Make A Wish

By Misa-chan

1 "Make a wish…"

Hearing his reply, I smiled and flew off the bridge, plunging into the faint wisps of clouds. It felt wonderful, flying through the infinite soft haze and light mist.

Keeping my eyes open, I searched for the end of my flight…but I found none. Like an endless road full of decisions, waiting to be made. I don't know. Maybe jumping off the bridge was another terrible idea; maybe I made the wrong decision. But it wouldn't matter now. It's too late to turn back. Too late to save all the lives.

When I saw Shu Lien holding Li Mu Bai, I knew I was too late. It was too late. My knees grew weak and I knelt on the ground, the antidote slipping through my fingers like liquid. Life was just like liquid. It could slip through your grasp without a person's knowing and rise into the sky.

I closed my eyes and smiled serenely for the first time. It wasn't just another mask to hide who I really was. A true smile of serenity. I knew this wasn't the end. In a new life, I would make anew. I would find the true meaning of my existence.

This life that had passed me by so quickly was one of sorrow and wrong twists and turns. I was wrong to kill so many. I was wrong to listen to Jade Fox. So many wrongs, too many pains that were caused by me. But soon, I'll just start all over. And maybe this time, I'll get it right. And if I don't…I'll try and try again.

Feeling the wind beating against my face, I understood. I don't know what I understood. I just suddenly knew. I just knew.

Falling through the clouds, I made my way to a new path. To a new life. To a new journey where everything doesn't pale and disappear.

And then I heard the wind whisper to me one last time…

"…Make a wish…"

And I finally knew what I wanted.