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Why, why, why me? Why does my life have to be oh so complicated? I am stuck in an academy, which I so hate. I have my three brothers who are so overprotective of me.

Yeah my brothers, my older brother who is Mason Hathaway, who is older then me bay 2 years and is a really popular and the best novice at the school. Then there is Eddie Hathaway who is my twin and we defiantly look different then each other not twins at all. I look more like our father Abe Muzur Ozera while Eddie look more like our mother Jennie Hathaway who abandoned us and left us at this academy while we were really young. Then there is my other brother who is my half brother, we both have same fathers but different mothers his name is Christian Ozera and he is a mori his mother died while giving him birth so he lives with us at the academy and we go home in summer, and he is definitely the way overprotective of me from my others brothers. Yeah going to an academy where your brothers go defiantly is hell.

Then there is this totally hot Russian god named Dimitri Ivashkov who is the popular and is a royal Mori and I am totally in love with him, which he does not know about. He has these beautiful brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair slightly lighter then mine and has tan skin, which is unusual for a mori. He is not any royal mori he is the great grandson of the queen and is next in line for throne. He is Mason's best friend. Dimitri is not like any other mori; he likes to work out and has combat classes. He has this totally hot body that any girl would die for. He has 7 molinja marks on his neck. Now being the great- grandson of the queen has its benefits. He can have whatever he wants and whenever he wants. He has a reputation of being a man whore because he changes girls like changing clothes. And to something to be added in to mine oh so complicated life I am bounded with him.

You see 2 months ago the academy was attacked by strigoi, apparently they were working with humans to break the wards. I am also known as the best novice at the academy so when the attack happened I was there fighting with the other guardians along with my brother Christian who is fire user and helped fighting with the attack. We were both teaming up and were near the male Mori dorms since using so much magic it drained Christian out and he fainted, there were five stigois and I was alone. I took three done while staking the fourth one the fifth strigoi bite me I was in so much pain and was taken by the endorphium that couldn't finish staking the one in front of me, This was it for me I was going to die. The one in font of me was staked by Mason and then the darkness took in it was last for everything I would not be able see my brothers or the love life again. OH I WAS SO WRONG!

I woke up in infirmary with the worst headache and was told I was ok to leave. It felt so wired it was like my whole life was changed. I was felling these weird emotions, which were not mine at all.

I was on my way to my dorm room when suddenly everything changed and I was in the lounge and was kissing Avery Lezar. I am What? I thought and the darkness took in again.

I woke up and was met with worried looking brown eyes and they belonged to my Dimitri he was standing on my left side with oh the pain in the ass, my crazy lover Adrian Ivashkov. Dimitri and Adrian are related to each other, their cousins. Adrian is the other man whore at academy and is a junior like me and he gets on my last nerves. He is always drinking or smoking, sometimes I wonder how he is even alive. He is a dream stalker and stalks me every night in my dreams and put me in these ridicules clothes, if you can even call them clothes. You see he is a spirit user, not a lot of mori specialize in spirit its really rare. So with his magic he dream walk also see auras. Which is not cool!

My brothers were all standing on my left side of the bed. I was so confused what the hell was going on I was having these weird emotions again. When I was asked from mason what happened I told them all what happed before darkness took me. What I was told it was not pleasant. You see when strigoi attacked me I died and was brought back to live by Dmitri I found out that he is a spirit user who can heal. So when I died he brought me back to live without even knowing it. I can go in to his head and feel his emotions and also his feelings. When his emotions are strong I get pulled in to his head and it's hard to get back in my own head.

He is the reason that I am currently awake when I should be beautifully asleep right now but no the man whore had to be with a girl and when he is a with a girl its not pleasant all his thoughts and what was happening and I was felling everything. Ugh! I so hate him right now.

Right now lying in my bed trying to sleep but sleep is not coming. How can it come when you experienced being in hell or even worse? I am waiting and waiting nope can't go to sleep. Finally it came around 3:00am putting me into a deep darkness.

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