AN: Warning! If the idea of "Huge, dark and scary" trying to come onto the little mermaid makes you squeamish I suggest you back up and surf away, if not enjoy.

Deep inside the pit of hate, a panic-stricken Ariel struggled to escape the watery prison she'd been tossed into minutes ago.

She swam left and right, trying to find an escape route. Anything to get away from this dreadful place and it's master. However as she swam up one direction, Ariel let out a terrified gasp.

Aku stood right in front of her wearing a smug grin.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? The youngest daughter of the great Sea King." He gloated, "Yes, child, I shall use you as assurance to conquer Atlantica once and for all. But not before I've claimed thee."

Ariel backed away fearfully. She could feel her lip start to quiver and her blue eyes start to tear.

In light of recent and past events, his obsession with her frightened Ariel to no end. She just hoped Aku hadn't or would ever figure it out.

"How fitting. You've had your way just the same, befriending even the Samurai – both decisions that have brought you to grief!"

"You don't even know Jack!" Ariel tried to reason. And then the very next words were out of her mouth before she could even think them through. "I LOVE HIM!"

She then cowered immediately, remembering to whom she was speaking.

Ariel couldn't believe she admitted something so personal to this terrifying monster. But it was true, much truer than anything she had ever said in her life.

To her fearful surprise, Aku wasn't fazed at all by her answer. What's more, he only mocked her.

"Foolish child!" Aku said with a wild cackle, "Do you really? The Samurai hails from days long past and is but a human, you are a daughter of the ocean!"

"It doesn't matter." Though she replied defensively, Ariel refused to look him in the eye.

He leaned in closer to her and began to destroy her hope, "You will never escape Aku. No matter how far you flee, no matter where you are, he will always find you. This is your you new home and here you shall remain, for all eternity."

The dark lord stroked the tips of his talons through her long blood-red hair, watching her closely with an expression that made the little mermaid extremely uncomfortable. She winced away from his reach.

"Just stop!" Ariel begged, hugging herself and squeezing her eyes shut.

"Oh, stop your fidgeting mermaid. We all know you've nothing beneath those garments I haven't seen."

Aku's blunt words hit her like a slap to the face.

"What're you talking about?" she demanded, instinctively covering herself.

He smirked suggestively, "Surely you remember those nights when you were first separated from the Samurai…"

Ariel just stared at him in disgusted confusion then a look of horror crossed her features.

"Oh no. . ."

She'd forgotten of how he'd tricked her when he was under the guise of Ikra…at one point, she needed to soak her fin…which meant he must've glimpsed her when…

"No! No, that doesn't mean anything! You've never even laid a hand on me then! I'm nothing of yours!" Ariel cried in her defense.

''Wrong! You came to me first, therefore I own you.''

''You tricked me, twice! How could you do such a thing?"

Aku simply shook his head clicking his tongue sardonically, "Could've, would've. It's all part of life's sweet sorrows."

He leered down at the mermaid, admiring her body. Radiant, enticing, so ready for him to possess. He ran a clawed finger slowly up her back and to her neck. Ariel shivered and started getting goosebumps from the pleasurable sensation, but keeps it to herself. She wasn't going to give him that satisfaction.

Ariel shivered when his tone of voice darkened. "I have won, and now you shall become one with Aku... Resist him, and your entire kingdom will suffer the consequences."

His words made her blood run cold with terror. She lowered her head submissively.

Daddy, everyone, I'm sorry! But I can't risk letting anything happen to you! It would break my heart! Even if I have to do the most - the most horrible thing imaginable!

''Just do it now please before I regret anything…'' she whimpered.

No one could blame Ariel, if she began to cry that same moment. She then felt him lean in close to slowly lick her tears away before kissing her neck.

With one swipe her top was removed, she hardly noticed.

By then, she couldn't hold the groans anymore…nor her screams as they echoed throughout the dark citadel.

AN: Terrorizing isn't it? But that's not the end of it. Before any fans of Ariel do me in - chill out. It's just an Alternate Universe from my Mermaid and the Samurai fic.