Me: Tatatorterra showing up! Today we're gonna have pure AAML!

Ash and Misty (with deep red faces): ...

Dawn: Aw... How romantic!

Brock: Even you, Tatatorterra! SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME A GIRLFRIEND!

Me: Don't freak out, your time will come someday!

Dawn: Let the story begin, I'm curious!

Brock: ...


Chapter 1: Ash's Discovery

Sinnoh region. Our heroes just arrived at a Pokémon Center, and, as always, are greeted by Nurse Joy.

"Good morning, how can I help you?"

"Nurse Joy, could you take care of our Pokémon?" Ash barely answered just before being pushed away by Brock, who holds Joy's hands with his own.

"But first please take care of this poor heart which is needy of love, my morning star!"

Suddenly, a loud "CROAGUNK!" is heard, quickly followed by a Poison Jab.

"Maybe... Later..." Brock manages to groan as he is dragged by Croagunk.

"Oh my God! Is he alright?" The caring nurse asks the group.

"Let's say that this happens quite often..." Dawn easily answers.

They decided that would spend the night there, since it has been some time since they last slept in actual beds. After having lunch, the group moves to their rooms to store their things.

"How about we go for a quick walk around here?" Dawn suggests "We need to buy some stuff and relax a bit!"

"Great, I'm in!" Brock quickly agrees with the idea "How about you, Ash?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass. I'm gonna stay here and rest for a while." Ash lays down on one of the beds. Dawn gets quite suspicious.

"Yeah, sure... Let's get going, Brock!"

"Okay. See ya later, Ash!"

"Seeya. Don't get in trouble!"

"No problem!" Dawn and Brock answer at the same time, teasing him.

"Great, now I'm really worried."

Ash seemed thoughtful. After some minutes he gets up, checks the door and makes sure he's alone.

"Well, looks like they've left..." Returning to his bed, he sits on the edge and grabs his backpack that was lying on the floor. He opens it and once again checks his surroundings, before searching through his stuff.

"Found you." Finnaly, he picks something that has become most precious treasure, the gift that has been given by his best friend, the one that became his lucky amulet: the Mini-Misty bait.

He gently holds the small object and stares at it fondly.


"Pikapi?" Suddenly, Ash notices the two black-tipped yellow ears in front of him. It was Pikachu looking at him with a curious face.

"WAHH! Pikachu, don't scare me like that!" As the young trainer tries to recover from the shock, he notices a sly smile on his friend's face.

"Wh-what's so funny?"

"Pi." Pikachu points at Ash's hand. He was still holding the Mini-Misty. "Pikapi pikachu pikachupi." ("You were thinking of Misty.") Ash blushes intensely.

"That isn't what you're thinking! I was just a bit nostalgic, okay?"

"Chu..." ("Uh-huh, sure.") Ash gets serious and stares at the ground.

"I don't know, I just suddenly started thinking of her..." Pikachu climbs the bed and sits beside his trainer. Despite the jokes, he knew what Ash was feeling.

"Pikachu pika.." ("Yeah, me too..") Ash looks out of the window.

"... I wonder what she's doing now..."

- Cerulean City –

"Gyarados, use the Hyper Beam!"

"GYAAAAAH!" The monstrous Pokémon fires a huge blast of energy towards the enemy Pokémon, which gets knocked out instantly.

"Loudred, no!" The poor kid runs towards his Pokémon,

"Loudred can't fight anymore! The victory and the match go to Gyarados and Misty!" Announces Tracy.

"Good job, Gyarados!" The trainer pats her huge Pokémon.

"Gyaaaah!" Gyarados roars happily.

- Back to Sinnoh –

"Check this out, Pikachu!" Ash holds Mini-Misty on its feet and starts imitating her voice with a falsetto.

"Ash Ketchum! Thanks to you, we are lost again!"

Pikachu starts laughing.

- Cerulean City –

A red-haired girl sneezes loudly.

"Bless you, Misty." Tracy looks worried "Have you caught a cold?"

"I bet someone's gossiping about her," Daisy doesn't miss the opportunity to tease her sister.

- Back to Sinnoh –

"Ash, you are nothing but a dumbass! If you want to win, you must train seriously, Mr. Pokémon Master!" Ash chuckles and answers with his own voice "Hahahah, I know, Mist, I know!" Looking at the laughing Pikachu, he says "No, wait, I would probably answer like this..." Moving his eyes back to "her", he says "Oh yeah? But I never see you training your Pokémon for real!"

"I'm not the one who plays the Pokémon Master around! Besides, I know what I'm doing, unlike a certain someone!"

Tears appear in the corner of Pikachu's eyes as he laughs wildly.

"Wait, wait, this one's classic!" Ash takes a deep breath "And don't you forget that you still owe me a bike!"

The eletric Pokémon was still laughing as Ash stopped to think for a while.

"Pikachu, technically, I still owe her a bike, right?"

"Pi?" ("What do you mean?")

"I didn't pay anything, it was Viridian's Joy who fixed it, don't you remember?"

"Pikachu... Pikachu pika?" ("Yeah, true… Now what?") The young trainer scratches the back of his head.

"If she doesn't talk about it anymore I'll stay quiet, then!" Once again, Ash Ketchum skips his responsibilities.


"But..." Ash looks down again "If she remembers, she might come back and travel with us again..." Pikachu notices some sadness in his trainer's voice.

"Pikapi pikachupika Pikachupi, pika?" ("You really miss her, right?")

Ash nods.

"Pikapi... Pikakachupi chu pikachupi?" ("Ash... What do you really feel for her?")

What do I really feel for Misty?

"...I don't know..."

"Pikachuka Pikachupi?" ("Do you want to talk to her?")


"Kapikachu Pikachupi?" ("Do you want to be close to her?")

"Yeah." He stares at Mini-Misty once again.

"Pika Pikachupi pi?" ("Do you think she's pretty?")

"Erm... Yeah."

"Pika pikachupikachu Pikachupi?" ("Have you ever wanted to hold her hands?")


"Kachu?" ("And hug her?")

"Maybe..." Ash turns to Pikachu "Anyway, what is your point, Pikachu?"

"Pikapi pika pikachupi." ("You like her.")

I like...?

"Pi, Pikapi pikachu pika Pikachupi." ("I mean, you really like her.")

Feeling like he just found the last piece of a jigsaw, Ash finally realized he didn't think of Misty as a simple friend anymore. He had feelings for her. Feelings that he never felt for anyone else.

I like her.

I want to listen to her voice and look into her eyes.

Hold her hands and hug her.

Feel her close to me.


"Pika pikachu Pikachupi." ("You must talk to her.")

"Should I make a phone call?"

"Ka." ("Personally.")

"But, Pikachu, what if she-"

"Pika pikachu Pikachupi. Pika!" ("You must talk to her personally. Period!")

Ash thinks in silence for a while. Moments later, he stands up and looks at Pikachu with confidence.

"As soon as Pokémon League is over, I'm headed to Cerulean!"

"Pikachu!" ("Yeah!")

"It's settled, then!"

"What is settled, Ash?" Dawn enters the room followed by Piplup and Croagunk, who were carrying a knocked-out Brock.

"You're back already?"

"Why are you so excited?" Brock asks, starting to recover from the Poison Jab.

"Nothing important."

"You didn't answer me, Ash! What's settled?"

"It's stuff between me and Pikachu, right, buddy?"

"Pikachu!" ("Yeah!")

"Tell me!" Dawn wouldn't give up so easily.

"Geez, you're so curious, Dawn. It's about training, alright?" Ash turns to Pikachu "Let's go, Pikachu. We have to train hard!"


Ash and Pikachu leave the room, leaving Dawn, Brock, Piplup and Croagunk behind.

"Did you understand anything, Brock?

"I'm just as confused as you."

"Pip." ("Me too.").

Me: There, I'm done.

Misty (blushing furiously): ...

Ash (just as red): ...


Pikachu: Pikachu? Pikaka? Pi? Pika! (Critics? Suggestions? Praise? Review!)