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I looked around at the damage I had created. Bella lay unconscious on the floor. Her parents had thrown her aside when she tried to intervene. They had attempted to "tame" me. They wanted me gone. My own parents had attempted to kill me off because they deemed me unworthy of Bella's friendship and their hospitality.

I looked around the living room from where I sat on the couch. Blood trickled down the walls, mangled bodies piled up in the corner, and beautiful Bella lying in the midst of it all. I flinched inwardly. How would she react when she saw this? Would she freak out? I wouldn't be able to handle it if she did… Bella stirred; I panicked. I couldn't keep her in my life, no matter how much I wanted to. At least, I couldn't at the moment. She wouldn't want to live a life on the run. I mean seriously? I had just killed four people.

I went stiff when she blinked her eyes open. Shadow licked her nose and sat next to her head, staring up at me, as if telling me that what I had decided was the right choice. I looked away from him, not wanting to do it, but I knew I had to.

"Edward," her voice quivered in fear and I squeezed my eyes shut tight.

I turned back to look at her, making sure my eyes showed no emotion. I watched her eyes widen.

"Leave," I managed to get out without portraying my real emotions.

Her body went still.

"Edward," She asked again, her voice cracked with unshed tears.

"I despise you now," I shouted, looking away from her, "Get out of my sight! I hate you."

I could hear her crying and it took everything in me to not turn to her and apologize.

"Take Shadow," I whispered, not wanting to display my pain to her.

I knew I wouldn't be able to take care of him while I was gone. I looked back at her to see her back facing me.

"Go to Cullen Academy in Forks, Bella. They'll take care of you."

She looked back at me for about a second, before nodding and leaving.

That was the last time I saw her.

It had been 2554 days, 17 hours, 45 minutes, and 22 seconds since I had last seen her. (A/N: For those who don't want to do the math, this is a day before they separated 7 years ago.) I was currently residing in Portland, Oregon. I knew I was less than a state away from her; I was 187 miles away, to be exact. You could probably say I was obsessive, but I loved her. I just couldn't forget about her. I would go back for her, and the time to do so would be soon. She would be 17 in a day and I would be able to make her mine. (A/N: THAT SOUNDS SO WRONG!)

I couldn't contain my need to see her again, so I went to Forks. It took me 4 hours and 31 minutes exactly to get to Forks Academy. (A/N: Takes that long to get to Forks from Portland ;D I googled it.)

I looked around the school grounds, hiding at the edge of the trees that surrounded the school, until I heard that familiar laugh reach my ears. I looked over my shoulder to see Bella walking out of a building, talking with a short girl with spiky black hair. She was breathtaking. Her hair was about mid-waist and was the beautiful red/brown hair I remembered it to be. Her smiling face left my breathless and I felt as if I could stare at her for ages. It took everything in me to not just reach out and hold her close when she walked past me.

I sighed when she rounded the corner, shoved my hands into my pockets, and walked around in search of the headmaster's building. It was time to have a long awaited talk with my only Uncle.

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