Me: Tatatorterra showing up! Let's party!

Prof. Oak: This occasion deserves a poem!

Gary: Not now, grandpa...

Zoe: Tatatorterra doesn't own Pokémon!

Max: Let the party begin! I mean the story...


- Their Own Duties

League dormitory, next day, 8 in the morning.

After-party balance: Passed-out people and Pokémon everywhere...

Making it simple: Besides the food, the music and karaoke, Prof. Birch brought some bottles of champagne. "A small sip won't hurt, we are celebrating!" he said. Small sip after small sip, everyone was a bit too high, Pokémon included. However, two people were missing...

In a small square not far away from there, Ash and Misty sat on a bench. Well, at least Misty was sitting. Ash's head was lying on her lap, breathing deeply. The couple sneaked out of the party before it became too chaotic. She stroked his hair, watching his face, a peaceful expression in his face.


Misty and Ash were walking around, the boy talking about his adventures in Sinnoh, and she told him about her gym battles. They end up finding a bench and decide do sit down.

"Wow! Did you really see a Palkia?" The redhead couldn't believe her friend saw such a rare water-type Pokémon.

"Dialga, Giratina and Arceus as well."

"Wow... Can't you get any luckier?"

"I know, right..." Ash scratches his head. "But you have been pretty busy as well! Undefeated for six months?"

"I know, right?" Both laugh out loud.

"I missed you, Mist." Misty blushes lightly, glad she was that important to him.

"I missed you too." Now Ash is the one to blush. They smile at each other, closer than ever before. She looks up at the stars.

She's beautiful.

"Misty." He looks her in the eye "Thanks for coming."


"If you hadn't yelled at me that time, maybe the result of that battle would be different."

"No, Ash. You are a great trainer and raised wonderful Pokémon... You would've won either way."


"Really." She kisses his cheek lightly. Ash is surprised, blushing deeply, since he didn't expect that reaction from her. And that makes him really, really happy. Instinctively, Ash holds her hand in his own.

"Thanks." Now Misty is the one to be startled.

Since when Ash is so sweet?

Realizing what he just did, Ash lets go of her hand and stares at the ground timidly.

"Sorry..." His awkwardness makes Misty smile.

"It's all right." He stares her in the eye.

It's now or never!

"Mist, I wanted to tell you thaaaaa..." He yawns. Misty notices that her best friend is just barely awake. No wonder, it's been a pretty busy day, to say the least. She decides to do something about it.

"Come over here." Misty rests his head on her lap gently. Ash is beet-red and speechless. When he tries to speak, she presses her finger against his lips.

"Shh... Rest up a bit, you deserve it."

"Okay..." Ash is asleep not long after his eyes close.

Flashback end

Ash wakes up. He notices that his head was still on Mist's lap. And that the sun was shining in the sky. He slowly gets up.

"What time is it?..."

"Around 7:30 or 8:00am."

"Don't tell me you haven't slept until now?" – asks the trainer, feeling regret. But Misty soothes him.

"I had a quick nap not too long ago."

"Sorry for renting your lap for such a long time..." As always, Ash scratches the back of his head when he feels embarrassed.

"I don't mind it... Not if it's you." Ash's heart started racing as he heard these words, blushing once again. He was ready for anything but that.

"Mist...?" She gracefully gets up.

"I think we should head back."

Ash stares at her for a few seconds, surprised. Eventually, he realizes what he has been doing and quickly comes back to his senses.

"Yes, let's go."

Suddenly, someone calls him.

"Ash." The young trainer instinctively turns around and is surprised once again as he almost bumps into Mewtwo. The powerful psychic Pokémon stood tall, wearing some kind of hooded cape.

"Mewtwo? What are you doing here?"

"I came to congratulate you on your victory, Ash." Ash is touched, he never imagined even the unique psychic Pokémon watched his victory.

"Thanks." Mewtwo slowly floats in the air.

"Someday, when you become stronger, I want to battle against you, Ash. When this day comes, we shall meet again."

"You're on!" After a quick glance at the couple, Mewtwo disappears using Teleport.

Some minutes of walking later, they spot a sleeping Torterra, belly-up. Gyarados and Charizard were asleep next to an empty bottle, Piplup and Kenny's Empoleon passed out as if they've been battling, and lastly Kenny and Dawn sleeping on the lawn.

"Looks like the party was wild..." Misty laughs lightly, having a bad feeling about how everyone might be.

"If things are like this on the outside..." Looks like Ash had the very same feeling.

Once inside the house, it seemed like a hurricane just passed by. In the living room, Prof. Birch was lying down on the stairs. Croagunk and Brock next to the window, Tracy passed out on the couch, Max and James sleeping on the carpet, Meowth, Pachirisu, Happiny and Staraptor looked like a trail that lead to the kitchen. Speaking of the kitchen, Prof. Oak slept on the table, a poetry book stuck in his face, Delia sleeping on a chair, Tyson and Jessie sitting against the fridge (and apparently having nightmares about food), Buizel and Infernape next to the back door, which led to the garden. Mamoswine, Metagross, Roserade, Blaziken and a bunch of other Pokémon were all in a similar state. Back inside, May and Drew slept on the stairs that led to the top floor. By the hallway, Barry and his Heracross, Gary and Ritchie were out as a candle.

They go to their own rooms. Misty finds Zoe sleeping in one of the beds, and Morrison somehow lying on a tree branch outside. In Ash's room, Nando was fallen by the doorway, and Prof. Rowan slept on a bed, wearing earplugs (he was probably the only one that really slept that night).

Ash slowly approaches his bed and sees Pikachu. Despite Ash's silent steps, Pikachu wakes up anyway.


"Morning, buddy..."

"Pikaka..." ("Speak more softly...")

"Oh, sorry."

"Pikapi pika pikachu?" ("So, did you talk to her?") – Ash's face goes white.

"What her?"

"Pikachupi, pikachu. Pikapi Pikachupi pikachu pika..." ("Misty, of course. You and her disappeared from the party...")

", no..."

"Pikachu... Pika?" ("I can't believe this… Really?")

"I couldn't, okay?" Ash lets out "I tried, but it was stuck in my throat. It's easier to beat Paul ten times than telling her how I feel!"

"Pi pika pikachu?" ("So nothing happened?")

"Well..." Ash tells what happened.

"Pikachu." ("That's better.") Pikachu stares at his trainer, his eyes dead serious. "Pika Pikapi pikachu pi pika pikachupika Pikachupi pi! Pikachuka pika Pikapi Pika-Pikachupi!" ("Don't forget that she'll be gone soon and you might not have another chance! I don't want to see you ranting while gazing at the Mini-Misty!")

"Right back at you! Dawn will soon leave too and you'll never see Buneary again!" Now it's Pikachu's turn to go white.

"Pika pika! Chu pikachu pi Pikapi pika Pikachupi!" ("That's a low blow! I'm only talking to her if you talk to Misty first!")

"You're on! Tonight, right after Pokémon League ending ceremony!"

"Pika!" ("Yeah!") After that sudden burst of confidence, both look down, suddenly discouraged.

"We're screwed..."

"Pi..." ("Yup...")

As time passes, everyone starts to slowly wake up and recover from the party. Birch swears to Rowan that he'll never bring alcohol again. Most of the people vaguely remember what happened. Team Rocket disappears as quickly as possible.

Eventually, Lucian, the leader of Elite Four, shows up. Tracy opens the door.

"Good afternoon. Is Ash here?"

"Just a minute... HEY ASH! WE HAVE A VISIT!- oww, my head..." Ash quickly gets to the door to see who it was.

"Lucian! Long time no see!"

"It's been some time since our last meeting."

"What brings you here?"

"You might know what this is about. I have come here to personally invite you to face the Elite Four."


"Yes indeed. The battle is in two months from now."

"Two months?"

"Cynthia, the current champion, is travelling through Johto and will only be back to Sinnoh in one month and a half. Either way, you will need time to rest your Pokémon and prepare them for battle."

"I see... So, see you in two months!"

"See you."

To be continued...

Me: What a party...

Everyone (wasted): Yeah...

Me: Critique? Praise? Suggestions? Comment... (Tatatorterra is fast asleep...)