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The first floor classroom fell quiet as Professor McGonagall completed her instructions for the lesson, leaving only the scratching of quills, turning of textbook pages and the occasional cough to break the silence. Twenty-six of the fifth year Gryffindors and Ravenclaws were concentrating on their parchment due to McGonagall at the end of the week, an 8-inch essay on the mechanics of Vanishing spells in invertebrates, in preparation for their impending O.W.L.'s.

Lily Evans sat at her usual desk in the front row, essay already mapped out in her head and a quarter of an inch put in writing. Sweeping her long hair back from her face, she let her quill rest when finally noticing the absolute silence of the room.

Something was wrong.

Glancing up from her parchment, Lily watched as McGonagall began adding notes to the blackboard at the head of the classroom, her back to the students. As delicately as possible, Lily turned around to look directly three rows back, where instead of seeing the usual cocky smirk she was greeted by an array of untidy black hair bent in focus. Next to him, a similar mess of dark hair fell in the boys face as his hand practically flew across the parchment on his desk. The boy sitting at the end of their row was much more aware of his surroundings, smiling somewhat distractedly at Lily as he scratched the tip of his chubby chin with his quill, clearly deep in thought. The final chair was empty.

Something was seriously wrong.

"Miss Evans?"

Every head in the classroom shot up at the sound of McGonagall's voice, all eyes falling on Lily's now extremely red face. Never having been caught inattentive before, Lily instantly turned around to McGonagall's almost concerned expression, but not before seeing a pair of deep hazel eyes stare at her in confusion.

Taking a shaky breath, Lily murmured her apologies to the Professor before swiftly dipping her quill in her quick-drying ink and returning her gaze to her parchment. Re-reading her essay, Lily could barely focus on the words in front of her, mind too distracted by her sudden revelation to even register the gossiping from the girls two seats down. Instead, she let her mind wander.

Never had a class with them been so quiet. Lily usually spent the entire lesson blocking out their incessant whispers and sniggering as they plotted their next prank to assault the school with. More often than not she was pulled from her studies by that infuriating Potter's declarations of love, all of which were delivered with that self-satisfied smirk that barely left his face in her presence.

Until now, Lily reminded herself. The confusion that appeared on his face was something she rarely saw, especially in this context. While that in itself was strange, it was nothing compared to watching all three of them genuinely put an effort into their work, a task never bothered with even when their most studious member accompanied them in class.

That was less strange. It had become a common occurrence to find Remus Lupin out of class every few weeks, and after a year or two most people learnt to stop asking why. The boy's explanation was always the same – a private family matter that called for him to leave the school a few days at a time. He always seemed nervous the days before his departure and unwell after returning, and while Lily longed to truly understand his reason for leaving Hogwarts, she knew it was not her place. He never failed to catch up on his classes, was always kind when responding to someone brave enough to ask about his trips, and if Dumbledore allowed it then it must be a worthy reason.

And yet, Lily never failed to notice the injuries Remus managed to acquire every time he left. He usually blamed his clumsiness on most of them, yet he by no means appeared any less than sure-footed around the school. On top of this, the other members of his group occasionally showed up with similar damage. While a part of her knew the amount of attention she payed them was worrying, it was impossible to miss the large gash that had marked Sirius Black's cheek a few months ago, a scratch that still hadn't truly healed, or the oddly shaped scar that Potter sported on his right calf – it was all connected somehow.

A sneeze drew Lily from her reverie, and she quickly made sure that no one had noticed her lack of concentration. A glance at the large clock above McGonagall indicated there were only five minutes of class left before lunch. How had she wasted that much time thinking? About that group none-the-less?

Listening carefully, the silence was more palpable than ever. They had honestly gone an entire lesson without disturbing or harming anyone. Still, perhaps it was their plan to lull everyone into a false sense of security before jumping into action; it wouldn't be the first time.

Black was called to the front of the class just before McGonagall dismissed them, and Lily's purposeful delay in packing away her things permitted her to hear the end of the hushed conversation he was having with Potter.

"I'll do it," Potter said hurriedly, grabbing Black's notes from the Transfiguration lesson and adding them to his own.

"But James, come on, I haven't-"

"McGonagall wants you, now go before you get another detention," he stressed, leaving the other boy without another word. The crestfallen expression on Black's face quickly became anxious as he moved to the front of the class without even acknowledging Lily's presence.

Leaving after Potter and shutting the door behind her, Lily watched his retreating form with bewilderment. Firstly, since when did Sirius Black care about getting detention? He and Potter had both served their final detention with Filch just last night for releasing their old 'Monster Book of Monsters' textbooks into the second year dormitory two weeks ago. And secondly, where was Potter going that Black wanted to be? Wherever he was headed, it was not towards the Great Hall with the rest of the school for lunch, and Lily was certain it would not be good.

Silently lamenting the food she would miss for a second, Lily resolutely pushed her way through the crowd of students and made her way upstairs after Potter, making sure to keep a safe distance between them and remaining as quiet as possible. Whatever he was up to, it was obviously intended to be kept secret. When it came to Potter and his band of followers, that almost certainly meant something dangerous, and Lily refused to let him get away with it this time.

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