His gaze fell on the young man across the room. This was McGee-the stuttering computer prodigy that had morphed into a fine agent. This was McGee-the agent that they had reason to believe had become a traitor. "Boss…" Gibbs leaned over the unconscious form of DiNozzo, his anger growing at McGee's voice. Gibbs raised his gun, pointing it straight at McGee's heart. "Don't move," he said flatly, but he didn't need to give the order. McGee didn't even try to raise his gun. Sadness and understanding flickered across the younger man's face. McGee's gaze fell to DiNozzo's still form, and worry joined the mixture. "Is he-?"

"Don't you dare ask about him! You don't have the right to!" Gibbs snapped.

McGee frowned, his shoulders slumping, "Please, Boss-"

"What made you do it, McGee? What made you turn your back on everything you believed in?"

A sudden scuffling noise came from the door and both men turned, McGee automatically lifting his gun. Several masked men entered the room, aiming at each of the agents. "No!" One of the masked men took a step forward before he was tugged back. Another member of the group forced a chuckle. "You're outnumbered, gentlemen." When neither of the two men moved, he continued to speak. "We only want you, Agent McGee. Come with us willingly and we'll let these two be." He tilted his head to gesture at Gibbs and DiNozzo.

McGee slanted a look at Gibbs, then DiNozzo. "Fine," McGee said, defeat clear in his posture and tone. He lowered his weapon, his gaze once again snagging on Gibbs. He wasn't sure what he was looking for. Worry, hope, support…something. But all he received was a look full of fury, the message clear. You're on your own, Traitor. The masked men pulled McGee from the room and into a waiting van. A rag was forced over his nose, and as he began to pass out, McGee realized he had never felt so hopeless.

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