Money Buys Diamonds
Chapter One- Intro.

Character Intros.

Kristina Anja Magnovska
A true Russian empress. Her mother, Taisia Inessa Magnovska, an ex-model who now designs a very successful range of clothing in Russia, sent her daughter to Diamond's because she thought her daughter deserved the very best. That, and if you have an infinite supply of money, why not throw some green around? Her father, Alexei Magnovska, is a Russian actor, and, though Kristina never sees him much, she knows he loves her. She is an only child, and visits home in Moscow every holiday. She has been at Diamond's ever since she hit 6. She has become known for her icy blonde hair, pale skin and piercing blue eyes. If looks could kill, her's would be fatal.

Cassidy Hanna Quinn
Pale, freckly and Irish, she isn't conventionally beautiful. Her flaming red hair stands out in a crowd, and her zingy green eyes are easy to search out. However much she wants to hide away, it's impossible. Her mother, also redheaded and with skin like whipped cream, is a singer and ballerina, who gave up performing when her baby was born. Her father left her mother with three children and two on the way, and Cassidy never spoke to him after the birth of Riley and Lauren. Her two older sisters, Siobhan and Caoimhe, have been at the school for ten years, and know everything, everyone and that every day can be a struggle if you don't have friends. Intelligent, a brilliant singer and dancer, Cassidy is quietly amazing, tucking her own beauty inside herself, because with a best friend like Kristina, who wouldn't feel overshadowed?

Grace and Charlotte Wyatt
111th and 112th in line to the British throne, Grace and Charlie are cute, tanned and chestnut-haired. Their coffee coloured eyes and floor-sweeping lashes are a trademark between these identical twins. They retire to their Scottish castle for holidays, as well as their family's ancestral mansion in York. Their mother is Lady Enid Wyatt of York, and their father is a Lord. The most charming, well brought up, delightful girls you will ever meet, classical ballet and piano playing is their forte. That's pretty much it and...oh. One last thing. Don't mess with these girls, or they will bring you down.

Lila Eva Vega-Reyes
Lila is just the type of girl you think don't want to encounter. Mouthy, curvy and with skin the colour of hazelnuts, strings of Spanish insults pour from her mouth more naturally than saying, "Hello." Her corkscrew jet black curls, pouty lips, Size F boobs and nose stud that she got while tipsy in Madrid make her seem scary and intimidating. In fact, she's softer than a marshmallow. She does jazz dancing and sings in the school choir, but still somehow feels unheard. Maybe that's why more than a few people have seen her emerging red-faced and messy-haired from the new English teacher's apartment...The new girl who just arrived from Paris- the height of sophistication. Fresh-faced, with hair only ever before seen on angels and the extremely rich, Adele is the eldest of several younger girls who are now going to attend Diamond's. Her mother is a famous gymnast, who competed in the Olympics, and her father is a lawyer to the rich and famous. Kristina'd better watch out. Adele's her new roomie.

Adele Louisa Pelletier