This collection is a hodge-podge of all my shorts that didn't play well with others and weren't drabbles... And I've decided to use them, and others to create my very own Supernatural Alphabet! So... yay! And it all starts will A, which is for Ass-butt.

It Felt Like Home

His hadn't meant to say it. The day had been particularly draining, old wounds that would never really heal had been reopened by memories, had the salt of false hope rubbed into them.

Damn but that customer at the garage had looked so much like him. But no, an inch or so shy, wrong shade of green in his eyes, missing the worry lines that forever adorned his forehead. Not him, not Sam.

"Look here, ass-butt," he'd demanded after twenty minutes of debate over labor fees. His eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he fought back a particularly painful image of curious, piercing blue eyes. But no, dammit, he didn't miss the overly naïve angel. Angels were dicks. Cas had reinforced that when he'd left, dropped Dean like a sack of flour and hightailed it back to heaven the second he got his mojo back. Abandoned him. He didn't need the uptight prick anyway.

Sighing in a bone-weary way he turned back to the Sammy wannabe and agreed to lower the cost. Three hours of labor wasn't worth the pain his little slip had cost him. That "apple-pie" life Sam had been so hell-bent on sucked royally.

He slumped against the counter as the lookalike left, a hollow ache in his chest that he's fairly certain used to house his soul before it had all been used up. Nearly a month of playing "Joe Normal" and he was crawling out of his skin. This wasn't right, wasn't where he belonged. Seedy motels, no-name roads at three in the morning, standing over an open grave with a gun in one hand and a lighter in the other, that's where he belonged. That was home. Not here in suburban hell, no matter how much he loved Lisa.

He felt him before he saw him. A small charge shooting through him that had always preceded a tan trench coat and an invasion of personal space.

Cas. He stood still, not trusting himself to turn and face the too-large eyes he knew were staring straight through him.

"Dean." And the hand on his shoulder that followed that one word? It felt like home.