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The Truth

Blonde p i g tails.
Hufflepuff robes.
F r e c k led cheeks.
Are the first things you notice
About her.

Your hair is black.
You're a Slytherin.
Your skin is sm o o th, flawless.
(You are her o p p o s i t e.)

She is
In e v e r y way
(And you pity her for it.)

That is the o n l y emotion
That you feel for her
(add in the occasional
Spoonful of annoyance,
Drop of hatred).

Or at least,
That's what you tell yourself.
(You a l w a y s have been an
Awful liar.)

But you'd prefer the lies
Any day –
Even if the wrongness of them
Makes you feel
To your stomach.

. . .

But eventually
You can't ignore the whispers
In your ear
Your mind
Your heart
Your soul
That are s c r e a m ing
The truth,
Begging you to stop
ignoring how you f e e l.

Because you don't pity her.
Not at all.
(She's more p e r f e c t
Than you could ever d r e a m
Of being.)

She has never annoyed you.
(Only intrigued you
Every second
Of everyday.)

And you could
H a t e her.
(You only h a t e
The truth:

You love her.)

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