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At the turf of the Russian Mafia in the day time in Texas. There is present Larry Levine a crime kingpin in Texas. Also there is Russian Mafioso Leonid Yukilv and his thugs. Leonid Yukilv pulls out supplies of ecstasy. Levine: "We have an international crime ring being investigated by our FBI. This is my American crime syndicate." Leonid: "I got my supplies here smuggled in from California. Every law enforcement is investigating you." Levine: "2 decades ago Cullen Crisp and his mother ran a drug dealing ring but Cullen Crisp was killed by John Kimble and his mother Eleanor died of heart failure a few years ago. John Kimble is retired from the police who posed as a Kindergarten teacher 2 decades ago." Levine: "I am leaving here. I have meeting ups with 3 gang leaders in this neighborhood. The Texas Rangers could be going after you." He shows it to Larry Levine. Larry Levine departs to the Russian Mafia turf.

At Texas Ranger headquarters in the day time. There is Jack Archer present. Also present is Texas Ranger Captain McDonough. There are some other rangers present. Captain McDonough: "We have an American drug ring being investigated by the FBI. The Russian Mafia is also involved. We could team with the DEA. We have some street gangs here. The high school in Dallas is where a youth gang leader is attending. Let's nail the Russian Mafia." Jack: "I could pose as a teacher in the school. I have 4 years of college with a master's degree. I am divorced and have 2 kids." Captain McDonough: "I will then assign you Ranger Archer. Let's nail those Russian mobsters." The Texas Rangers depart for the Russian Mafia turf.

At the quarters to Larry Levine. There is Larry Levine present along with some gang leaders. 1 is the leader of a Hispanic gang named Juan Chavez. The other is the leader of an African gang named Buster Wallace. Also present is youth gang leader Jason Jefferson. There are some thugs in league with Larry Levine present as well. Levine: "I know that 3 of you run the street gangs working for me. I also have a motorcycle gang supplying my products in California." Jason Jefferson: "I'll soon drop out of school. I could deal in the school." Larry Levine: "We also have the Texas Rangers on us. The FBI is butting in on our business nationwide." Larry Levine pulls out supplies of narcotics. He shows them to those gang leaders. Levine: "This is what we sell and make lots of money."

Outside of Texas Ranger headquarters. There is Captain McDonough with Jack Archer. Jack Archer gets into his car as does Captain McDonough. They drive off to the turf of the Russian Mafia.

At the Russian Mafia turf. A SWAT team of the Dallas Police in a van appears. Captain McDonough and Jack Archer show up in their cars. The SWAT team comes out armed as do Captain McDonough and Jack Archer. Captain McDonough: "I was a cop here years ago. Let's nail them." They burst into the place.

Inside of the Russian Mafia turf. There is Leonid with the Russian mobsters. Jack Archer with his captain and the local police SWAT team burst in. Those Russian mobsters go for their guns. Jack: "Texas Rangers. You are all under arrest. If you do it Yukilv I will shoot you." Jack Archer goes over to Leonid Yukilv with his gun aimed at him. Leonid: "I will be out soon. I won't give up this kingpin." Those Russian mobsters throw their guns aside. They all put their hands up. Captain McDonough finds supplies of ecstasy. Captain McDonough: "I found their supplies."

In California at the turf of a motorcycle gang. There is the biker gang leader Greg Matheson present with other outlaw bikers. They have supplies of cocaine with them. Greg Matheson: "We have Mr. Levine in Texas right now. I know that John Kimble is retired from our local police here as is Captain Salazar. John Kimble was on the Cullen Crisp case."

Outside of the biker gang turf. There is Agent Steve Rosenberg of the DEA present. Also present is his boss Sean Richards along with other agents for the DEA. Richards: "I could give you Steve another assignment. I'll send you to Texas after we nail this biker gang. I talked to Texas Ranger Captain McDonough to get one of you with the Texas Rangers in the school. There's a youth gang there supplying other kids illegal drugs." Steve: "If we survive this I'll do it. I did the assignment in New Jersey half a decade ago." Steve Rosenberg with the other agents for the DEA and Sean Richards pull out their guns. Richards: "Let's do it." They burst into the place.

Back to the inside of the biker gang turf. There is Greg Matheson and his gang getting onto their motorcycles. The DEA bursts into the place. Steve Rosenberg and all those agents aim their guns at outlaw bikers and their leader. Steve: "DEA. You are all under arrest." Richardson: "Hold it right there." They all come off of the bikes with hands up. Greg Matheson: "You got us."

Later on outside. There are prison transports for the motorcycle gang. Also present are Sean Richards and Steve Rosenberg. They are talking. Steve: "I'll do it. I was a local cop before joining the DEA. I remember John Kimble as my veteran officer. I'll go."