*hey you guys and girls IM SOOOOO SORRY THAT IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO WRITE THIS* I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR CONSTANTLY REMINDING ME TO FINISH IT BECNASUE IF YOU DIDN'T THEN IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN ME LIKE A YEAR TO FINISH IT :p okay so please enjoy this! There will be more and I promise it won't take me 7 months to write it either ha-ha I hope it's as good as the first chapter!

- after Eli and drew had sex, they passed on Adams bed, Adam just walked in his room SHOCKED! -

Drew's POV

What the fuck….why? How did this even happen? I've never done anything like this before…or even thought of guys that way…well except for KC...But that was one time…we were drunk and we kissed but…but that doesn't count right? I'm in love with Ali…not Eli…..right? Why did I kiss him in the first place..? Well, I guess it had something to do with me having such terrible luck with girls, my body..Or something just wanted to try something new. I'm not going to lie but that was pretty fucking amazing. But, I'm not gay…I don't like guys…. I like girls…? But what about Eli...I mean isn't he dating Claire…it would never work out between us to if hes dating Claire. WAIT! Why am I even consider this? IM NOT GAY! IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT IM NOT….Well…I'm not going to lie to myself and say that I've NEVER had feelings for Eli, I must admit when I first laid eyes on him I thought he was the most beautiful person that stepped foot on this earth….but I was going threw a phase then…..when I met Ali that all changed…I think…but..But I'm not gay…nope…the straightest guy in Degrassi…I'm no Zane….IM NOT….

I woke up to see Eli and Drew arguing, with Eli standing in front of the bed, still naked, with his back facing mine me and Adam standing in front of him. "NO it was nothing im sorry Adam!", Eli said to Adam " YES, apparently was something, you were fucking my brother! Dude I thought you loved Claire or whatever. I leave out the house for 30 minutes and comeback to seeing you too cuddled up together in MY FUCKING BED! Do you like drew or something? Huh? Are you hot for my brother or…or...Are you just being a stupid man whore? Adam yelled back at Eli, with such power and disapproval in his voice, with tears forming in his eyes, and his cheeks turning a sweltering red. "YO! Calm down, it's not that big of a deal…I guess...I don't know", I said with a yawn, and I stretched my arms and sat up in the bed.

"Adam you seriously have no right to judge anyone in this room!" Eli screamed. "Um...First of all I'm not judging, and if I was how do I not have the right?", Adam responded ferociously. "Because, Adam! YOU'RE A TRANSEXUAL!" you were born a girl and".., "SHUT THE HELL UP! I WAS NOT BORN A GIRL I WAS BORN A GUY BUT IN A GIRLS BODY! Adam screeched, with tears starting to fill in his eyes.

"You Guys! Stop with all the yelling! Adam go to your room Eli put on some underwear because I'm tired of staring at your ass, I said. "Ha, doesn't seem like you had a problem with looking at it while I was gone, stupid fuck", said Adam in a bitchy tone, as he walked down the hallway to his room.

As Eli closed the door, I caught myself checking out his backside, since I didn't do a lot of checking out at first. "Shake it off drew, your straight...Stop". I thought to my self … "Soooo…" I said awkwardly to Eli. "How bout that hockey game last night?" Eli responded in an even more awkward fashion. Eli turned around as he put on his under wear, but I couldn't help but stare at his semi-boner that he had. "drew shake it off…it's just a penis..you already have one you don't need another" "So..I'm not gay…" I said to break the silence. "Neither am I", Eli responded, It was just a….experimentation thing". "Yeah, just experimentation", I responded. Eli sat on the side of the bed, and flipped his thick dark brown hair. Then laid down beside me, looking at the ceiling fan. Since I was still sitting up in the bed with my back on the bed post, I had a pretty good few of Eli's body. I checked out his semi-pale chest, somewhat built, with a little bit of abs and Pecs. Eli closed his eyes as if he's about to dose off. I slide my body back down so that its next to his, then I lay down on my side arching my head to the side, supporting it with my elbow. I look at Eli while he's laying there, I've never noticed how cute he was before. "Eli..?" I mumbled "Yeah?" he replied. "Are…are you sure you not gay?" I asked him. Eli opened his eyes and sat up, then started into my eyes. Our faces were not even an inch apart. Then, Eli pulled his face into mine and kissed me. I closed my eyes, and kissed him back. We shared a very passionate kiss, then he pulled away and said "No".