This was written for The House That Gibbs Built Challenge—as per usual my muse went a whole other direction than I originally intended.

Gone Fishing

Warning: Major A/U ahead…for just about everyone…

Timothy McGee shakes his head and the pain just builds even more. Looking at a phone book in his Dover, hotel room, he circles a name and calls the number setting up an appointment. During the exam, Dr. Donald "call me Ducky" Mallard suggested that he take the prescribed medication and visit the local bed and breakfast. It had been remodeled several months earlier by a friend of Ducky's, one Leroy Jethro Gibbs. "It will do you some good dear boy, clear your head and possibly, give you a new challenge to take on."

"Thanks Dr—Ducky. I'm not sure I'm ready for a challenge quite yet, but a B&B sounds perfect for a getaway. I'll let my publisher know that I'm unavailable for a few…"

"That would be months, my boy…you need to rest." If only for a few days, thinks the doctor to himself. He is concerned about the young author, but needs his assistance in the weeks ahead. Busying himself, he writes out a prescription, and then gives Tim directions to the lighthouse.

That same day, Ducky gets a phone call from the police department in Baltimore. They've had a detective that was wounded and needs a good place to recuperate. Ducky tells the captain about Gibbs Bed and Breakfast and soon Leon Vance relays the news to his partner. He gnaws on a toothpick as he tells Tony that they're moving him to private care.

"Well, DiNozzo, looks like you're heading to Delaware."

Tony looks up still groggy from the medication they've given him for his gunshot wound.

"What'd I do to deserve that?"

"You pissed off the captain by getting shot. He wants you to heal and is putting you in private care."

"Thanks Leon, I sense the real person/reason behind my being sent away."

"Just get better Tony. I don't wanna break in another rookie, if I can avoid it."

Leon helps Tony into the car then goes around to drive his partner to Dover. He checks his GPS to make sure of his destination and prepares for the two hour drive.

A few hours away, Ducky makes a notation in his journals. Now just one more person and his task will almost be complete. A phone call from his comrade, one James Palmer, seals the deal. Jimmy had been visiting another colleague, Jordan Hampton, while touring in Israel. Dr. Hampton needed to get a female patient back to the US and Jimmy knows that Ducky is looking for assistance in his quest. Jimmy signs the paperwork needed to get Ziva David into the US legally and prepares for the long flight home.

Nodding to himself in congratulations, Ducky drives to the lighthouse to await the three unsuspecting young people that will hopefully help him accomplish his task. He nods up at the attic, letting Abigail Sciuto know that they will be having guests and the former Goth smiles as she prepares rooms for the three newcomers.

Abby lightly touches the picture of their benefactor and finishes putting the final touches on the visitors' rooms. Ducky sighs as he enters the hallway, looking up at the portrait that adorns the far wall. Gibbs is smiling down at them, almost paternally yet with that hint of a mischievous twinkle glinting in his ice blue eyes.

"Oh, Jethro I do hope this works."

"It will Ducky…it has too." The soft voice isn't the one that he wants to hear; rather that of the other friend who is trying to find out what or who happened to Jethro Gibbs.

Ducky nods and takes in the beauty that stands beside him. Tall, dark haired with brilliant emerald green eyes, the Goth isn't wearing her hair in pigtails tonight. Instead, her hair is poofed up and she's wearing theatrical makeup. The tattoos are still prevalent, as is the black lipstick and eyeliner. She's wearing an almost Elvira-like costume tonight; not just her normal black but a long slinky dress that's cut down almost to her navel. Then again thinks Ducky, it is Halloween. She could be going as Elvira to tonight's annual costume ball.

"Elvira, my dear?"

"I think he'd like it and it is Halloween. When do our guests start arriving?"

"Any hour my dear. Go enjoy your party tonight and we'll explain to our guests in the morning."

"Yes Ducky. Good night. I'll use the side entrance when I come in."

"That sounds perfect, my dear. Have fun."