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"Colder than ice."

The elemental master Sieg Hart stopped in his tracks and turned to the source of the voice. There she stood, the fantasy woman of nearly all of the Demon Card soldiers, General Reina of Oracion Six. She was dressed in her usual revealing dress, leaning nonchalantly against the wall, tracing her snake armlet idly. When she saw she had caught his attention, her lazy smile widened even more.

"That's right, I'm talking about you, Sie-e-g Ha-a-a-rt," she drawled out his name. "You are a very cold person. You never make small talk, you never want to play... What's a girl gotta do to get your attention?"

"Leave me alone?" he suggested. So it was one of her mind games again. Reina relished in those, making men around her submit to her will before crushing their dreams with a single sentence. He was a challenge because he refused to play along with her, though it would probably make things easier for him in the long run.

"I can't do that, Sieg," she admonished him. "You're ruining my perfect record."

And she pushed herself off the wall, gliding - there was really no expression more fitting to describe her movement - towards him, circling him once, her hand trailing up his left arm, across his back and down the right arm. Stopping in front of him, she stood up on her tip toes - no mean feat given her shoes - and whispered against his lips.

"Have you ever wondered? What it would be like? To hold me? To kiss me? To..."

And now was time for him to become more involved in her little game. Grasping her shoulders, he pushed her gently but resolutely away.

"Can't say I have, Reina."

"Liar," she pouted but there was no anger behind her words. It was just the first round, after all.

"Why don't you go seduce someone else?" Sieg asked. "I made it clear several times I'm not interested."

"No. What you made clear was the fact you don't want to be one of my conquests. It's against your male pride, isn't it?"

"You're not making any sense," he replied and turned away from her, intending to leave. But she was fast and her arm was tucked under his in a matter of seconds as she flashed him a quick smile.

"Won't you at least walk me to my room? You are a gentleman, aren't you?"

Trying to shake her off didn't work and using more force would be a hassle, especially for something insignificant like this. Sieg relented. He would allow her this small victory. She wouldn't be getting any big ones, after all.

Passing the deserted corridors, they looked more like a pair of lovers out on a stroll than some of the most powerful soldiers of Demon Card. Reina was leaning her head on his arm, her grip on him secure. She didn't talk and the silence could be called companionable if Sieg was inclined to think of her like a companion and not just a nuisance. The worst part of it was that they would get along reasonably well if she ceased her attempts at seducing him.

"Look at us," Reina spoke as they passed a large window. It reflected their forms rather well, almost like a mirror. "Look how good... no, how great we look together. Imagine it, Sieg. You and I, it could be incredible. Why do you insist on resisting me?"

He had no new answer for her other than the usual.

"Because I'm not interested. Neither in you nor in a meaningless fling."

"Who would have thought?" she mused. "Great Sieg Hart is a romantic type."

She laughed, her harmonious laughter spilling out. Everything that Reina did was either beautiful or enchanting. Iulius was frequently in tears over how perfect she was, though, strangely enough, he had never once attempted to become involved with her. Reina wasn't as upset about that as Sieg would have expected. Maybe she was content with his admiration from afar. One never knew with her.

"I prefer term rational," he corrected her.

"What if I told you it wouldn't be a fling?" Reina posed the question as a challenge to the elemental master.

"Then you would lie," he replied and had to stop himself from wincing when her fingers dug into his arm even through the fabric of his sleeve.

"Do you think me so fickle?"

There was no playfullness in her voice now, only coldness and a subtle threat.

"No," Sieg said and her grip relented a bit. "But you seem to forget who and what we are. A fling is all that can be and that's why it will never happen."

Coming to a stop in front of a large double door, he turned to her.

"Your room, Reina. I played your game with you, now I have other things to attend to."

She stepped away from him, smoothing her dress, still visibly upset about his comment earlier.

"Go run your errands, if you insist," she spoke, opening her door. But then she paused, her hand on the frame of the door as she half-turned towards him. "But one of these days..." she trailed off before smiling at him. "One of these days I will melt you, Sieg. Mark my words."

She slammed the door behind her but he was already striding away, his cape flowing with his brisk movement.

"I very much doubt that, Reina."

He was after all, a master of all elements. His ice would never melt.

To be continued...

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