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Previously (for the last time) on Poké Rangers Bandstand…

The rangers fought at the Sky Pillar while the rangers learn of the true identity of Killer Red. The rangers had no choice but to destroy Don Karlsson and send him to the ocean. In addition, they arrive in Pacificdalog Town. In Pacificdalog Town, they meet the boss of the power plant, who apparently is forced to help getting the nuclear rods. Even though the town was saved and Soundwave was destroyed, the nuclear rods were then taken by the remaining Roadsters… now Kriker and his army have decided to go to Ever Grande City's military base and planned to steal some plastic explosives. Luckily, Fiona and the others were able to defeat Kriker but it wasn't enough to stop Metallica. Next, Megadeth decides to immediately begin the final plot. While destroying the date that Beck, Fiona, Sandra, and Cam had, the rangers had to fight against Megadeth and her army. Megadeth was destroyed, only to witness the Screamo Bomb and Scream Mountain. As they arrived on Scream Mountain, the rangers have realized the bomb was not there and Metallica has obtained the powerful bomb… west of Littleroot Town. Following, they fight Metallica, which turns out to be the original manager with the rangers and as a result, becomes Metallix. How will the rangers be able to destroy him? Find out on the conclusion of Poké Rangers Bandstand!

"Um," said Josh. He looked at the other rangers in response to what was going on, "Are you sure we are ready for this?"

"We got to do what we can," said Beck.

"Yeah, how bad could he possibly be?" asked Sandra.

Before Josh could ask, Metallix roared as he released purple bolts from his body. He laughed as he looked at the rangers.

"How does it feel to die?" he roared.

Josh darted his eyes at Sandra, "You HAD to ask?"

Sandra rolled her eyes. Beck put his hand on Josh and shook his head. Josh nodded as he turned toward what they needed to do, which was to defeat Metallix and save the world from the monster.

Beck turned to the other rangers, "Guys… are we ready?"

The rangers nodded as they looked at Beck. Beck turned around as the seven rangers stood together, ready to battle.

"Let's fight together," said Beck.

"Right," said Josh, Cam, and Owen.

"Okay," said Violet, Fiona, and Sandra.

Metallix looked at them. The rangers were shining with aura energy from their music spirits. It was then released as they struck poses.

"The serious spiritual drummer, Beck McCaffery, Red Bandstand Ranger!"

"The amazing spiritual guitarist, Cam Ballister, Black Bandstand Ranger!"

"The handsome spiritual keyboardist, Joshua Courtland, Blue Bandstand Ranger!"

"The beautiful spiritual vocalist, Sandra Karlsson, Green Bandstand Ranger!"

"The hopeful spiritual bassist, Princess Fiona, Yellow Bandstand Ranger!"

"The graceful spiritual sensation, Violet Skycloud, White Bandstand Ranger!"

"The master of musical courage, Owen Williams, Dark Musician Knight!"

"Rangers of peace and harmony… power of the music spirits," said the rangers, "Poké Rangers Bandstand."

As they struck a pose, auras of their ranger color was showing as they turned toward Metallix with a roar.

"Metallix, come and get us," said Beck.

"ALRIGHT!" yelled Metallix.

The seven rangers started charging in as Metallix charged in. A flash of white light appeared in front of them as the Bandstand has their last battle against evil…

Beck: Hey y'all.

Crowd: YAY!

Beck: Are you ready to rock?

Crowd: YEAH!

Beck: Alright, let's go… 1, 2, 3, 4

(Poke Rangers logo appears. There were speakers attached to it. As Cam blasts the guitar, the logo explodes with the Rangerz performing on stage. Sandra takes out her microphone)

In the beginning, in January 2006…

(Flashing lights appeared around Sandra as she kept singing. The crowds were going back and forth)

There was peace and there was love

(The Bandstand Rangers rush across the beach)

And all that jive

(The band sits on the hill)

The trainers went to travel

(The rangers stand with their music spirits above them)

The people lived in peace

(People started screaming and jumping, happily)

No one knew what they was gonna do

(Flames erupt from the ground)

When evil took over

(An explosion occurs. Kriker, Soundwave, and Killer Red pose with Megadeth and Metallica behind)

Let there be light, and there was light

(The Notation Swords are stuck in the ground. The seven rangers pull them out)

Let there be peace, and there was peace

(Metallica looks at the region)

Let there be justice, there was justice

(The RV drives over explosions)

Let there be love, there was love, ah

(The Bandstand Rangers morph)


(Josh starts singing the back-ups as he plays the keyboard on the stage. "Joshua Courtland- Blue Bandstand Ranger" created by NashWalker)

Go Poké Rangers

Fight Poké Rangers

Go, Fly, Win Poké Rangers

(Sandra starts clapping to the crowd. The guys started jumping up in the front row as she gave them high fives. "Sandra Karlsson- Green Bandstand Ranger" created by Cyborg-Lucario)

Go Poké Rangers

Fight Poké Rangers

Go, Fly, Win Poké Rangers

(Beck was wiping his sweat as he kept banging the drums. The girls were screaming as he continued playing. "Beck McCaffery- Red Bandstand Ranger" created by Blue Bongo)

Go Poké Rangers

Fight Poké Rangers

Go, Fly, Win Poké Rangers

(As the key changes, Cam starts blasting his guitar solo. He winks at all the girls. "Cam Ballister- Black Bandstand Ranger" created by Hotrod198)


(Fiona plays the bass and resolves the chord with Cam's. She turns to her fans and begins to smile, looking at Sandra for the go ahead. "Princess Fiona- Yellow Bandstand Ranger" created by AzureJustice)

(Owen stands up in the middle with his double-bass guitar. He jumps and plays wildly on the guitar. "Owen Williams- Dark Musician Knight" created by Blazin' Saddles)

(Violet tries to control the crowd in the mosh pit. She lands on stage and looks at the band, trying to control them. "Violet Skycloud- White Bandstand Ranger" created by RubyVulpix)

(The band keeps on playing. Going back to the original tune)

(Scream turns to the camera with Metallica in the back)

(Beck transforms into Battlizer mode)

(Violet uses her finisher attack; the rangers use Rockstar Power)

(The Bandstand Ultrazord is formed)

(The rangers finish the song by jamming to the max. Sandra turned on the microphone with Violet pushing people off the stage)


(Crowd screams)

(©2010-2011 by Blaze Productions. All rights reserved)

Final Chapter: The Final Countdown Part 2

Metallix yelled as he was thrown out of the basement of bombs. The rangers stood there together as they stood ready to battle. Metallix released a tail across Beck. Beck yelled as he was hit in the face. The rangers yelled as they landed on the ground. He then shot three beams at Fiona, Cam, and Josh. Fiona jumped up with her Bass Shooter and shot beams at Metallix. Metallix blocked it and punched Fiona in the stomach, causing her to land on the ground.

"Now, you will die," he yelled, "Metallic Blast!"

His hands formed a metallic purple beam. The beam unleashed itself at the seven rangers, who were on their knees after being hit by the powerful beam.

"Come on, we got to do our best," said Beck.

"Best?" asked Metallix, "Shut up and take this!"

He roared as a purple lightning bolt struck him. He began to grow huge. He started shooting purple beams at Littleroot Town, Oldale Town, and Petalburg City. The rangers watched as he roared, looking at them.

"Metallix gotten huge," said Beck, "Let's get to the Bandstand Ultrazord."

Everyone nodded in unison as they headed toward the Bandstand Ultrazord. The rangers hopped into the cockpit.

"Alright," said Beck, pressing the button, "Let's give it our all."

The rangers nodded as they pressed a button to activate the Bandstand Ultrazord. No sooner they began to activate their attacks, Amy's voice could be heard from the intercom.

"Guys, we found the bomb device. Repeat, we found the bomb device," said Amy.

"Good," said Beck, "Get it out of here."

Amy nodded. The three of them were on the top of Scream Mountain with a black device in her hand, "Will do."

Suddenly, they turned around as they heard footsteps. Amy gasped as she saw the Roadsters with their swords, ready to go.

"And we have Roadsters," said Jason, taking out his Poké Balls.

"Agreed," said Morris, "Amy, we'll handle it. You get downstairs and disconnect the bomb."

Amy nodded. The Roadsters started attacking with anger. Jason and Morris nodded as they went to throw their Poké Balls.

"Go, Blaziken!" yelled Jason.

"Go, Breloom!" yelled Morris.

Releasing the two Pokémon, Breloom and Blaziken jumped up and was ready to strike. As the Roadsters went to fight them, Amy kicked three of them as she ran down the stairs.

"Blaziken, Blaze Kick!" yelled Jason.

Blaziken jumped up and kicked one of the Roadsters with a fiery-like kick. The grunt yelled as he was on fire.

"Breloom, Mach Punch!" yelled Morris.

Breloom grumbled as he struck a fast punch at the Roadsters. The Roadsters were hit a little bit as he kept punching them quickly and powerfully. As he jumped up, he punched another Roadster in the stomach.

"This is going to be a bit difficult," said Jason.

Suddenly, he saw blue beams hit two Roadsters. He turned to see the RV come up and land on top of the mountain. Jason and Morris recalled their Pokémon and they headed toward the Rangerz RV. As they got inside, the Roadsters started to walk toward them.

"Activating ADS," said Amy, activating her laptop. Two lasers popped out of the RV. Twenty green beams came out of the RV. The Roadsters screamed as they were hit hard by the attack of the ADS laser pistols. Jason looked at her as she was taking the black box apart. There were two wires and a silver crystal inside. Taking a tweezer, she was looking at the timer… 7 minutes to go.


The Bandstand Ultrazord was thrown to the ground. Sparks flew in the Megazord cockpit, causing Beck and the others to land on the ground.

"Come on!" yelled Beck, "We got to do our best to hold our ground. Amy needs to disarm that bomb."

Cam nodded as he sat up trying to get the controls ready, "Let's try our finisher."

"Right," said the rangers.

"Bandstand Ultrazord, Symphonic Destruction!"

Instantly, the Bandstand Ultrazord released the seven music spirits. Kricketune used X-Scissor on Metallix, while Beedrill used Twineedle. Getting hurt from that, Chatot used Wing Attack and Politoed used Hydro Pump. Gardevoir used Psybeam while Chimeco used Hyper Beam on Metallix. Metallix, after being hurt then turns to see Mismagius slash it across the face. Finally, the Bandstand Ultrazord took out its Bandstand Guitar, this time with a dark purple blade. The blade crushed down on Metallix as it landed on the ground. Upon explosion, a purple wave came out of it as the Bandstand Ultrazord completed its job.

"ALRIGHT!" said the rangers.

Violet watched as the flames diminished. She shook her head. The rangers turned around as they saw her face.

"Guys, this battle is about to make a turn for the worst," said Violet.

The rangers were looking in shock. Metallix laughed as purple sparks were coming out of his body.

"Rangers, Symphonic Destruction? Is that the best you got?" asked Metallix.

The rangers stood there in shock. They were scared, looking at him. Metallix laughed as he released a purple wave of energy. The rangers yelled as they were hit hard by the attack. It was so powerful that the Bandstand Ultrazord exploded into the Shadow Warrior Zord, and the Melodic Bandstand Megazord.

"Ha ha!" he said, "What is that going to do?"

"That's it," said Beck, "Bandstand Guitar!"

As the nozzle popped out, the Bandstand Guitar began to charge up its Assist Power. Beck then pressed the ruby into the console with the others putting their Rockstar Power in the consoles.

"Ultimate Strike!" yelled the rangers.

Suddenly, a beam of energy struck out as Metallix took the final hit, thus being destroyed. Explosions appeared all over the place. The Melodic Bandstand Megazord stood in response, lowering the Bandstand Guitar. However, Metallix came across and with his tail, he smacked the Melodic Bandstand Megazord and the Shadow Warrior Zord. The rangers yelled as they landed on the ground. The Megazords split into the seven zords.

Beck got up from the cockpit. His cockpit was on fire as he looked at the screen. His helmet was broken and his body was bruised from the attack. He took off the helmet and looked at Metallix as he was screaming for murder. Destroying buildings and cities, laughing at them, he was moving slowly toward them.

"Can't lose," said Beck, "We have songs to perform… things to do."

Cam and the other rangers nodded in response. Beck turned to the rangers, "We need to do our best!"

"You're not alone," a voice said, coming from the console. The rangers looked at their consoles as their spirits began glowing.

"No way," said Beck.

Suddenly, the zords began to move on their own.

"Which means… Mismagius?" asked Owen.

"You bet," said Mismagius.

"We're back…," said Beedrill, "And it's time to finish him off, what do you say?"

"But, if we defeat him," said Sandra, "The world will be destroyed."

The rangers nodded. Sandra had a point. The Screamo Bomb was still infused. Metallix laughed as the bomb began to glow.

"Yes," he said, "Now… die!"

As the bomb began to glow, he watched as the Screamo Bomb exploded. However, it didn't explode… it imploded. He yelled as his purplish shell exploded. He was screaming as blue lightning bolts were coming out of his body. The rangers yelled as they were getting hit by the attack.

"SHIT!" yelled Beck.

"Damn," said Josh.

"Well, who knew fighting was going to be tough?" asked Chatot.

The rangers nodded, agreeing to Chatot's response. Beck rubbed his chin and then called his Metronome Morpher, "Amy, what happened?"

"Simple," said Amy, "I set the bomb to implode. I knew that exploding Metallix's armor would give you guys a vulnerable advantage."

"He also got ten times tougher," said Josh.

The rangers looked at the screen and nodded in response. Suddenly, their Metronome Morphers began to glow. Kricketune nodded, "It's time."

"Time?" asked Beck.

"We need to exhaust our energy… set the power to 500," said Beedrill.

"But," said Violet, "We'll lose you."

"We understand the risk. We won't deplete all of our energy. But, after this is over, you guys won't be able to morph for a good year," said Gardevoir, "Trust us. It's the only way."

The rangers nodded as they responded. They set their Metronome Morpher to 500. A glow surrounded the rangers and the spirits as their zords began to glow and overcharge.

"I don't like this," said Beck, "But, we'll do it… Bandstand Zords, MUSICAL SPIRIT BEAM!"

The rangers nodded. Metallix yelled as he saw a beam of red, followed by green, black, blue, yellow, white, and purple. He yelled as he was taking the power of the music spirits. The sounds of chords, melodies, and major keys were screaming at his ears, killing him as the beams were hitting him. He yelled as he was screaming in response.

"Increase power!" said Beck.

The power intensified. Metallix was screaming as he was taking the powerful attack. Beck yelled as the cockpit started exploding, along with the others. Metallix yelled as an explosion came out of his body. His metallic shell was deteriorating like a Caterpie shedding skin. He yelled as his whole armor was being cut open. Red crusty liquid flew out of his body as his whole body turned into metallic shards. The Bandstand Zords began to glow as they disappeared.

"OH SHIT!" yelled the rangers.

The rangers yelled as they landed on the ground, unmorphed. While that happened, the Rangerz RV flew out as Scream Mountain imploded all over Ever Grande Stadium.

An hour later…

"BECK!" yelled Amy.

The Rangerz RV parked at the site. There were flames all over the place. Amy, Jason, and Morris were sitting down as they saw the rangers on the ground. Beck woke up as he looked at the sky. To his left, the Notation Saber was on the ground. Picking up the saber, he looked at the others. Soon, the others got up and picked up their swords. All had rips and tears in their clothes with cuts and scrapes on their faces.

"We… did it," said Josh, "Scream is gone!"

"ALRIGHT!" said Cam.

"YES!" said Fiona and Sandra.

"Great," said Violet.

"Awesome," said Owen, looking at them, "We need to go recharge them…"

"What?" asked Beck.

Owen turned to Beck, "Beck, we need to put our Notation Sabers in the Realm… back to where they came."

"He has a point," said Amy, "Besides, the music spirits need to recharge their energy if they plan to become helpful to world problems again."

Beck nodded. The seven rangers smiled as they got into the RV. Instantly, Jason started the RV as he pressed the gas pedal to the maximum, trying to get there instantly.

Twenty Minutes Later…

After speeding across the waves of the water and nearly hitting water Pokémon and water currents, the rangers crashed into the wreckage of the Shoal Cave. As they walked into the wreckage, Owen and the others were standing at the wall. The wall had seven music notes on it. He put his hand on the wall of the realm. A purple glow began to appear around him as the wall opened up. The rangers walked inside. The rangers were astonished. They saw a massive rock with seven holes. The seven rangers stood together as they took their sabers.

"Let's just say," said Beck, "It was fun to play in a band and it was fun to fight with you guys. We made friends with these guys, even though they were half asleep…"

"Yep," said Josh.

Owen nodded, "Well… it's time. Mismagius, thanks for choosing me to be a guardian. You got me to reconnect with my old band members. Thank you."

He shoved the saber into the first hole. A purple glow came out of it. Next, Violet stood up as she looked at the hole in front of her.

"Gardevoir, thank you. These guys taught me a lot about music and I was happy to assist them as much as possible," she said. Placing the saber into the hole, a white aura surrounded it.

Next, Fiona took out her saber and looked at the hole that was sparkling a little bit, "Beedrill, if it wasn't for you, I don't think Rangerz would have done a great job as it did this past year. I was happy to fight. And I would never ever regret it… I wouldn't have met someone special in the process."

Beck smiled. His face was gleaming with red. Fiona smiled, kissing him on the right cheek and placed the saber in the rock. A yellow aura surrounded it. Stepping back, Sandra stepped forward with her Notation Saber.

"Politoed… you taught me that no matter what happens, I will always be myself… regardless of me being a Pokémorph, I was accepted. Not just by my friends, but I was able to accept myself and there's no stopping that."

Placing the Notation Saber in the rock, a green aura surrounded it. She smiled stepping back, letting Josh take the stand.

"Chimeco, I don't really know what to say. Being a ranger was awesome. And to put up with annoying old me… you did a good job being next to me and standing side by side in battle. Thank you."

Placing the saber in the hole, a blue aura surrounded the saber. Stepping back, Cam took out his saber.

"Chatot, your crazy voice and your personality caused me to lighten up a little bit. You taught me to increase my hearing on more than just guitar, but from other things such as records, and other useful things. Thanks to you, I was able to help the team in more ways than one. Thanks," he said, placing the saber into the hole. A black aura surrounded it. Finally, Beck stepped forward.

"Kricketune, thank you for giving me the patience to be the leader of the band. I can say that the rangers have helped me be a little less angry and they helped me. The seven of us together worked as a team. And just like a band practicing and conquering a difficult piece, we defeated Metallica and the others in the same way. Thank you," he said.

Placing the saber in place, a red aura surrounded it. Suddenly, the rangers watched as their sabers began to glow. Images of their music spirits appeared as they nodded, giving them a sign of thanks. The rangers nodded as the spirits disappeared. Owen smiled as the rangers left the realm. Owen sealed the realm and turned to the others.

"Rangers," said Owen, "From this day, the battles of Poké Rangers Bandstand have ended. We can finally go on our ways."

"We can continue the tour," said Jason.

Everyone nodded, except for one person.

"Not me," said Fiona. The rangers turned around. Fiona turned to them and began to walk away.

"What?" asked Beck, "Why?"

Fiona turned to Beck, "Beck, I have to go and rule the Rayquazian Kingdom. I can't just sit here. My father is depending on me to rule."

Beck looked at her, "But…"

"I know," said Fiona, "But, it's my duty as a princess."

Beck went to protest, however he smiled, "I understand."

Fiona turned to Beck. The two of them walked closer. Fiona sighed as she looked at Beck. Tears were forming, "I wish we could've worked this out. But, you're a drummer and I'm a bassist/princess and it won't even-."

Suddenly, Beck grabbed Fiona by the neck and kissed her on the lips… hard.

"Wasn't there a prophecy?" asked Beck.

"My prophecy for Metallica?" asked Fiona.

Beck nodded. Fiona smiled, "Yeah. The prophecy was that I was going to kick his little ass and we did it together."

Then, there was a little cough. Fiona turned around. Her father, dressed in a gold robe smiled in response.

"Fiona," said her father.

"Dad!" said Fiona, hugging him. He hugged her in response.

"Are you ready?" he asked.

Fiona nodded, "I do."

She turned around. The rangers were looking at her. Their expressions were upsetting. His father, King Xavier III, smiled as he turned to her, "I think they want you to stay. Besides, maybe if you stay a little longer, maybe you will be able to experience."

"Really?" asked Fiona.

Her father nodded, "They're honored guests, remember?"

Fiona smiled as she turned to him, "Thanks, Dad."

"Besides, can I see my daughter play?" he asked.

Jason smiled, "Well, you are in luck your highness. Steven just called me. We are going to have the concert for all the islands on Ever Grande Stadium tonight to finish the tour. You are more than welcome to come as a VIP."

"A VIP?" asked the king.

"Simple, dad, you get a pass to behind the scenes," said Fiona, smiling.

Her father smiled, "Of course I'll attend."

The rangers smiled as a response with that.

Later that night…

The crowds were screaming. The rangers were finishing the song before they went to the last song.

"So, this song was… well, we asked Europe if we could borrow it and they said sure, why not," said Beck, "And let me tell you something… this song was when we were watching Metallica of the Scream Empire gets pummeled by the Poké Rangers!"

There was a loud scream of happiness as Beck waved his hands, "And we are going to sing it! HIT IT!"

Taking his drumsticks, he begins to drum around starting a drum solo. Next, Owen, Fiona, and Cam begin to play which leads to Josh playing the keyboard. After a five measure break, it gets louder with instrumentals. Sandra was cheering the crowd, causing them to clap. Jason, Morris, Amy and Violet were clapping with Fiona's father behind him with his servants smiling in response. Sandra turns on the microphone as she begins to sing:

We're leaving together

But still it's farewell

(The rangers sit down in the RV as the credits roll. Beck looks at the sky as he begins to remember…)

And maybe we'll come back

To Earth who can tell

(Episode 2- Beck meets Kricketune for the first time. Episode 10- Beck meets Morris at Rustboro City. Episode 23- Beck runs into his ex-girlfriend, and then reconciles with his father- Episode 29. Episode 34- Beck faces Groutron)

And maybe there's no one to blame

We're leaving ground (leaving ground)

Will things ever be the same again?

(Cam meets Chatot- Episode 1. Cam meets Regice- Episode 11. Cam faces Deotron- Episode 34. Cam finds the Flowers of Algernon- Episode 28. Cam destroys the Dead or Alive Ritual- Episode 36.)

It's the final countdown

The final countdown

(Josh meets Chimeco- Episode 1. Josh runs into Amy and the Delcatty- Episode 7. Josh faces James Bond- Episode 24. Josh in Silent Library- Chapter 41)

We're heading for Venus and still we stand tall
'Cause maybe they've seen us and welcome us all, yea

(Sandra meets Politoed- Episode 1. Sandra and Fiona go undercover- Episode 14. Sandra and Claese meet up- Episode 17. Sandra fights Jiratron- Episode 32. Sandra faces Soundwave- Chapter 47)

With so many light years to go and things to be found
(To be found)
I'm sure that we'll all miss her so

(Fiona meets Beedrill- Episode 2. Fiona learns of herself being a princess- Episode 30. Fiona then kills Raytron- Episode 30. Fiona and Beck kiss- Episode 48)

It's the final countdown
The final countdown
The final countdown
(The final countdown)
Ohh ho ohh

(Violet encounters Gardevoir- Episode 19. Violet, Fiona, and Sandra fight together- Episode 37. Violet screams in Silent Library- Episode 41.)

(Owen meets the rangers- Episode 35. Owen, Fiona, and Beck fall in the Shoal Cave- Episode 42. Owen begins to have flashbacks- Episode 44)

(Amy, Morris, and Jason appear with a smile)

The final countdown, oh ho
It's the final countdown
The final countdown
The final countdown
(The final countdown)

(Clips of the rangers using special attacks)

(Rangers fighting the Roadsters)

It's the final countdown
We're leaving together
The final countdown
We'll all miss her so
It's the final countdown
(The final countdown)
Ohh, it's the final countdown

(The rangers perform on the stage. The audience cheers as they finished the last note)

The next day…

The rangers were at Sky Pillar. Beck turned around as Violet took out an empty torch. She turned to Beck.

"We gather here today to pronounce our little… passing the torch ceremony," said Violet, "It took a lot of guts and we did it."

She gave the torch to Beck. Beck saw the music note engraved on the torch as he turned to the others. The rangers walk toward the torches where the empty torch was. He was given a torch and turned to the others.

"As the Red Bandstand Ranger, I, Beck McCaffery stand down today," he said. Lighting the torch, he placed the torch next to the Space Torch. A music note appeared on the torch. He turned to the others as they stood at the Sky Pillar.

"We are the rangers of music and harmony," said Beck.

"Poké Rangers Bandstand," said the rangers.

They struck their ranger poses. Amy, Morris, and Jason stand next to them as the waves crash. Behind them, the five torches are lit, proving that now five teams have protected the Earth from an evil threat.




Blaze: Coming soon, Poké Rangers Samurai!

Rangers: Let's Samuraize!

Greta: It's time to save the world again… this time the Fallen has escaped through the cracks and has attacked. Time for the samurai to rise again.

Blaze: Five warriors, five types of symbol power, working to destroy the Fallen.

Rangers: Origami, power up!

Chapter 1: Challenge of the Five Samurai

Rangers: Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!