*This is my first story so please bear with me*



Eli's POV

I never thought that anything like this would ever happen, especially not with him, especially not this way ether. You're probably wondering what I'm talking about right no. So here it is.

Adam had invited me over to his place for the weekend to celebrate my new found bachelor-ism. I', since there mother was away for the weekend. For some School board meeting thingy or what ever. I'm guessing that since Claire and I broke up that he's kind of happy that he and I get to spend more guy time together

So I drove over to his house, when I got there I knocked on the door. "Who is it", a familiar voice said, "its Eli", I replied. I waited a few seconds and heard the jingling of locks, and then the door opened. Drew was standing there smiling. "Hey, what are you doing here", he asked. "Adam invited me over to spend the week end with him". "Oh ok", he replied as I walked through the door. I headed up the steps into Adam's room.

"Hey Man!" I said and I walked into Adam's room. "Hey Eli…. I'm actually about to run out to block buster to get some movies and stuff ,so I'll be back in like an hour or so, are you ok with staying here until I get back?" "Yea Man sure" I replied. "Alright man" he said, um there is some pizza in the fridge and if you need anything else just ask Drew", he replied as he walked down the stairs.

About 15minutes passed, I had gotten tired of looking thru Adams old photos. I was kind of bored too. I went down stairs and got a drink, and then I had to piss soooo bad. I ran back up the stairs in search of the restroom. I opened the first door that I found. However, it wasn't the bathroom it was Drew's room.
I stood there in awe over what I was seeing. Laying there on his bed was Drew, jerking off. "Yes…oh…yes…fuck yea", Drew moaned. (Apparently, since his eyes were he didn't notice that I was standing there) I felt my member slowly rising at the sight of this. I don't know what came over me. I have never, in my life, felt this way about another guy before. I never before this moment noticed Drew's beautiful, tan skin. Or his AMAZING toned chiseled body.

Suddenly Drew's eyes opened any he looked straight at me. (Oh Shit) "What the fuck dude!" Drew screamed as I stood at the door way. I ran out the door and into Adam's room.

About a minute later, Drew came into Adams room; I was lying on the bed still in shock from what had recently happened. "Look man, I'm sorry about freaking out back there", Drew said with a very apologetic look and sound to him .I sat up on the bed and looked at him. "No, I'm the one that should be sorry", I said back. "It's ok" he said, as he sat down next to me on the bed. There was an awkward silence for a little bit.

I decided to break the silence by asking him a question. "So…I know that this might be a weird or awkward question, but what were you ummm….. Thinking about when you were um….you know?" Drew let out a faint giggle then replied saying, "Do you really want to know"? I shook to symbolize me saying yes. "I was…thinking about...Um...Ali", Drew stated while his eyes started to water. "I really miss her Eli, I really miss her kiss and the way she cared about me", he said tears trickling down his cheek. I pulled him into a hug to comfort him (it felt very awkward hugging the brother of me transgendered best friend, the brother that I just caught wanking off….yes this was very awkward) we pulled away from our hug. Drew rested his head on my shoulder and sobbed. "Why, why was I such a fucking jerk to her I should have just let her help me with my work." " I'm always going to be a big fucking dick to every girl that I meet, nobody is ever going to love me." Drew said depressingly, still crying. " That's not true", I told him, "one day you'll find someone special" I said trying to console him. Drew picked up his hair from off my shoulder and there we were, staring into each other eyes. "You have pretty eyes", Drew said. I blushed thinking about the first day I saw Claire, I said that to her. "Thanks so do you". Now our faces were so close that our noses were touching each other.

Then suddenly, we were kissing, I don't know if I kissed him first, or he kissed me first, but we were kissing. I pulled away quickly. Then Drew said "I'm sorry I don't know what I've was thinking I wa-". I cut him off by kissing him back but this time it was more intense. I put my hand on the back of his head and ran my fingers through his hair. As we kissed, I took off my black jacket and shirt. Now our chests were touching each other. Drew then, pulled away from the kiss and started to lick, suck and nibble on my nipples. "Oooooooh….! I said with passion. Then Drew pulled his body back up to kiss me again.

I could feel goose bumps on his arms as his skin rubbed against mine. I could feel his raging hard-on poking through his shorts just begging to be let out. I pulled away from the kiss and started to pull down his shorts, but his knee was digging into my thigh. "Ouch", I said you knee is digging into my fucking thigh". "Oh sorry he said. He repositioned us, working his knee in between my legs, and I felt my head fall back in ecstasy as his leg just gently brushed that one special place that made my spine start to tingle.

He moaned, eyes sheltered on mine, with a sexy look of such complete superiority that I couldn't help but rear my hips up against his, making his eyes roll back as our boners rubbed against each other. I heard him groan again, I flipped us over. Now I was on top of him. He laid back and I pulled off his shorts. After I pulled them off they revealed his gigantic 10 inch boner standing straight up. I went down on it trying to fit the whole span of it in my mouth. I slid my tongue around the bottom of him, licking all the way from base to tip, making him whine in the back of his throat. "YES," he screamed, fists tightening into the sheets. "Fuck yes…worship my dick Eli." He made a deep moan as I went down on his member, time after time. "Eeeel….iii: Drew said in a whimper, "I'm gonna…gonna..." I took that as a hint that he was about to cum, however, I didn't bother moving. He came right into my mouth. I felt the warm salt goodness tickle down the back of my throat.

I picked up my head and look at him. Eyes rolling into the back of his head. I moved my body backup so that our eyes met each other; I went down to kiss him. After I kissed him I sat up and took off my shirt. Drew pulled me down so that I was on top of him. Now both of our naked sweaty bodies were touching each other. He filled us over so that now he was on top of me. I sat my legs up so that they were in a V shape. Drew went down and stuck his tongue on my asshole. I moaned as he licked me from the base of my now hard penis to the bottom of my asshole. He slid his tongue into me and wiggled it. I groaned loudly. Drew then picked his head up and looked at me as if he asking me for permission to do something. I nodded my head to assure him it was ok.

After seeing the look on my face, he slid a finger into my anus like he was instructed, then adding another one every so often until 4 fingers were able to fit into my anus . He felt around for the spongy spot that tells you you've hit the prostate and it will throw a guy into instant pleasure. Once he hit it, I let out a moan. Then, he took out his fingers and sat up. I put my legs in the air and he grabbed my ankles. As my legs were still in the V shape he slowly entered into me. "FUCK!" I yelled My eyes teared slightly. Then he slowly continued to thrust into me. Then he hit the spot…my prostate. "Oh!" I yelled with pleasure. Drew thrusted in and out of me, constantly hitting my prostate. As he fucked me I stroked my self up and down over and over again. After while I came all over my chest. Then Drew started panting and breathing roughly then he pulled out quickly. And he came all over Adams sheets.

"What the fuck did we just do"? I asked. "I think we just…had…..sex", Drew responded. I smiled a faint little smile and cuddled up under his arms" We then fel into a deep sleep.

"You Guys, I'm back", Adam said as he walked through the door, and up the steps towards his room. "You'll never guess wa-