Angel Sanctuary is awesome! Can't wait to publish more! And I don't own anything that is from Angel Sanctuary! This is set in somewhere in book 16; just to give you a heads up.

Chained Screams


I can hear everything that goes on. I can feel the pain, sadness, love, and any other emotion that the angels feel. I can also feel their deaths. I have lived through this torture since the day that I have been chained by the decaying angel, Rosiel. I only remember the angels that I have met, the demon that is helping the savior, and Alexial and her current capsule, the savior. I knew that today would come, for I can somewhat see the future, but it is always broken, like shards of glass put together to create dozens of pictures.

This is the reason that Rosiel locks me up. He seems like he's one step ahead of the savior, that is because of me, a four winged angel that could control the four elements; fire, wind, water, and earth. They may have been divided between the five current angels of elements; Uriel (earth), Michael (fire), Jibril (water), and Rafael (air). Then there is me, chained to this wall of misery of mine.

My name is Enzeru no Oozora; angel of the heaven. One who knows, sees, feels, and hears all that go on around this domain.

This is my story of how I came to love Michael, the angel of fire, and free myself of Rosiel's hold on me.

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