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Sometime later, Ariel shivered when Aku pulled away. It almost felt like an eternity since he claimed her. She was sore everywhere and was wrought with an overwhelming guilt.

She wishes she could say it was the worst experience of her life, but her tormentor was surprisingly gentle at times and rough enough to give her pleasure, but careful enough not to rip her apart.

The mermaid had satisfied his urges perfectly. He looked forward very much to coupling with her again soon.

"Yes, you've done well…"

Ariel hugged herself in shame. "No… never again."

Aku stroked her bare back with one clawed finger.

Ariel let out a dry sob. His very touch repulsed her; she wanted to swim away as far away from his presence. She wanted to run to the nearest ocean and wash herself raw but even then she might feel clean enough.

"You'll not leave these chambers until we're both completely satiated nor until you have conceived."

"Conceive?" Her blue eyes went wide, "You don't mean…"

"You're fully aware what I mean," He said to her curtly.

The sea was not very joyous, not on this day. News of the little mermaid, the princess whom had turn her back upon her family to prove her father wrong. Her capture and imprisonment rang in their ears, all of Atlantica mourns for her.

Her sisters sobbed, not understanding. Their broken wails did not even break the ice of their father's heart. For he had not removed himself from his throne when the dreadful news of his youngest child came. Even though he refused to acknowledge her ideals. But deep down, during some of the loneliest nights, he hoped she would have come back and wrapped her arms around his neck and declared how she missed him. But now...

This was a sad day in the kingdom under the sea.

While the mermaid – now an unwilling concubine, however, still felt as though she was chained. She had been given a degree of freedom to swim around the citadel, but she couldn't go anywhere without guards or spies watching her. He watched her actions and gave her warning glances.

It would take months until she would be rescued from this nightmare. Yet the damage has been done.

Months later

The newly decreed Prince paced back and forth. Today his beloved was giving birth and he was worried.

For the year he'd loved his new bride was also the same when Aku had forced himself on her.

If the newborn is the very child of the monster he had vanquished not too long ago, he feared what this would to his bride's mind, how their people would react and of his own.

Soon the wailing cries of an infant were heard.

The sliding doors opened and out came the midwife.

"My Lord prince, the princess has given you a daughter," she said with a bow.

The Samurai's heart skipped a beat. He rushed in anxiously to see another midwife cleaning up the baby girl.

Just as he meant to see his child another midwife approached with another bundle in her arms, looking sorrowful and shaking her head. "Poor child…"

Jack stared in confusion.

"She was carrying twins…" replied the midwife gently handing the bundle to the Prince, "But she's lost the boy."

Jack held the bungle gently and removed the blankets to see the stillborn infant's face. He gasped quietly. The child had it's true father's claws. The child's sparse hair, however, was a blood red like it's mother. Nose and mouth like the father. It's half closed eyes like the mother. But there was no life in the small body.

"Whether you were Aku's child or not, I deeply regret that you were not given the chance to live." He said softly, then set the small bundle in an empty bassinet.

Then he entered the bedchamber where Ariel lay holding their newborn daughter. Her crab friend sat on the bed counter beside the bed, looking somber.

Upon hearing him approach, she raised her head. Her deep blue eyes looked at him tenderly but very sadly. It wasn't difficult to understand why.

"I can't ever back. Not like this and neither can my daughter." Ariel whispered, "I can't put her at risk like I did to myself…I'm going to double the guards around her when she grows up and she can't know about anything from the past… not even me…"

Jack put a firm hand on Ariel's.

"No Ariel."

She looked at him.

"They can't and should not be denied the truth." Jack said sternly, "We must learn from our battles. Our children and our children's children and all the future generations they all must be prepared should a great evil like Aku would ever arise again."

"But Jack-"

"Ariel, please listen to me well. We all wish we could hide them somewhere safe and protect them from the dangers out there…but that is impossible."

The little mermaid was silent and reflected his words carefully, and understood. She placed her hand on his.

"Yes, your father once said so on the day of your birth: We must have a plan. We must be ready."

Out from the past tragedies their love grew stronger. And in so doing, it began the preparation for all future generations for any slim odds that any great and terrible evil would plague their home again.