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SUMMARY: Bella and Edward were married for four years. Bella loved Edward. Edward wanted a divorce, he was convinced his love for her had died. Bella moves away, and now she's back two years later, with a new man on her side. What will Edward do when he see's she has moved on? What happens when Edward realizes that his love for her never died, it was hidden all along?

Don't know what you have, until its gone.


It was suppose to be easy, simple. I wanted a divorce, she begged me not to, she cried and pleaded, I said we grew apart. She claimed to love me, I was convinced my love for her had died. I told her and begged for her to let me go, I told her I was miserable with the life I had. She told me that she loved me and that she wanted what was best, I told her if she loved me, then she would let me leave. She told me she was lost without me, I told her she'd adjust. She tried to save our marriage, with everything she had, there was nothing more to fix, we were broken from the start.

There she was leaning into the mans touch, her beauty intensified from the last time I saw her. He leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips, she smiled against them, causing me to wince in pain. My hands clenched at my sides, my eyes tightly shut as they continued in their lovers embrace. My mind wandering back to the times, when I held her like he did. The way I used to hold her, kiss her, touch her, the way I told her I loved her, and the way she said it back. I promised to love her forever, I broke that promise, and now she had found love in someone else. I heard him whisper his love for her and I heard her say it back. I fell to my knees, my head between my hands, my whole form shaking violently with the sobs that racked throughout my body. As the memories ran through my head, from the first kiss to the wedding, and worst of all to the divorce, the little detail that haunted my very existence. I did not wish to live, for without her there was nothing more to live for.

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