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One little thing, Mrs. Lovett has a bakery. Not just a pie shop. In the Sweeney Todd game I have she sells crumpets and stuff.

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"So Johanna, ya ready for another 'wonderful' day at ta shop?" Asked Mrs. Lovett picking up a rolling pin.

Johanna appeared out from the corner tying a apron behind her. 'If ya braid my hair."

Mrs. Lovett smiled at her adopted daughter. "Alrigh' love." Joanna sat down in a brown chair, and she tossed her long gold hair behind her shoulders so Mrs. Lovett could make two long braids.

Her sister Rose, rolling dough,had her brown hair pulled in a lazy bun. Brown eyes showed that her mind was far away from the bakery, from London, maybe fom earth.

"There ya ar' love." Said Mrs. Lovett "Now, get some wood for the bake 'ouse oven."

"Yes Mum" said Johanna duitifully. It wasn't that cold outside that morning, but something about it made Johanna shiver. When she came back upstairs and started helping Rose with pies, her sister said, "Don't you feel like something weird is going ta 'appen taday?"

"Oh yeah! I just don't know wo't." said Johanna with a tint of frustration.

"Maybe two handsome, young, rich men will come through that door. and ask fa our 'ands in marriage." Said Rose jokingly.

"Or, maybe pirates!" Said Johanna, "With tattoos and swords!"

"You do like 'em dangerous don't cha sis?" Said Rose chuckling. "I'd prefer a small, simple life, with a small house with flower beds! And a husband who loves me, and children running around on a beach." Rose starred dreamily into space.

"Whateva works fa you" said Johanna starting on muffin batter. "I wonder if I 'ave any pirate ancestors." She mused thoughtfully.

"Your father loved ta imagine he was a pirate." Said Mrs. Lovett filling a pie.

"Really?" Asked Johanna wiping her brow. " Ow come ya never talk about our father Mum?"

"Yeah" Said Rose "We'd like ta know more about 'im."

Mrs. Lovett placed her rolling pin down. She knew this question would come along sometime.

"Well, umm. 'ow 'bout I tell you tonight? If ya girls work hard."

"Oh we will Mum!" Said Rose. She looked at her sister with excitement.

"Oh, but it will be impossible to work now!" Whined Johanna.

Rose smacked her softly with a towel. "I think we can make it Jo." She said giggling.

It was a slow day at the bakery. Only got a few pennies. So, the three girls gathered in the parlor. Mrs. Lovett layed in her chair and the sisters sat on the couch.

"Well?" Asked Rose excitedly.

"Now wait. A few more minutes won't matter." Mrs. Lovett said. "Johanna, there is a box under me bed, go get that. And Rose, you go get the tea."

Johanna found the box, and set it in Mrs. Lovett's lap. "What's in there?" She asked.

"Oh, keepsakes." She said fingering the box fondly.

Rose brought the tea tray in. With a few crumpets and other goods from today's ware. She set it carefully on the little table and sat next to her sister. Mrs Lovett sipped her tea, enjoying the torture she was giving the girls.

"Oh, come on Mum." Said Rose impatiently. "We want to know everything."

"`Is name was Benjamin Barker." She said.

"Oh, that's such a romantic name." Said Rose.

""E was a romantic man." Mrs. Lovett said. "Your father. Was the kindest man I ever met. And...'e 'ad a fantastic imagination."

The two sisters giggled. "At least we have something in common with him." Said Rose.

"And 'e 'ad the most beautiful brown eyes." She said dreamily. She pulled a photo from the box. "This is him."

Rose took the photo carefully. "He was so handsome..." She breathed. Johanna looked at the photo speechlessly. "I don't look anything like him." She said sadly.

Mrs. Lovett sat on the couch next to her. "But you 'ave 'is brain. That's more valuable."

Johanna smiled. "Did 'e like to read?" She said.

"Oh, 'e loved it!" Said Mrs. Lovett. "'E read anything and everything. Everyday a new book."

Johanna giggled and looked at the picture. "What did 'e do for a livin'?"

"E was a barber." Said Mrs. Lovett.

"Now that's something I'd love to do!" Said Johanna. "You'd meet the most interesting people!"

"What 'appened to him?" Asked Rose deep in thought.

Mrs. Lovett sighed. "E was sent to Australia. To be imprisoned for life." Mrs. Lovett closed her eyes. Picturing him. Tall, thick brown hair, chocolate eyes...

"What did 'e do?" Asked Johanna sounding more excited than she wanted to let on.

"Well Johanna. There was a judge who 'ad 'is eyes on your biological mother. So, 'e sent your father off on a false charge. You where almost a year old." Said Mrs. Lovett

"That's terrible." Said Rose shivering a little. "Poor father."

"But `e loved you Johanna. And 'e would 'ave adored you too Rose, if 'e knew you." Mrs. Lovett sighed. She hoped she did the right thing talking about him.

"It's not fair." She said tearing up. "He dosn't even know I'm alive! It's not bloody fair!"

Mrs. Lovett switched to Rose's side of the couch and hugged her. "I know love, none of this is fair."

Johanna felt a little guilty. She had spent almost a entire year with him. And Rose never even saw him. She wrapped her arms around her sisters waist and layed her head on her back. And she cried with her sister.

"Aww, come on now, wot' would your father say if 'e saw you girls crying like this?" Mrs. Lovett started singing. "You are my gilly flower. You are my love."

Rose sniffled. "You are my beautiful white dove." She sang.

Johanna joined in. "You are soft. You are young."

Then they sang the last line of the lullaby. "You are my gilly flower. You are my love."

The girls started giggling at the lullaby.

"Ya know who wrote that?" Asked Mrs. Lovett, now, in between the two girls. Rocking them gently. "Your father."

"Really?" Said Johanna.

"Yes. 'E wrote it when we were teenagers. For all the babies we were going to 'ave." Mrs. Lovett smirked. "I love you two girls."

"We love you too." Said Johanna snuggling on her mothers shoulder.

"I wish I could see 'im, just once." Said Rose closing her eyes as if it would help. "That would be a wonderful early birthday present."

Just then. There was a knock on the door. Mrs. Lovett got up. "Maybe that's your wish." She joked. Mrs. Lovett opened the door. And there, stood a man she recognized right away.

Benjamin Barker.

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