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Suzaku Kururugi was a Knightmare pilot and an Honorary Britannian. Honorary Britannian because being called Japanese, was basically forbidden. The young boy was often referred to as an "Eleven" and he normally just brushed it off. Where as his best friend, Lelouch Lamperouge, became furious with other students for calling him such a word.

"Crap, I have to go to work..." Suzaku looked at his watch and frowned.

"Please be careful?" Lelouch smiled at him and fixed the collar on his jacket before kissing him lightly.

Suzaku kissed his friend back and hugged him tightly. "I will! Besides, they only call me in for real emergencies anyways...And that's not often. Today I'm just helping Lloyd repair some things on the Lancelot." he dashed off and waved at Lelouch who was left standing there.

"Bye.." he gathered his things and walked to his dorm, head hanging low as the wind blew through his raven hair. "Hey, Rivalz." Lelouch placed his books on the desk by his bed and flopped down, sighing.

"Hey! Where'd Suzaku go? I thought he was going to come over tonight and play some poker with us." Rivalz was busy pulling his shoes off and undoing his school uniform. The two shared a dorm and it irritated Lelouch beyond belief. He liked his friends, but something about sharing a room with them was just too much for him to handle.

"He got called into work this afternoon to help his strange boss with some things..." he closed his eyes and rested his arm across his stomach.

"Oh that sucks...Maybe I'll see if Milly want's to go catch a movie..." Rivalz picked up his phone and searched for the blonde's number.

Lelouch chuckled slightly and rolled onto his side to face the wall. "Good luck with that..."

Before Lelouch knew what was going on, the sky was pitch black outside and the time had suddenly turned to eleven at night.

"Lulu!" said boy felt a set of strong hands shake his small body. "Hey wake up!" he turned to see a brown haired boy smiling at him. "Wanna go do something?"

Lelouch sat up and rubbed his eyes, yawning. "What the hell are you doing here? It's...really late." he stood up and stretched, noticing that his clothes were wrinkled. "Great..."

"Come on! Please?" Suzaku bounced and grinned like a little puppy waiting for a walk.

"What did you want to do?" Lelouch removed his jacket and white school shirt before pulling on something more casual and warm.

Suzaku's eyes trailed Lelouch's small back as he slowly slipped a sweater on. "Huh? Oh! Well maybe...Maybe you and I could just go for a walk in the park...Then you can come sleep over!" he giggled and grabbed the boy by his waist, swinging him around. Lelouch screamed at the sudden contact and flailed his arms and legs.

"Let go, let go!" he pouted as Suzaku swung him out the door. "I'm serious!" he was soon carried bridal style around some buildings and across the campus.

"Well someone needs to help you over the gate!" Suzaku set his older, yet smaller, friend down and linked his fingers for him to step onto. "Up you go!"

Lelouch sighed and was thrust basically over the fence that surrounded the campus. He landed with a soft "thud" on the grass below.

"Ow!" he grumbled and watched Suzaku jump up and swing over the fence, landing on his feet.

"Are you alright?" Suzaku helped him up and received a kiss. "I take that as a yes?"

"Yep." Lelouch brushed himself off and walked away. "Which park?"

"Doesn't matter.." Suzaku's heart was racing as he thought of the many kisses Lelouch gave him everyday for no apparent reason. He couldn't take his eyes off the small swing in Lelouch's hips as he walked. "Lulu?" Suzaku ran to catch up.

"Hm?" he didn't turn to look at the boy beside him.

"May I hold your hand?"

"Why...?" Lelouch stopped and raised an eyebrow. "Are you okay? Do you not feel well?" his hand shot to Suzaku's forehead and cheeks.

"N-no I just...I just want to hold your hand, you know?" he gently gripped the pale hand that was resting on his cheek. "Your fingers are freezing."

"It's very cold out..." Lelouch looked at how their hands fit together perfectly and smiled.

The next day in class, both boys were totally distracted, not paying attention to the teachers lesson or any of their friends that were trying desperately to talk with them.

"I have a test next class.." Lelouch wrapped his arms around Suzaku's neck and kissed him deeply. "Wish me luck!" he waved and walked away, leaving Suzaku blushing and smiling like a fool.

"Okay so I must know...Why do you two kiss so much? Are you dating?" Milly Ashford, the student council president, walked over and grinned at the blushing Japanese boy.

"I..well, we're not dating...Honestly I don't know why he kisses me.. Not that I don't like it or anything."

"Obviously." she smiled and shot her gaze down at Suzaku's groin then back up at him. "You really don't know why he kisses you? Does he like you and is trying to get your attention or something? I wish I knew..." Milly smiled again and leaned on the wall next to Suzaku.

"Well..Let me think..." he turned his eyes to the ceiling and thought for a second. "Oh! Well...I remember one day when we were little... We kissed in a strawberry patch..Some kids smashed the fruit Lelouch had picked and I took him to get more and well we smiled at each other while sitting there picking fruit and our lips just met and...we liked it."

"So that gives reason for him to kiss you all the time without putting out..?" she laughed and began walking away. "There has to be more to it!"

"Maybe...I just wish I could remember..." Suzaku frowned at the buzzing noise coming from his cellphone and answered it quickly. "Hello?"

"Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Want to hang out again? I'm getting annoyed with Rivalz and … well I thought maybe we could stay the night together again." he smiled at the cute voice of his best friend and chuckled slightly.

"I'm free, meet me after class outside of the school."

"Cool...I'll see you then." the raven haired boy hung up the phone and placed it in his pocket.

"Lelouch!" Milly stomped her foot and frowned, folding her arms. "Where are you going? I have things for you to do here and-"

"I have a previous engagement, Milly. I'll get to it tomorrow. If not, then make Nina do it." Lelouch grabbed his bag and ran from the student council room. "See you tomorrow!"

"Lelouch!" she groaned and slapped the papers down on the table. "I swear that boy...I'm going to make him wear another dress or something..." she walked over to the window, only to see Suzaku embrace said boy and receive a kiss in return. "I guess it's for the best though.." she smiled at the two friends and watched them walk off together.

"So what do you have planned for us?" Lelouch shoved at his friend and ran away.

"Come back here!" Suzaku laughed and chased the boy down a hill that led to a valley. "Gotcha!" Suzaku tackled Lelouch lightly to the ground, causing them to roll the rest of the way into a large field that had small patches of snow.

Lelouch was in giggle fits along with Suzaku. It had been a long time since Lelouch could laugh freely and mess around with a friend, and if anyone could make him laugh, it was Suzaku.

"You've got grass in your hair." Suzaku reached over and plucked the dead grass from his hair. "And we're laying in mud..." he laughed and pulled Lelouch close to him.

"Yuck...I suppose we didn't think this through?" he sighed and looked up to see gray clouds coming together. "I think it's going to snow."

"Neato." Suzaku smiled and started kissing Lelouch softly as they laid in the damp grass and mud.

Lelouch's slender fingers tangled in Suzaku's hair as they pulled closer, deepening their kiss.

"What are you doing?" Lelouch whispered as Suzaku began kissing his neck and unbuttoning his shirt.

"I'm so hard..." he pulled away and looked at Lelouch with a blush spread across his face. "It hurts."

"I suppose you need to fix it then?" Lelouch pushed Suzaku over and mounted him, kissing his neck while undoing his own pants. "It's freezing out here though."

"Only a little." Suzaku smiled and pressed their lips together. "What did you want to do?"

"Aren't I the one that should be asking that considering the situation?" he looked down at the large bulge in Suzaku's pants.

"This is twice today you've made me excited." he blushed and turned away.

"Twice? Oh.." he undid Suzaku's pants and removed his growth, gently massaging it. "Is this right?" Lelouch's wrist jerked and caused Suzaku to moan loudly.

"Ah!" he watched Lelouch struggle with his own pants but finally remove them.

"If I catch a cold I'm never going to forgive you." Lelouch smiled and rolled off Suzaku, making himself comfortable.

"You're joking..." Suzaku gaped at the view of Lelouch spreading his legs.

"I want to know what it feels like..." he sucked on two of his fingers and placed them between his legs, slowly fingering himself. "I've touched myself here a lot..But I've never had sex."

"Will you suck me then? I can't fuck you like this..." he crawled up to Lelouch who gladly took the length into his mouth, coating it generously with saliva. "Oh, Lelouch..."

"H-hurry...I'm f-f-reezing..." Lelouch began shaking and held tightly onto Suzaku's back while they positioned themselves.

"Okay...Here I go." he smiled and slowly entered Lelouch. "It's so hot..." he bit his lip and tried not to thrust his hips.

"Ah!" Lelouch gasped and held tighter onto Suzaku's back.

Suzaku's hips snapped forward and he released a loud moan. "Oh Lulu!" he gasped and began thrusting whether his friend liked it or not.

"Nng..." Lelouch clenched around him and cursed the fabric that was brushing against him. He needed skin to skin, but also didn't want to get any colder by removing all of his clothes.

"It's so tight..." Suzaku kissed Lelouch deeply and held onto his small hips.

"Faster!" Lelouch gasped and began screaming loudly as his prostate was hit. "Right there!"

"You want it?" Suzaku smiled and kissed Lelouch's neck. "I'll fuck you as much as you want."

"Fuck me more!" his hips bucked against Suzaku's as they continued and tried to suppress their orgasms as long as they could.

"I'm coming." Suzaku buried his face in Lelouch's neck again, inhaling the sent of his hair and skin.

"No...No..." Lelouch ran his hands up and down Suzaku's back, wishing the feeling would never end. "Oh!" he gasped at the sudden feeling of Suzaku's come shooting into him.

Suzaku groaned and dug his nails into Lelouch's slender hips as he continued to pound inside of him.

"More!" Lelouch could no longer move, his low stamina finally catching up to him. He let out a final scream and moan, arching his back as he came.

"Holy shit..." Suzaku rolled over, feeling a cool breeze brush through their hair. They were oddly quiet for several minutes until Suzaku turned and looked at his best friend. "Did we just have sex...?"

"Uh-huh..." Lelouch shivered as he continued to try and wait for his orgasm to die down.

"That was better than any orgasm I've had on my own." Suzaku sat up and put his pants back together while trying to dress Lelouch's lower half.

"Carry me back..." Lelouch looked up at Suzaku as snow started to fall and stick to his messy hair. "I need a bath." he frowned and snuggled into the warmth of Suzaku's chest as he was carried up the steep hill.

Lelouch fell asleep and was gently placed on the couch in Suzaku's bedroom while he ran a bath for his young prince. Suzaku caressed the hair on his head and smiled. "What's this mean for us...?" he whispered and sighed to himself.

"Hmm?" Lelouch rubbed his eyes and wrapped his arms around his knight's neck. "I'm all dirty..."

"I know, I ran a bath for you. Let's go." he stood up and helped Lelouch to the bathroom.

"I got it.." he shut the door and cleaned up in the tub.

Suzaku undressed himself and sat on his bed, waiting for Lelouch to finish up so he could shower. He began humming a random tune and looked out the window at the many snow flakes that fell. He began to think back to when the boys were younger, playing together in the snow.

"Hey..I'm done." Lelouch sat on the bed and finished drying his hair. "Do you have anything to eat around here?"

"Yeah, just don't ask Cecile. She can't cook." Suzaku jumped up and walked to the bathroom.

Lelouch trailed his fingers down his body and sighed. "Why did I ever do something like that...?" he pulled on a nearby robe and walked to the kitchen, finding some food before heading back to bed with Suzaku.

Suzaku held his sleeping friend as close as he could to keep them both warm that night. Lelouch was in a deep sleep, much deeper than Suzaku had ever seen him in before. Most likely due to the fact that Lelouch had just had the biggest work out of his life.

"Mm.." Lelouch frowned in his sleep, almost as if he were in pain. "N...o..." he rolled over and frowned.

"Lulu?" Suzaku shook him gently.

"Hm...?" he rubbed his eyes and sat up, looking at Suzaku.

"Let's make love." Suzaku smiled and pushed Lelouch over.

"I don't want to...I'm tired."

"Come on..."

"Don't touch me."

Suzaku pouted and nuzzled against Lelouch's neck. "Please? I really like it when you let me touch you..."

"Fine..." Lelouch turned over and shoved Suzaku into the pillows. "But you do as I say." he ground his bare hips against Suzaku's and soon caused them both to become hard.

Suzaku moaned as his friend slowly lowered himself onto his erection. He rocked his hips fast against Suzaku's and moaned loudly. Lelouch bounced up and down as Suzaku played with his body.

"Harder, Lulu." Suzaku rubbed his hips and ran his thumbs across his nipples.

Lelouch bounced harder and moaned louder. "Oh fuck me!"

Suzaku bucked his hips up and down, slamming against the small boy that was vigorously riding him. Suzaku sat up a bit and watched his lover get off by himself.

"Ah! Ah!" Lelouch screamed and picked up his pace. Suzaku could tell he was getting tired, but was fighting it with all he had. "This feels so good!" he groaned and held onto Suzaku's shoulders.

"Fuck that cock, Lulu." Suzaku's hands helped Lelouch bounce faster and harder.

The older boy moaned loudly and ripped his nails into Suzaku's back. "I'm coming!"

"Go ahead." Suzaku smiled and watched as Lelouch touched himself.

The raven haired boy wrapped his arms tightly around his friend, grinding down on him as hard as he could, rubbing his erection against Suzaku's stomach. His body shook and he tightened around Suzaku's length, coming hard.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku tossed the boy down and thrust deeply inside of him. "You're so hot.." Suzaku groaned and rolled Lelouch onto his stomach. "Is this okay?" he began pounding into him from behind.

Lelouch screamed and moaned as Suzaku held onto his hips. "Fuck!" tears fell from his eyes. "Faster!"

"I'm gonna fuck you all night..." Suzaku sat him up kept going while they were standing.

"Ow! It hurts!" Lelouch cried and as they kept going at it. "Not like this!" he tried pushing Suzaku away.

"Then tell me how you want me to fuck you." Suzaku kept his hips moving and smiled. "Because if you don't then I'm not stopping."

"L-lay me down!" he gasped as Suzaku spun him around, tossed him onto the bed and slammed back inside of him. "Ah!" he screamed loudly, scratching at his back. "I'm going to come again!"

Suzaku grabbed Lelouch's wrists and held them firmly above his head as he kept thrusting into him. "Scream my name." Suzaku grinned and jerked his hips the right way, hitting against Lelouch's prostate.

"Suzaku!" he screamed and arched his back. He continued to scream his friends name over and over until he reached another orgasm. "No more..." he whined as Suzaku kept violently pounding him.

"Almost..." he kissed him deeply before working down to his neck. "Almost there, Lulu." he rolled his hips and groaned, coming inside of Lelouch. The prince let out a scream and laid under his friend, whining while he kept thrusting slowly.

"Stop..." he closed his eyes and began falling asleep.

"S-sorry Lulu!" Suzaku blushed and embraced his friend. "I guess I get too excited..." he laid down, holding onto the boy he loved.

"I'm not going to school...in the morning." he nuzzled against Suzaku. "My ass is sore.."

Suzaku smiled and caressed the boy in his arms. "Okay, Lulu..."