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Summary: Post War AU, set cannon all alive. Set at the end of the seventh year. Hermione Granger wrote a fantasy story which happened to get stolen and read by the Slytherins and confiscated by one Severus Snape. What is Snape going to do with it now that he has read it?

The Gryffindor Writer

It was nearing the end of seventh year and Severus Snape, the Potion Master of the dungeons, was very pleased. He would be rid of the Gryffindor trio once and for all in three short weeks. It was Friday night. He had no detentions to bother with, and he turned toward the common room wall to make a final check on the Slytherins.

He slipped inside once the wall opened to him and noticed it was abnormally quiet. With his brows furrowed, he spied about the common room and noticed half of his seventh years huddled in a corner with their backs to him. No one had noticed his entrance. He placed an Illusionment Charm over himself and slowly walked over taking notice of the red and flushed faces of the group. They were up to something, and Severus was going to figure it out.

He noticed several of them kept adjusting in their seats. And this corner smelled sexually feral at this point. His nostrils inflamed at the smell of the scents mixing with one another.

"Oh Merlin!" Pansy exclaimed as she waved her hands toward her flushed and hot face.

"Shite, I creamed my pants." Gregory Goyle stated.

"Ugh! Too much information Goyle." Draco said in a husky voice.

Severus watched as Draco flipped the page of some thick type of manuscript.

"Fuck!" Draco said as he passed it to the next person after he read the page.

"Language." Severus said smoothly.

All of his seventh years turned towards his voice as he took off the charm. Severus noticed one thing. They all looked extremely red and embarrassed. And very guilty. They were up to something, and it had everything to do with those pages. Draco stood quickly and snatched the pages back from Nott as he hid them behind his back.

"Give it here Mr. Malfoy." Severus said as he extended his hand out.

"Professor Snape," Draco said while shaking his head no. "You really don't want to read this. I'll just go toss it in the fire."

Severus watched as Draco tried to move as quickly as he could and Severus pulled his wand and cast the spell that plucked the pages out from his hand, and he caught them with deft precision. He looked down at the title, The Dungeon Master, and author then back up at Draco with his eyebrow arched.

"Am I to assume she actually wrote this or is this some Slytherin payback for the fall of the Dark Lord?" Severus asked smoothly.

Draco's neck and cheeks were aflame as he stammered out his answer. "She wrote it. We were going to use it, that was until after we read it. And then reread it."

"I see." Severus said silkily. "I do believe this is mine now."

Severus spun and headed out the common room. He wondered what the innocent and naïve little know-it-all could have written that had his seventh years so twisted in knots and embarrassed over. The girl blushed at the drop of a hat with any crass comment. The Weasley boy even had Potter blushing at things right along with Miss Granger.

Severus went back to his quarters and tossed the pages onto the coffee table by his chair and sat down. He then conjured a tea in a cup and looked at the title that was on the first page. The Dungeon Master. No doubt it is a slam against me.

Severus crossed his legs and picked up the pages. Surely, whatever the pristinely innocent know-it-all wrote couldn't be that bad. Then Severus turned the page over that held the title and her name and began to read.

The Dungeon Master


Hermione Jane Granger

The Introduction

Love and hate go hand in hand. The same as pain and pleasure. For years his voice had that authoritative quality that demanded complete and absolute obedience. His voice whipped across my very soul that begged to be brought under his full control. This was how it all started.

Frightened and walking up to the castle during the middle of the night with my chaperone, she told me there was no going back. My life was about to change. This school was like none other that I have ever attended. I was eager and frightened all at the same time. I knew it was here that I would truly find and discover myself.

"Remember, you wanted to go through this. This was your choice." She said.

"I remember. I haven't changed my mind." I told her.

"Very well," She had my bag in her hand, once we were at the stone steps that led to the great wooden doors. She gave two sharp raps.

I looked at her. My heart was pounding. I vaguely knew what to expect. I was eager to learn. He was the best after all. His name alone was whispered in hushed circles with awe and great respect. Here I had been chosen among the few to learn at the hands of a Master. The doors opened and I could feel the rush of cold air from the draft as it hit my bare legs. It sent shivers of up my spine and did nothing to quail my anticipation. It only heightened it even further.

I crossed the threshold. The overwhelming desire to please flooded through me, there was no going back now. My chaperone came over to me and gave me a quick reassuring hug. Then she sat my bag next to me. "You are to wait here and do everything you are instructed to do."

Then she left. The doors shut behind her with a resounding thud, and the locks clicked one by one. With each click, my heart and body leapt with a jarring jolt as my mind raced with every possibility that I was now locked inside a very personal prison of my own doing. The deep voice rang out across the hall.

"Stand still and do not fidget."

I tried to comply as nervous as I was. Needless to say, I failed miserably. I couldn't stop shaking. His voice penetrated to the very dark crevices of my soul casting a light upon them. Out of the shadows he came, the slow seductive walk of confidence as a panther he stalked about me. His eyes roved over my frame. As clothed as I was I felt completely vulnerable and naked before him.

"I demand total obedience, anything less, and you will be excused." He hissed in my ear.

His breath caused my skin to alight on fire, and I closed my eyes. The heat of his body exuded from him and set my right side aflame with a rush of sexual taunt tension.

"Is that understood?" He asked with a low deadly silky voice.

"Y…y…yes." I stammered.

"Yes, what?" He demanded.

"Yes sir." I said softly, feeling as if my mind finally kicked into gear and the haze of wanton desire was chased away.

"Better, for now." He paced once more about me. "Stand up straight, shoulders back, stomach in, chin up, eyes down."

I followed his every command. It was compelling. I had to do it. Something inside me longed to do it. He grabbed my chin and turned my head from side to side as if deciding something.

"Yes, you'll do." He finally said after a long drawn out pause as I quivered from his touch. "You only speak when spoken to. Any other time you are to keep your mouth shut. My time is valuable. Learn that well. Leave the bag, you'll not be needing it. Follow me."

I followed not even daring to hardly breath. We have sunk lower into the castle down into the dungeons where his lair was. The cold dank air swirled about my hot flushed body that his voice had stirred. Lower, ever lower we sank into the dark and winding halls that were lit with torches. He paused at a door and opened it.

"Inside, do not dawdle." He barked.

I scuttled in as fast as I could, and he hissed at seeing me do this. I felt the crack of the whip that bursts from his wand across my bare legs below my skirt.

"You will not scuttle. Never will you walk like that in my presence again."

"Yes sir." I answered. Choking back on the disappointment I felt at not even being able to do a simple task, such as a walk. The disappointment in his voice had stung more harshly than the whip had across my legs.

He showed me where my room was to be and bade me enter it. Once inside he told me my uniform was in the wardrobe, and that I was to wear it all times and nothing else. Then he snapped the door shut, and I jumped at the harshness of it, knowing that I displeased him already. I went to the wardrobe and opened the door. Inside was the most exquisite black lace Victorian gowns, the bodice of which would expose my ample bosom as well as tailor my waist to a slim and daunting hour glass figure.

I stripped of the clothes that I had on going to the mirror. I took one of the uniforms and slipped it on over my head. Once the bodice settled down to my waist line, it laced itself magically, pulling ever tighter, I felt the very breath of my life would be sucked out. My breasts were pushed up and out and the lace, silkily played across my nipples with each breath I took and made them to stand out hard, aching, and wanton.

"Merlin!" Severus exclaimed.

He laid the pages aside and stood and headed for the cabinet, he kept his liquor in. That story she had written was by far not a tea story. It was a fire whiskey story. He opened the cabinet and grabbed the bottle, uncorked it and downed several drinks not even bothering with a glass.

"Innocent and naïve just left with the pixies." Severus said and took another swig of the fire whiskey as he turned back around and stared at the pages laying so innocently on his chair. He swirled the amber liquid around in the bottle. His seventh year Slytherins had read this at least twice. Severus took the bottle back over to the chair and picked up the manuscript. This was normally not his Friday night book, he would settle down with.

Severus turned and settled back down into his chair and crossed his legs once more. The manuscript lay open upon his lap, sitting there like a lover waiting to be read.