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Chapter 1

Enter Witch Boy!

Being human, we all know lots of stories whether they're about witches or vampires, werewolves or ghouls, goblins or mummies, etc. Well, this story I'm about to tell you contains all of the creatures I've just named. It is a story that is terrifying yet romantic, dark yet passionate. And no, this is not another Twilight story. Let us begin, shall we?

In our society, we have only heard of these Creatures of the Night but we have never seen them. We have heard of people who had supposedly encountered one, but we have never seen one with our very eyes. That is because they live in a different world than us and using dark magic, they are able to access our world at any time.

In their world, day is night and night is day. In other words, they sleep during the day and a new day is when it gets dark. In their world, there are trees that can speak while everything else is dead. In their world, they are neither good or evil. However, that doesn't mean they do not have enemies.

The Fiends of Hell; residents of the Fire Cave beyond the Skeleton Forest, are their worst enemy. They are demons created by the Creatures of the Night from spirits that came into the Pool of Death deep within the Fire Cave to serve them. But the fiends flew into a rage and began their plan to make the world of the Creatures of the Night into a second hell. However, the Creatures of the Night made sure that none would succeed. The fiends that were already created were inprisoned behind the door beside the Pool of Death which can only be opened by that of a witch.

Witches are not as ugly as we assume them to be. In fact, they are the most beautiful of the Creatures of the Night. They are also known as the Mistresses of Darkness. Younger witches who still needed to work on their magic were called Girls of the Night. As you can already tell, every witch born to existance was female. But that was all about to change. One day, one of the witches had given birth to twins. Her name was Kyoko Shindo and every Creature of the Night knew her to be the most wise and beautiful of witches. One of the twins she gave birth to was a beautiful girl with brown hair and blue eyes. Kyoko was happy to see the baby girl because she looked a bit like her. However, the other twin became such a shock to her. It was a baby boy with pink hair and violet eyes. It couldn't be possible, but it was true. One of her new born children happens to be the first male witch ever in existance. But dispite that, it didn't change her love for both her children. The news of her son's birth became the highlight of the minds of the Creatures of the Night. But Kyoko wasn't going to let their talk get in the way of her children. So, with every chance she got, she and her children would move to different places in the world of the Creatures of the Night.

Fifteen years have passed since then. Kyoko and her family were currently in a house deep in a forest filled with talking trees, but it didn't stop making their new home from being peaceful. But because they lived in a new home, that meant her children need to start a new life at school. Like humans or Daywalkers as the Creatures of the Night call them, Creatures of the Night also go to school. This was the twins' first day at their new school. Kyoko was making breakfast for the twins when her daughter came down in a black dress that reached her knees with a purple cat pendant, black high heels, and a black hat with a purple ribbon. For her face, she had purple eye shadow, black eye liner, and black lipstick on.

"Good night, mother." she said with a smile on her face.

"Good night, Maiko." said Kyoko "How did you sleep?"

"Peaceful as always. It's strange for me to be going to a new school, but I hope I get a lot of friends like I did at my last school."

"I'm sure you will. By the way, have you seen your brother?"

"Before I came down, I checked his room. He was there sitting near the window."

"He seems to be doing that a lot. Go eat your breakfast while I go get him!" Kyoko walked up the stairs and went into her son's bedroom.

There, sitting on a bench close to the window was her son. He wore a black halter top that ended just above his belly button with a pink strap wrapped around his arms near his shoulders and sewn in the middle of his chest and really short black shorts with long black boots that reached a little above his knees. On his arms were black fingerless gloves that went up to his elbows. He was looking through the window; oblivious to the fact that his mother had walked in.

"Shuichi?" she asked "Are you ok, sweetie?"

Her son, Shuichi, jumped a little when he heard his mother's voice suddenly, but he never moved his eyes away from the window. "Today is the start of a new life at school, which means it's another time for me to be seen as a freak."

"You are not." Kyoko sat beside her son and began stroking his short pink hair. "Yes, it's true that you are a bit different from the other witches just because you're a male, but dispite your gender, you are still a witch; a Girl of the Night. Don't think different!"

"Tell that to everyone else! It doesn't matter which school I go to. In every school, I'm a freak and I don't have any friends. While on the other hand, Maiko gets tons of friends because she's beautiful and the fact that she's female like every other witch out there. Even after we move to a different school, she still gets in contact with them."

"You and your sister are different from each other. It doesn't matter if your genders are different. You are both equally beautiful. Of course, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are. Being a witch is a blessing yet also a curse. We are known to be very beautiful and we have more power than any other Creature of the Night, but at the same time, there are people that fear us and so we would forever be alone without anyone to love us."

"I would want nothing more than to be loved by someone, mother. Someone who would look past my powers and the fact that I'm a male witch. In fact, I want to be free. I want to fly away from here and find a place where I would belong. I even want to see a sunrise for the first time."

Kyoko covered her son's mouth right after he said that. "No, Shuichi. A sunrise is not something for anyone like us to see."

"But why? Do we die if we see a sunrise?"

"No, but it's best that we stay in darkness. Our beauty shines best with moonlight and the rest of the Creatures of the Night are nocturnal creatures. Now, enough of this talk. You have to go to school in less than an hour and you still haven't put your face on. And where's your hat?"

"Under the bed."

Kyoko walked over to the bed, looked under and found the hat beside a box that said 'Shuichi's Happy Memories'. She became curious as to what the box was and pulled it out along with the hat. "Shuichi? What's with this box?"

"I made it so I could keep every good memory I make with me." he said as he tried to put his mascara on.

"Do you have any so far?"

"Only of times I've had with you and Maiko. Nothing else."

"Well, you are sure to get happy memories here at your new school. I talked to the principal of the school and he said he'll do whatever it takes to make you enjoy every moment you have at school."

Shuichi looked at his mother in worry. "But that will only make things worse. Everyone would think I need treatment like that because I'm special or something."

"You are special, dear. You just don't realize it."

"Whatever." Shuichi just continued putting his makeup on in silence. Mother and son didn't say a single word to each other until Shuichi had to go downstairs and quickly eat his breakfast. Maiko was already done her breakfast and she was currently reapplying her lipstick on. After Shuichi was done, he and Maiko went out the door and went off to school. As they walked through, the trees all wished them luck on their first day at a new school. Eventually, they had made it.

Yoru Academy; the biggest school for every type of Creature of the Night out there. Maiko was excited while Shuichi couldn't care less. All he wanted was for the day to come and go. Unlike in the human world, night is longer than day in the world of the Creatures of the Night, so they have school for the same amount of hours as other schools.

"You remember that you have to go see the principal, right Shuichi?" Maiko asked as they walked in.

Shuichi nodded. It was all for how the principal was going to make sure he 'enjoys himself in school'. He didn't see what the point of it was. It's not like the other students would treat him any different because of it. He looked at the map on the wall and went to the principal's office.

When he came in, there was someone at a desk near another door which he knew led to the principal's office. It was a Gorgon. She had purple snakes for hair tied in pigtails and she wore sunglasses over her eyes. She looked over at Shuichi and smiled.

"Hello there." she said "You must be Shuichi Shindo, the witch boy. I'll let the principal know you're here." She placed her finger on the intercom button. "Sir, new student Shuichi Shindo is here to see you."

"Send him in, Miss Ukai." said a voice through the intercom.

She looked back at the witch boy and continued smiling. "You can go in." Shuichi nodded and went through the door into the principal's office. When he went in, he looked over at the big desk where the principal sat. He had light blond hair slicked back and wore a black jacket with a red tie and white gloves. His eyes were closed like he was sleeping or something. Shuichi walked closer to the desk and looked at him closely. That was a big mistake. Just as he pulled close, eyes opened wide; revealing emerald. Shuichi was startled by this sudden reaction.

"I'm sorry sir." he said "I just didn't know if you were ok or not. It was rude of me."

Instead, the principal just smiled. "That's quite all right." he said "Please take a seat, Shindo." The witch boy nodded and took a seat. He was a little hesitant though. The principal scared him in a way. Was it because the principal was a vampire? Was it because this was their first meeting and Shuichi knew nothing about the school? He was not sure. "I've been given a heads up from your mother, Kyoko Shindo." he continued "She is quite the lovely witch, isn't she?" Shuichi nodded. "Well, I've been told that in your previous schools, you felt like you were nothing but an outcast and it made every day feel like a living hell, right?" The boy nodded again. "Well, I can assure you that that type of thing won't happen here." Shuichi wasn't sure if he could believe him. What would make this school feel any different from the others? Surely nothing. Other than the fact that it's nicer looking than the other schools, it didn't feel any different. "Well, you may go now."

Shuichi stood up. "Thank you for letting me and my sister go to this school, sir." he said.

"Oh, you don't have to keep calling me sir. Mr. Seguchi is just fine."

"Well, thank you again, Mr. Seguchi."

"No, the pleasure is all mine. I mean, how often do we get extraordinary people such as yourself to come to our school. Now go and enjoy yourself!"

Shuichi nodded and left the office. He pulled out his schedule from in his pocket and went to his classes. Although he felt it would be impossible, he hoped that maybe this school would be different from all the others and he hoped that maybe he would have at least one friend in his time in the school.

Pinkshuchan: Well, that was Chapter 1. This is only getting things started. As we go on through the story, we'll meet lots of characters; some of them friends, others are enemies. I hope you've enjoyed this so far. Read and Review everyone!