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Poke Rangers: Hoenn Episode 283

Chapter 1: Let There Be Rock Part 1

Lyrics are by AC/DC.

In the beginning, in 1955…

Man didn't know bout a rock 'n' roll show

And all that jive

The white man had the schmaltz

The black man had the blues

No one knew what they was gonna do

But Tchaikovsky had the news

Let there be light, and there was light

Let there be sound, and there was sound

Let there be drums, there was drums

Let there be guitar, there was guitar, ah


(Instrumental solo)

The power of the waves crashed on to the shore at Shoal Cave. The sun was beating down on the sand as the wind picked up. Inside the cave, a trainer was rushing toward the middle of the cave. He had black hair and green eyes as he kept exploring. He wore a red t-shirt and black shorts as he continued walking. At the age of 20, no one expected Jason Skycloud to be already in the Shoal Cave. Everybody went to bet that he wouldn't be able to finish the Hoenn League. He finished the league. He got into 10th place in the league. But, now he took a break and decided to go on a side trip. He decided to head for the Shoal Cave, where he has heard of a rumor.

Climbing on top of a couple of rocks, Jason was walking on the second floor of the cave. Looking at all the water Pokemon that occupied the area, he didn't expect to notice a big hole in the floor. He yelled as he swooped down and landed on the ground. It was a big black hole surrounding him as he looked at what was going on.

"This is weird," he said. Suddenly, a white light came down from the sky. Jason looked to see five spirits land on the ground: Kricketune, Chatot, Beedrill, Politoed, and Chimeco.

"What's going on?" asked Jason.

'Hello,' said Kricketune, 'It's nice to see somebody that just plopped in. We need your help.'

"Help?" asked Jason.

"Yes…," said Beedrill, flying towards him, buzzing around, "We need you."

Jason looked at the two Pokemon as they walked toward the white sabers that stood in the ground. They were white with black handles and they had colored music notes on the handles in red, green, black, blue, and yellow.

"Well, what can I do to help?" asked Jason.

"We need you to find five souls that have the spirit of music," said Chimeco, "We believe that there's an evil force that is coming to destroy."

"And it is important that we do so," said Politoed, "The world is at stake."

"What will happen?" asked Jason, "Tell me."

"If Chimeco's right," said Kricketune, "At approximately 2:00am tonight, a meteor will collapse on the ground. Beings will arise from the meteor and will want to destroy this planet. You have no time to waste. You must find us five people to defend us."

"Five people?" asked Jason.

"Yes," said Beedrill, "Maybe three of us should go."

Suddenly, Chatot started flying around toward Jason, landing on his shoulder. However, Jason didn't feel a thing.

"I guess Chatot wants to go," said Kricketune.

Chatot nodded as he turned toward Jason. Jason nodded. Suddenly, Chimeco and Politoed ran over toward him. Beedrill and Kricketune nodded as they turned toward Jason.

"They will be fine in my care," said Jason, "Let's go."

Suddenly, flashes of black, blue, and green appeared around them as they turned into mini jewels. Jason nodded as he took the jewels. Something bright appeared below him as he disappeared… back into Littleroot Town.

"What the hell?" asked Jason. He noticed the beautiful tress and the houses that were around the area. He started looking around. However, he heard the sound of a guitar. Looking around, he turned to see a trainer about the same age as him. However, he had a black Gibson guitar on him. He had braided black hair, brown skin, and green eyes. He was fairly tall from what he could see. He also had a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket on him. He was also wearing denim jeans and white sneakers with black stripes.

"Oh my… that's Cam Ballister," he said to himself.

Cam, looking up to see Jason, started walking toward him. Clearing his throat, he began to speak.

"You have been looking at me for the past five minutes. Something wrong?" asked Cam.

"No," said Jason, "I'm just amazed you lived in this area."

Cam chuckled, "Well, everybody is."

Suddenly, out of Jason's pocket, a black jewel struck out of his pocket and Cam caught it. Cam looked at it and turned to Jason, "What is this?"

Jason looked at him, "Well, let's just say if I don't reform a five member band soon, the whole world's going to be destroyed."

Cam looked at him, "Really? That's really hard to believe that. We just faced the end of the world, dude. Come on, the war of Hoenn with all of those crazy villains? My house is still being rebuilt."

"What if I told you that black jewel has a music spirit?" asked Jason.

"Well, what if I told you that you were out of your mind?" asked Cam. He took out a green flyer and gave it to Jason, "Come to the Players House tonight."

"Players House?" asked Jason, "Where's this?"

Cam looked at him, "Simple. It's off Route 101. In a small little house, and two of my friends will be there. You might as well come."

"Cool," said Jason, "I guess I can go. I have nothing else better to do anyway."

Cam chuckled, throwing the black jewel in his hand, "Cool."

Later that night, Jason was at the Pokemon Center in Oldale Town. He decided to look presentable so he can go to a rock gig. Jason was wearing a black leather jacket with a white t-shirt. As he strapped a black belt around his waist, he brushed off his black jeans and greased his hair. As he turned around, he heard the door knock. He turned around, looking to see a girl next to him. She wore a yellow t-shirt with white shorts and brown sneakers. She had her Turbo Morpher strapped to her brace. Her brown hair was tied into a yellow tie with blue eyes.

"So, why are you dressed like that?" asked Violet.

"Well, I want to, Violet," said Jason, "I'm going out tonight."

"To where?" asked Violet.

"You know, the Players House," said Jason.

His cousin rolled her eyes as she patted him on the back, "I guess so… but um, I also have something for you so you can get back and forth with no problem."

"And that is?" asked Jason.

Violet dragged him out the door. As they headed downstairs, Jason looked at her. A crappy white RV stood in front of them.

"This is crappy," said Jason.

"Oh," said Violet, "I found it when there was an attack on Slateport City. The guy said he didn't want it. So, I took it to give to you."

Jason looked at Violet. Violet smiled as she gave him the keys and pushed him into the door. The door swung open. Jason looked at it. There were boxes full of stinky and disgusting stuff. He looked at her, "You bought a hazmat RV!"

Jason sat down as he turned the key. The engine started. Violet got in the car as he closed the door. He drove the car out on Route 101.

"Make a right next mile," said Violet.

Jason nodded, turning to the right a mile later. They were in the middle of the trees. As they arrived, they noticed a huge house with cars parked all over the place. Jason and Violet walked out of the RV and headed up the stairs. They noticed all these teenagers, drunk, and drugged out of their minds.

"Really?" asked Violet.

"Yeah," said Jason, "This is like Woodstock."

Jason turned around as he opened the golden doors. He saw a couple of stoners jumping for joy as there were six players on the stage. One was Cam, and the two behind were his best friends. One had brunette hair down to his shoulders and turquoise eyes. He had a black cross on the back of his neck. He wore a black trenchcoat with sleeveless blue t-shirt and he even had black jeans and leather dance shoes. He had a black keyboard in front of him with a microphone in front. Next to him was a girl with brown hair and yellow eyes. She even wore a purple tank top with black leather pants that had green lines going from the waist to the feet, and black and purple boots. She carried a microphone. Cam had his guitar out.

"Introducing part of the disbanded band: The Rangerz: Cam Ballister, Joshua Courtland and Sandra Karlsson!" said the announcer, "They were disbanded because of their dumb manager… who is now here to show three new members of his new metal band: SCREAM!"

"Scream?" asked Cam to himself.

"Scream?" asked Josh.

"That moron," said Sandra.

"Scream?" asked Josh and Violet.

In the back, three men appeared. One had blue spiky hair with a short brown beard. He had yellow eyes and he had a red jacket with a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers with a bass around him. Next to him was a man with an electric guitar around him. He had dark red hair, with black stripes. On his forehead, he has a pair of crossed swords tattooed into the skin. He has permanently bloodshot eyes. In his mouth, he is missing at least ten teeth. Only has one hand, with a hook on the other. He's managed to adapt to hold his guitar with the hook. He wore a black t-shirt with a Grim Reaper holding a severed head, and ripped leather black pants. He also had a belt with studs on it, and biker boots. Finally, the next person has a shaved head. He has brown eyes and brown skin. He wears jeans and a black long sleeve shirt. He has his acoustic guitar tied on his back.

"Introducing: Don Karlsson, Gerrard Caine, and Terry Nightwig of SCREAM!" yelled the manager on the PA.

The audience started screaming for them. The three Rangerz band members sighed as they tuned their instruments.

"Now, let's rock!"

Violet and Jason turned around as Terry grabbed a microphone. They all started playing very loud. The Rangerz quickly put on their ear plugs as they started blasting the house. Glass was shattering and the two of them started screaming with the others. All of a sudden, Terry spoke into the microphone:


Violet closed her eyes, "I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK!"

After they stopped, the Rangerz looked at each other. Josh played the keyboard. Jason and Violet looked at each other as Sandra popped out looking at them, "Made it through the wilderness… somehow made I through! Didn't know how lost I was till I found you!"

Winking at Jason, Violet started to laugh. Sandra jumped off the stage, "I was beat, incomplete. I've been had. I was sad and blue. But you made me feel… Yeah, you made me feel… shiny and new. Whoo-hoo! Like a Ranger. Fighting for the very first time, like a Ra-a-a-nger! When you appear, it's a crime."

Suddenly, the audience had more roars of cheer. The metal band looked at the old disbanded rockers.


Suddenly, the audience members started leaving the house. Terry stopped the music and took out the microphone, "What are you doing?"

"Metal sucks now a days. All you guys care about is killing," said one of them. Jason nodded as Violet got up. Terry turned to them, "Guess you're leaving too?"

"Well, I would rather listen to Sandra sing then you," said Jason, smiling as they walked out the door. Cam sighed as he looked at the others. Josh and Sandra nodded. Cam unplugged the guitar and headed outside. There, he saw Jason and Violet head into their old RV.

"Hey," said Cam, "I have a question."

"What, Cam?" asked Jason.

"What if I told you that I want the Rangerz come back together?" asked Cam.

Violet looked at Jason. Violet poked her head out the driver's seat, "I'm a police officer. Not a manager to a band!"

"You could be our bodyguards," said Cam, "We can pay you MONEY!"

Violet looked at Cam. Suddenly, the doors slid open. Sandra waved her hand back and forth, "Ew, who bought the RV?"

"I did," said Violet.

"Well, you need a paint job and an auto fix," said Josh, "Ew… well, it's better than nothing."

Suddenly, Jason felt something in his pants. Violet turned around as something black, blue, and green came out from his pocket. As Cam got in the RV, the band members, Jason and Violet watched as the gems began to glow materializing into Chimeco, Chatot, and Politoed.

"What the hell?" asked Violet, "Jason, why are they like spirits?"

"That's because we are!" said Politoed, "Hey, Sandra. You have a pretty good voice. We are going to be partners!"

Sandra looked at him, "Partners?"

"Yes!" said Politoed, "Partners!"

Josh turned around as he looked at Chimeco, "You are a ghost!"

"Yep," said Chimeco.

Cam turned around as he looked at the Chatot. He looked at Jason,"Jase, there better be a good explanation to all of this."

"We will explain. We have prophesized that a meteor will crash down on to Earth tonight. And terrible things could happen!" said Chatot.

"What kind of things?" asked Sandra.

"Something bad, just like the other villains that attacked this region," said Politoed.

"So," said Josh, "Why are you here?"

"Well," said Chimeco, "We were with Jason because he found the Realm of the Music Spirits."

"Realm of the Music Spirits?" asked the band members, and Violet. Violet turned to Jason, "What did I tell you about going to places that don't look good?"

"Yes," said Chatot, "So, we found our three Poke Rangers!"

"POKE RANGERS!" yelled the whole RV.

"Wait a minute, I was chosen to find Poke Rangers?" asked Jason. He smiled, looking up into the sky. Violet smacked him in the head. Jason turned around as Violet looked at him.

"It's not a good thing," said Violet, "Trust me. If they are Poke Rangers, you are picked for a reason."

"A reason?" asked Josh.

"Yes," said Violet.

Meanwhile, at around 1:55 am, Terry, Gerrard, and Don were sitting down in the woods eating food as they looked at each other. Terry opened a beer and sat down, "Those bastards!"

"I know," said Gerrard, "They still have the glory because they were a famous rock band. Wow, where are the other two players?"

"Hey, ours couldn't make it tonight either," said Don, "However, Sandra shouldn't have done that."

Suddenly, they looked at the sky. A silver object was heading straight toward them. The metal band members started running toward safety. As the object hit, a massive earthquake occurred. The metal band members yelled as silver beams came out of the meteor, transforming them.

One monster mainly looked like a Kricketune, but has the head of a Magnezone. Some of the armor, on the arms and legs, also looked like that of a Magnezone. He wielded a pair of swords shaped like Kricketune blades. Has a battery pack on his back which he can use to fire out electrical attacks. And he hovered. His name was Kriker.

Next, there was a metallic Scizor. He had yellow eyes and blue spikes on his head and he wore metallic breastplate and padded pants. His name was Killer Red.

And finally, a monster looked like a Wigglytuff with Crobat wings coming out of its back. He had the top half of a Crobat's head covering his eyes like a visor. It also has two Electrodes on its back to use as bombs. On its stomach is an Exploud's mouth. Soundwave also has a large sword with the bottom of the hilt a permanent text and a microphone plugged into his back. His name was Soundwave.

"Excellent," said Soundwave, "The Rangerz think we had no sense of power when it came to music… they thought wrong."

Laughter was unleashed as it filled the air. The next day, they walked along the small town of Littleroot Town. People started screaming as they played a couple of tunes. The tunes exploded buildings.

"What the hell?" asked Cam as he rushed outside to the front yard. His black jewel started activating. Chatot popped out.

"This is what we pictured," said Chatot.

"So," said Cam, "Hmm…"

"We need to find Jason," said Chatot.

"He's in Oldale Town," said Cam.

Suddenly, he turned around to see Soundwave look at him with a quite fond happy face.

"So, Cam, what do you think of the new me?" he asked.

He screamed so loud, that Cam flew backwards and landed on the ground. Cam looked up to see Soundwave walk toward him.

"That's what happens," he said, "When you deal with a metal band member."

"Metal Band?" asked Cam.

Suddenly, an old white RV rushed into the scene, hitting Soundwave in the face. The doors swung open. Sandra and Josh pulled Cam in as the RV drove out of town.

"Hee hee… coward," said Soundwave, "Yo, guys!"

Killer Red and Kriker rushed over to him.

"Let's follow that RV," he said.

Meanwhile, the white RV was driving on the roads of Route 101. Chatot was floating on top of Cam's head as Jason kept driving.

"Where were the swords?" asked Violet.

"Shoal Cave, in the Realm of Music Spirits," said Jason.

"Shoal Cave is far away," said Josh, "How are you going to get there?"

"I don't know," said Jason. Suddenly, he yelled to see Soundwave slashing the tires of the RV, tilting it to the side. Everyone yelled as the RV hit the trees. The door swung open on the right side, causing everyone to pile up.

"Hee hee," said Soundwave, "It's nice to meet you."

"Who are you?" asked Violet, "And what are you doing here?"

"We're Scream," said Kriker, "That meteor gave us new power and now we can use it to control the world and make everyone bow down to METAL MUSIC!"

Violet stood in front of the band members, "Really?"

Killer Red looked at them, "Yes. You were there last night."

"Yeah," said Violet, "And you guys have some bad attitude."

"Oh," he said, "She didn't."

Soundwave went to raise his sword, Violet grabbed the blade and kicked Soundwave in the face. Soundwave yelled as he felt the pain. He turned around as Kriker went to attack. She punched Kriker in the stomach and used a spinning hook kick to the head. She jumped up and kicked Killer Red in the face.

"Killer Red," said Soundwave, "Kriker, we need to attack them."

Josh stood up in front, "I don't know what's going on, first you guys and then you turn into metallic beings, but you already have harmed others."

"Agreed," said Sandra, "Music is supposed to bring peace and harmony to the world. Not chaos and destruction."

"Music speaks when actions aren't given out," said Cam, "But, of course, you wouldn't know that."

As the three band members stood their ground, dark clouds covered the sky. Blue, green, and black beams came from the sky. Three white swords appeared in the ditch.

"Whoa!" said Violet.

"Amazing," said Jason.

Cam grabbed the sword in front of him. It began to glow black as it transformed into a black device. However, the others were the same as well. They were all black. There were also turn dials on top with green, blue, and gold numbers, depending on the ranger. However, there was a jewel insert at the top.

"Amazing," said Josh, "What are these?"

"These are your metronome morphers," said Chimeco, "With these you can morph into Poke Rangers."

"Shall we?" asked Sandra.

"I don't know what to say," said Cam.

"Cam, guys. The code is 100… and the call… Bandstand, Rock Out!" said Chatot, "First, insert the jewel before you do it."

Cam nodded as he inserted the black jewel into the metronome morpher. It began to glow bright black, just like the other jewels. Turning the dial to 100, Cam dragged the morpher toward his chest.

"Bandstand," yelled Cam, "Rock Out!"

Stretching out the Metronome Morpher, there was a black beam came from the sky, covering Cam. Cam stretched his whole body out as his body began to feel energized with energy. He had black gloves and black boots with golden rims on the gloves and boots. He had a gold belt around his waist with a black note on it. He had his Metronome Morpher to the right of him. On his chest was a mini golden half note on the right, which was a golden circle, not filled in with a line pointing up. Next, Cam's helmet materialized into what looked like a Chatot.

"The amazing spiritual guitarist, Black Bandstand Ranger!"

Stretching out his Metronome Morpher, a blue beam came to the sky, covering Josh. Josh stretched his whole body as he wore the blue version of what Cam had. He had, however, a golden quarter note on the right, which was a filled in circle with a line pointing the same direction. Josh's helmet materialized into a Chimeco.

"The handsome spiritual keyboardist, Blue Bandstand Ranger!"

Stretching out her Metronome Morpher, a green beam came from the sky, covering Sandra. Sandra stretched her whole body out and wore the green version of what the other two wore. She had a golden eighth note on the right, which was a quarter note with a flag pointing out of it. She wore a skirt and her helmet materialized into a Politoed.

"The beautiful spiritual vocalist, Green Bandstand Ranger!"

The members of Scream watched as the three rangers looked at each other. Cam was in utter shock, "I am a ranger!"

"Awesome!" said Josh.

"Excellent!" said Sandra.

Soundwave looked at them, "Oh no… we're not letting some stupid rock band come back to fame… especially if they are rangers!"

"Bring it on," said Cam.

Soundwave started running as he took out his microphone. He swung it around and smacked Cam in the face. Cam fell down and landed on the grass. He took out his Metronome Morpher and turned the dial.

"125, Rock Out!" yelled Cam.

Suddenly, the white saber appeared. Cam grabbed it. However, it materialized. The handle was now black with a golden blade.

"Notation Saber!" yelled Cam. He raised his sword, slashing Soundwave's body. Soundwave yelled as he took out his sword. The two of them clashed as they went to attack.

Sandra jumped up and kicked Kriker in the face. Kriker laughed as he used electrical attacks on her. She jumped up and took out her Metronome Morpher, turning the dial to 125.

"125, Rock Out!" said Sandra. Her Notation Saber popped out from her morpher. Now, with a green handle and a gold blade, she came down with her sword, cutting the monster to size. She jumped up and kicked Kriker in the face. Kriker laughed as he swung his arm across, hitting Sandra in the face.

Meanwhile, Josh jumped up on Killer Red. Killer Red laughed as he attacked him across the face. Josh yelled as he fell down and landed on the grass. He took out his Metronome Morpher.

"125, Rock Out!" said Josh. His Notation Saber slipped out. It was now a golden blade with a blue handle on it. He slashed Killer Red across the face a couple of times. Killer Red's claw came out, smacking Joe in the face. Joe groaned as he got up from the ground, lying in pain.

"Hee," said Killer Red, "You guys can't defeat me!"

Josh yelled as he got up. His sword began to energize in blue light.

"Chimes of Glory!" he yelled.

As he pointed his sword upward, he slashed Killer Red. Killer Red yelled as blue beams of energy electrocuted him. Next, Sandra turned to Kriker, who was shooting her down. Sandra shook her head as her green saber began to charge up.

"Serenade Wave!" yelled Sandra, bringing her sword on Kriker's face. Kriker yelled as he fell backwards, landing on the ground.

Cam blocked his next attack. Cam turned around, kicking Soundwave in the face. Cam's blade began to charge black energy, looking at the creature.

"Pitch Perfect!" yelled Cam, slashing Soundwave. The rangers turned to each other as the three metal warriors fell down. However, Soundwave got up from the ground.

"We can't have this happen. Rangerz, now that you know you're Poke Rangers, you just started a battle of the bands and we will go out to make sure that we are famous. Even if we have to destroy you," said Killer Red.

The three rangers looked at each other as they disappeared. The three rangers sighed as they turn the Metronome off, demorphing them out of their suits. The jewels popped out of their morphers. A golden necklace appeared from each of them. They were worn around the rangers' necks.

"Amazing!" said Violet, "I never saw that before. Music spirit is awesome!"

"Agreed," said Cam, looking at it, "Chatot?"

Suddenly, the Chatot spirit flew across, landing on Cam's body. However, Cam could not feel him on his shoulder.

"Agreed," he said, "I knew choosing you guys was a great idea. Now, we need to find two more rangers."

"Wait a minute," said Josh, "We're not at full strength?"

Jason nodded as he walked toward them, "No. You guys aren't at full strength. You need two more rangers. Hopefully, we can find two of your band members."

"Well, we don't know where we can find the bassist. He left the region," said Sandra, "However, we know one person. And he actually lives in Oldale Town. He lived in Fortree City, but he often comes down to his private villa when he wants to."

Josh turned around, "Oh yeah, him. He was so pissed that the old manager left."

"Who is this person?" asked Cam.

"Beck. Beck McCaffery," said Sandra, "He was the drummer."

"A drummer?" asked Violet.

Jason Skycloud looked at them. Violet knew what was going on. Jason wanted to know a couple of things. How did Violet learn martial arts? How did she know about the Poke Rangers? Well, he'll find out eventually. Jason sighed as he looked at the old white RV.

"Well," he said, "At least it didn't explode."

Cam chuckled, "Well, while we search, if we are going to go on tour and do all of these things to get back on top, I know someone in Oldale who could repaint the WHOLE RV and pimp it out for us."

"Actually," said Violet, "I could help."

"How?" asked Jason.

Violet smiled, "Just letting you know that I have friends in high places."


Kriker, Killer Red, and Soundwave were walking into a mountainous area in Hoenn. They looked at the area. It was surrounded by lava and there was a silver creature looking at them. He had a Steelix body and he wore a black robe underneath. He even had red razor-sharp teeth. He had golden chains around his neck and he had black hair that was down to his shoulders. He roared as he walked down the stairs.

"Nice to meet you," he said.

"Who are you?" asked Kriker.

"Well, I was the one that helped you transform into your metallic bodies," he said, "I am… Metallica, your manager."

"Metallica?" asked Killer Red.

"Yes," he said, "Together, we will discuss and we will destroy the region. One step at a time, Scream will be number 1 on the ratings and all will fall to us."

To Be Continued…

Cam: Wow, we are actual rangers now.

Josh: Amazing

Sakura: Save it for later.

Josh: Right. Next Chapter

Beck: No way, I'm not going back in the band.

Fiona: I don't know.

Soundwave: Perfect, a powerful beastie

Fiona: Beck, I'm going to help

Beck: Not if I go with you

Fiona and Beck: Bandstand, Rock Out!

Chapter 2: Let There Be Rock Part 2

Beck: Behold, the Spirit of Music!

Rangers: Poke Rangers Bandstand!

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