Overlord Naruto: Unleashed



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I would like to take the time to credit 26-Lord-Pain allowing me to use themes from several of his stories. The following of 'Overlord, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Soul Calibur, and Teen Titan NU Stories.' Along with excerpts and information from Madhat's Overlord stories.


Story Start


In the outskirts of a forest and bordering a dying meadow was a large and tattered black tower. This was known as the Dark Tower, domain and home to the Overlord. The Dark Tower, one a beacon of darkness and despair was now tattered as it stood a shadow of itself on the Horizon. The desolate building was filled with cracks and dents testifying to a long and hard fought battle. The once powerful tower consumed by evil and madness was nothing more then a hollow building with the death of it's master, the Overlord.

Minions, gremlin like creatures that served the Overlord resided within this place. Those that weren't captured by the Hero or people had fled as items were stolen from its confines and magic was drained out of the tower. Only the power of a single individual who performed a heroic sacrifice kept this building afloat. The unimaginable darkness deep in his heart kept the tower alive.

'And when the Darkness looms across the Evil he rules, the ones emerge that will delete his rule.'

Gnarl, an aged Minion general for many years since the last Overlord and even his predecessors, felt racked with grief on the inside when he'd first seen his Master fall downward, to the very chamber that consolidated the Tower's very own heart. But that was ten long years ago, an entire decade of he and twenty minions, now reduced to a hearty trio plus one all with their own personal names. He, Gubbin, Mouldy, and Giblet.

The body found was then used in a ritual. This ritual would awaken the new Overlord. With time, the injuries such as exposed bone was mended back in place, his muscles began to mind and color returned to the body's skin.

Giblet took a rag from Mouldy and spit into it, then he smoothed it along the surface of the man's shoulder plates and then hurriedly over his eyes and nose.''Shit, a few more months and I would have been dead.''The man spoke as he began to awaken.

"Sire. Rise, rise!"

The Armory Of Overlords, or simply the Armory, was reek of mold and minion flesh. The smelters that was once part of the armory were no where to be seen. Like most of the items of the tower it had been looted, just as the magic had vanished.

The man's eyes immediately went from calm cerulean blue to blood red. The human pupils became slit, demonic like as a menacing aura radiating from the man.

Gnarl could hardly contain his glee as such anger and hatred radiated from the man. The minions, Gubbin, Mouldy, and Giblet tried to dress the new Overlord only for him to lash out and blast them away. His mind still on auto-pilot, his responses fericious.

''Minions?'' he asked as he looked at the creatures. He darkly chuckled. ''...so I've inadverntly become the Overlord. '' A sadistic smiled plastered the man's face. He ran a hand through his blond haired and scowled. ''I smell like ass.'' I planned on just destroying a rival, but now this could be used to our advantage. I never felt to comfortable using the Elemental Nations as Genesis's home base but the positioning and supplies here would be better. His attention went to the aged minion. ''The old one. You are the Minion Master Gnarl? I remember you; It looks like will be raising hell on the same side this time around.''

''Indeed Sire. There are nefarious deeds to be done.''

''Aaah yes, like paying back those traitors who left me dead for one.''

''Sire if I may?''

''Yes Gnarl?''

''The Dark Tower has fallen in disgrace. It is of utmost importance that we retrieve the Tower Heart.''

The new Overlord took a moment as if to contemplate. ''The tower being repaired is the first order of business I suppose. But then there is also in need of a guard who will keep this place protected during it's reconstruction.'' He stated as he began to remember one of the things Kuiinshi had told him prior to him arriving to this world.

"Once, in the ages beyond the elves, there existed two gods of this world. The Mother Goddess, fair and kind, who filled the world with life and beauty. But she was betrayed by her lover. The fight between her and the nameless god broke into war. The lover summoned hordes of dragons, trolls, ogres, Worms, and the very dead. The forces of the Mother, humans, elves, dwarves, and creatures of light magic, united and drove the dark creatures to the deep depths of the earth. The Mother Goddess banished the fallen lover, and locked him away in a realm of death and horror. He became known as the Forgotten One, for The Mother wiped all trace of his name away, and in time only legends remained. And though the Light had won this round, the Darkness always tried to regain power. But alliances among the damned never last. Evil by its nature turns on each other for more power, and the unity of Good always wins. They say Evil always finds a way, but of course anyone who is a victor can chose the history listened. Take the Forgotten one's status and power and lead the Mother Goddess to your side in a way only you can can. Slay the Overlord to make sure he doesn't get in the way.

''This is sad,'' Naruto remarked as he shook his head.''I don't even have any scouts or spies. I shall retrieve some people, vassals and I expect you all to treat them with the same respect you treat me. They will watch over this castle and aid in its resurrection.''

''Of course sire...quite ironic don't you think? The man that sought to kill the last Overlord became his successor.''

''My attention was to free this world from the Overlord so my family could add it to our growing empire. But you must have realized my intention some time ago. Only one explanation for why this Tower has accepted me? The darkness in my heart. I suppose that's why the other Overlord tried to...'' The man stopped as he suddenly got up and said. ''I wish to survey the rest of the damage,'' He said as the creatures trailed after them.

It was during then Naruto got a good look at them. The minions were of a Yellowish-Brown color with brown tattered clothing, long and slanted ears with bright yellow eyes, clawed four fingered hands and three toed feet with spikes at their ankles. They were also quite thin as the ribs from their bones were sticking out. They also had pig like snout with sharp fangs hanging out of their tiny mouths.

Only Gnarl really stood out from among them. He was a Yellowish-gray with wrinkles and white hair on his eyebrows, jaws, and a goatee. Naruto decided before going off and recruiting his allies he would get dressed. Luckily one pair of armor survive the incident.

He was now wearing the ancestral black armor of the overlord which consisted of a sturdy albeit little over cuirass with tassets covering any weak spots like his thighs or groin area that wouldn't be covered by the Cuirass. He also wore a pair of greaves on his feet. Feeling a bit of nostalgia Naruto decided he could send clones to acquire his allies. It would be more efficient if he began trying to repair the Dark Tower and bringing life back to it. And then he would make those betrayers pay.

Deciding to move on to the next order of business he let Gnarl and the Minions lead him down to the lower bowels of the Tower so they could get acquainted with the functions of an Overlord. "This cavern is the Spawning Pit, Sire, this is where new minions are born, and live."

Overlord noticed the different pits had different themes. One looked like Lava and another murky swamp among things.

"Now that you are here, you can call forth Minions from this Minion Gate. Use your mind Sire, the tower is linked to you, and you to it, just as we Minions are. We are part of the tower and as such we are also part of you, so call the minions with the power of your mind!"

Overlord took a deep breath and focused on summoning more of these strange creatures when out of the pit came an additional five yellowish-brown creatures.

''Aah yes good sire. Now its time we went about rebuilding the tower.''

''How does this process of summoning minions work exactly?'' There was still quite a lot about this process Naruto was unsure of. He knew the ins and outs of the Overlord business, but every dimension had its rules and laws that convey titles and other such things, but that did not mean the same cookie cutter ideals or laws were followed everywhere.

''Well sire, to create new life out of nothing was not within the grasps of the overlord so the gauntlet on your arm focuses the power of the jewels to drain the life force of slain beings and convert them into the necessary life force used to creature minions. Anything from sheep to humans can give birth to new minions who are willingly to serve your every command.''

''Ok but I want to know is that is there anything that this tower needs? I recall the heart, but I didn't exactly take time to observe during my last visit here.'

''Numerous Sire; the first and most important would be the Tower-Heart, milord, a powerful artifact that will allow us to teleport any place we've been before not to mention channel magic into the tower's main functions and excess magic to the current overlord. The Tower Heart chose you because of a great darkness in your soul; seeing as any and all possible heirs of the previous overlords must have not been worthy or simply don't exist.''

''I see, this is quite curious. I think I can use magic like that for my experimentation. Though if the Tower Heart is missing how did the Tower know to call out to me? Also what's with this gauntlet on my arm?''

''First of all the Tower retained a bit of power from the Tower-Heart. The Gauntlet is connected to the Tower and shall transport you back if you are close to death and it also allows you to absorb the life-force of any creature slain so you can create new minions.''

''I need to make a some list of things.''

The list was a mental list of necessary buildings and items. The first thing he was going to do was rebuild the tower. He would need wood, shovels, picks, axes, wheel barrows, and other tools. He would need sheds to store supplies and spoils not to mention windmills for electricity, towers to spot any invaders, hospitals for the sick and injured and numerous other things.

''Ok Minions were shipping out to find the Tower Heart. Though before we do, Gnarl I need to know about several effects that repairing the tower can have on me?''

''Well Sire the Dark Tower and you influence each other in a way. The first is the more Magical in tuned you are the better you are able to focus and use magic. You will also be able to easily influence the elements as well as increase your thinking ability meaning boosted intelligence. This is a result of Life Force from slain enemies deposited into the Tower directly. The more things you slain the more 'experience' you gain leading you to 'increase' certain aspects about yourself such as your magical reserves and resistance. The Life Force can also infect your physical aspects increasing your health, improving your defense, endurance, and even power in combat. This also affects other things such as your ability to create things once the Forge has been restored.

The more life force contributes to weapons the greater experience you gain and the less likely you will make mistakes. This means you'll be able to come up with more creative items and sometimes creating some items with less life force then you normally would have from greater experience. All your aspects from battle to even personal desires are affected once you either focus more life force or repair the tower. The more additions and renovations you make the more you will become one with the tower which will began to grant you powerful spells.''

''Oh I am so loving this...I think its time we put this new found power of mine to the test.''

15 minutes away from the tower they came across a herd of sheep grazing on the grass.

Mentally commanding the minions to attack they jumped the sheep and ripped them apart with their sharp teeth and claws. The Browns as Gnarl explained were the most versatile of the minions and natural born fighters. They were the Melee fighters who could turn just about anything to the weapon and able to sustain the most damage in battle. Unfortunately unlike their cousins, depending on each horde, they couldn't go through water or they would drown, albeit in a humorous way as Gnarl added, fire, or through toxic gas.

Blood and flesh spilled onto the ground as the sheep cried out in pain. Overlord watched as Minions started tearing down the fence of the abandoned farm to make items. The little bastards were definitely clever enough to make use out of anything as an item. They then looted everything they could find and returned it to the Overlord.

''Minions listen up; anything of value you find bring it to me.'' The Overlord figured he would take most of the money, items, and other things that would be of use. For those he planned to have under his reign would be given the essentials until he could trust them not to revolt against him.

After the Tower Heart the most important item would be Tower Gates as they would allow instant teleportation of items from the current location to the tower.

Naruto told his minions to further expand their search until they came across a random man running towards him. ''Help! I need help! Those damn monsters kidnapped my son Bossus out in my Pumpkin field! They've taken over my farm please help me?'' The farmer pleaded.

''Huh...sure why not? But I'm expecting something in exchange for my services. I'm looking for people to join my kingdom. If all goes to plan I planned on expanding it into a large empire. So I wish for you to inform the head of your small town that a new Overlord; Overlord Naruto that is liberating these lands and he will be nothing like the one from the past.''

''Yes...I will...thank you Overlord Naruto,'' The man said bowing hesitantly and taking off. The name or was it title Overlord still spread fear amongst the masses. The past Overlord was an incarnation of EVIL that brought much suffering to the lands.

Suddenly a bunch of possessed pumpkin creatures came up. ''Minions! Destroy them!''

''Ryaah!'' The Minions shouted as they ran towards the posse's pumpkins and started tearing them apart. After a few moments the little critics started making helmets out of the remain.

"Master! Giblet finded somethings!" One of the Minions called out while hopping up and down.

"Really? Where!" The Overlord demanded and Giblet pulled out the glowing sphere. ''Then let's go,'' he said creating a Kagebunshin to find the missing boy and deal with the villagers. ''We have things to do...''

"Moldy, hold your share!, Giblet, stop pretending to ride the heart!, Grubber, stop lugging behind you stupid sack of pus!" Gnarl yelled as the minions continued to mess around, even when they holding the heart. During their way back they came across a strange platform. Using the newly activated Way point they made way to the Dark Tower. Once the Tower Heart was placed into the tower other things started to activate around the tower.

Naruto spent the next couple of days building a fence around the Tower and a fence a quarter of a mile long around the area. He cleaned up the land and started cultivated the land. He went to nearby farms and used his Kagebunshin to til the land and aid with anything else needed by the farmers in exchange for farming tool and seeds. He stuff started planting his vegetation as he began to plot what needed to be done next.