"You should go." Clare whispered, backing away slightly.

"And let pretty boy make time with my date?" Fitz taunted.

He stalked his way down the hall, his right hand playing with the switchblade. The barely-there moonlight shone especially on the cold silver blade, glinting and shining eerily. Clare felt her blood freeze, turning to slush in her veins as her chest contracted painfully. When she saw him pull out the knife, from his locker, her first reaction was fear. For Eli. She knew he would go after him, after humiliating him in front of the whole student body - or over half of it. Suddenly, she heard Eli's voice taunting her as well. I told you so.

"Please, Fitz, don't do this." Clare pleaded, wide doe-like eyes staring at him.

"Shut up, bitch!" Fitz yelled, causing her to stumble back.

Eli glared at him, no matter the situation, no ones yells at his Clare like that. No one. Eli wanted to punch Fitz for his indecency, but he knew any attempt would end in blood. So, he settled for comforting Clare. He took her arm, then tugged her behind him, making a block between her and Fitz. It was a feeble attempt but Eli would take a bullet for her, to do anything from hurting her. Because something happened to her, and he made it out alive, he would be pushed over the edge. Two girls he loved, dead because-

Loved. Did he just think that? Did he love her? God knows he would do anything for her, and it made his blood boil to see other guys watch her. Even worse when he found out she had agreed to go with Fitz, blowing him off just to end the feud. And it would've ended if he hadn't poisoned Fitz. If he would've known this was the outcome, he wouldn't have even dared to go to the dance.

"Aw, trying to a be hero, Emo-Boy." Fitz remarked, pushing Eli back. "What? No smart-ass comments?"

Fitz let out string after string of insults, each ending with a violent shove until his back was pressed against Clare's chest. Eli felt her heart, beating rapidly against his back. Fitz glared behind Eli, then a menacing expression crossed his face. Eli pressed closer against Clare, his own fear gripping him.

"I'm sorry. For everything. You win." Eli stated, voice pleading.

"Heard that before." Fitz snapped, hand tightening on the blade.

"Don't do this." Eli pleaded, he felt his eyes water.

"Someone's got to shut you up!" Fitz growled, and his arm shot forward.

Then, everything went in slow motion. Fitz smirked, his arm jerking forward. Eli tightened his eyes, waiting for the pain. And Clare slid out from behind Eli, opening her mouth in a plead. But then everything froze as a small gasp was made. It wasn't Eli's, it was too feminine, and it wasn't Fitz. So that left Clare, with her mouth open and her bright eyes wide in fear. Her breath shuttered as she sucked in, then left in a small cry before she slid down the wall with her hands hovering around the black and gold knife embedded in her chest.

"Clare!" Eli cried, dropping down next to her.

"Oh no, oh god no! I...I...I wasn't going to hurt anyone. I just wanted to scare you. Fuck! Goddammit! No!" Fitz rambled, hands sliding into his hair and tightening.

"E-Eli..." Clare whimpered, tears slipping down her pale cheeks.

"No. No! Not again, please, no!" Moaned Eli, grabbing Clare's hand and kissed it, his free hand cupping her cheek.

Fitz ran, pushing the doors open and bolting away from the scene. The blade was stuck in the middle of her chest, her breathing was shallow and she kept drooping her head. An officer came running up to them, she looked from Eli's stricken face to Clare's dulling one and ordered paramedics through her walkie-talkie.

Clare was fading, she felt it, she also felt a cough bubble up from her throat. This led to a spurt of blood dripping from her paling lips. She knew that she wouldn't make it. It wasn't possible. Fitz had punctured her lungs, and time was ticking by quickly. She gripped Eli's hand tightly - or as tight as her draining strength allowed - and tugged him closer.

"Eli..." Clare struggled, that simple two syllable word sent searing pain throughout her. "I...I love...you..."

"I love you, too, Clare. I love you so much. Please don't leave me. Please don't." He begged, he brought her hand to his chest. "Stay, please, I need you."

Clare whimpered, tears falling down her cheek and to her chin where it mingled with the blood. A pink droplet fell to her white dress, the striking color bleeding through the fabric. They stayed like that for awhile. Eli clutching her hand to his chest, his face in her shoulder with her's in his hair. He was sobbing freely, unable to control the anguish of losing another girl. Because of him.

Slowly, just as the paramedics rushed down the hall, Clare fell. She slipped from her body and into the consuming darkness. But she still heard the faint cries, of people yelling, someone sobbing her name. And then it was quiet, even her thoughts were muted. Save for a repeating image of bright green eyes in a pale face.