as if daring his old schoolmate to say different. "He was the hero of the war."

"I don't like to talk about it," Harry said quickly so as to cut off whatever question Booth had opened his mouth to ask. "Let's talk about something that actually matters. Namely your precious plans to unmask magic and not destroy the planet in the process."

Booth grudgingly let it go but the stubborn look on his face promised that it was only temporarily forgotten. Something in Harry's stomach squirmed at the prospect of having to tell his life story to someone new. He should have taken Hermione up on her offer of turning their Hogwarts experience into a book series. It would have been so much easier to just tell people to go read it.

He nodded his in agreement. "I'll admit to being curious as well."

Seamus waved his hand between the two men as if he were a model on The Price Is Right and they were in the grand showcase. "You two… and more professional Magical/Muggle coupling, of course."

"To what end?" Harry pressed.

"Not to the end, Harry. To the beginning of a new world where Magical and Muggle live side by side in peace and harmony." Now Harry just knew Seamus had to be quoting some kind of brochure. He was half-expecting some representatives from the American Ministry to appear with some charts and handouts as if they were trying to sell him a time-share in the Alps. "We've spent too much time living in the dark ages and segregating everything Muggle. They've made leaps and bounds in so many fields. And think about all we could offer them."

Booth nodded. "I'm on board with the Kumbaya business but how exactly are we supposed to help?"

Seamus rolled his eyes at the summation of his entire spiel as 'Kumbaya' but pressed on regardless. "We need test cases. Instances of Magical and Muggle cooperation leading to outcomes positive for both societies. Obviously catching criminals would be a large part of that." He smiled so wide that the scars around his lips turned white. "With FBI resources and the Harry Potter-Black's knowledge of magic combined there would be no criminal – magical or Muggle – that could evade justice."

"Ignoring the way you make us sound like comic book characters," Harry said with an embarrassed chuckle, "why would we agree? Booth and I hardly work well together."

"That's just because Booth, here, was underestimating your worth," Seamus answered. "And that unfortunate business at Teddy's sleepover certainly didn't help matters. I'm confident that with those two issues out of the way the pair of you will continue on as much more effective colleagues."

Booth looked just as livid as Harry felt. "That 'unfortunate business' hasn't been resolved. If anything the suspect pool just got larger now that I know how many people out there could be after him!" The finger being jabbed in Harry's direction barely missed poking him in the eye. "Not to mention he turned everyone who could have helped the investigation against me!"

Harry batted the offending hand away from his face and quickly replaced it with his own accusatory appendage. "You're the one who was hell bent on going after me!"

"So help me if you're about to say it was a Witch Hunt…"

"I should have let Andromeda leave you cursed…"

"GENTLEMEN," Seamus interrupted loudly. "If you'll both kindly shut your traps and let me finish I'm confident you'll see this whole thing differently." He waited for their curiosity to get the better of their tempers before continuing. "I thought you would have realized by now but your first case together will solve all these problems."

"What first case?" Even Booth's grunts sounded skeptical.

Seamus' answering smirk had Harry shifting uncomfortably in his seat. "I'd thought it would be obvious. We want you to find the person – or persons – who targeted Harry's godson and bring them to justice."

Harry always knew Seamus was an evil genius. He'd just offered them the only case that did more than tempt them. It was the only case that tied them together. And now that Booth knew Harry wasn't somehow involved in the events at the sleepover, it would put them on the same side.

Nothing brought two opposing sides together like a common enemy.

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