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Pairings: 1x2 maybe some 3x4

Story: Duo has one more year to play ball, all he wants is the championship. Heero has no idea what he's looking for, until he meets Duo. A story of life, loves, and how choices can change the course of someone's life.

Author's Note: So new story I know, it's a kind of a fluff piece with football theme in honour of the upcoming season. Thanks to everyone out there who supported my rant and follows my stories. So just kind of a fun thing no idea how long or if it will be a lemon will have to see where it goes. As always reviews of the constructive kind more then welcome.

Fourth and Goal

1st Quarter – Choices

He held his breath; one, two three… the bone crunching tackle came and he winced in sympathy as the crowed around him gave a 'oooh' of sympathy from the fans. Wide eyes never left the figure that was slow to regain his feet. Staggering slightly hands on his knees, he shook his head sharply before moving back into the huddle. The figure in the stands glanced at the clock time was running low in the fourth, and it was third and goal. A touchdown would cinch the victory. He crossed his fingers beginning to mentally pray to who ever was listening . It took him several moments to hear the chant but when he did a smile split his face. Wide and bright, he yelled with the rest as the offense took the line and the quarterback called the play…

4 years earlier….

The whistle blew and the boys gave a groan of relief as they dropped where they stood. "Hit the showers, see you at 6 am tomorrow do not be late or it's an extra ten laps!" The coach yelled as they began to move slowly in the hot , humid July afternoon. "Jeez how much longer do we have to do this?" came the groan from the tall dark haired teen as he pulled his helmet off normally well groomed hair was plastered to his head with sweat. There was a rumble of laughter from the tall figure beside him, "Until December, if we win that is."

A new voice chimed in, "If our chump of a quarterback can get his ass in gear," the looked over to where he stood talking with some of the other players. Blonde and tall he was mediocre at best, his interest was the female population and not football. Daddy has some money and he didn't really care about a championship "Point taken," the tallest figure took off his own helmet pulling out the sweat soaked braid from where he tucked it between his back and jersey. Sable hair, matted with sweat stuck out at all angles uncaring about the state of his head he walked with his companions to the change rooms sighing as they hit the slightly cooler basement room.

"You starting volleyball soon?" the one with auburn hair asked as he pulled off his jersey and shoulder pads, "Yeah next week," the black haired one stripped to his pants raised a questioning eyebrow, "Coach Walker, still pissed your doing football again?" the long haired teen sat heavily on the bench wearing nothing now but his tight spandex shorts. The lean figure was well tanned, taller then his two companions but only slightly. Pushing six two he was one of the better running backs on the team and had been for four years now. "Duo maybe he'd right, maybe this year you should focus on volleyball instead of football." The three headed into the showers with the rest of the team.

Several called out a greeting to Duo as he walked by, "No way Wufei, this is my last year and my last chance to play, I can't pass it up." He closed his eyes stepping under the spray letting the tepid water soak his overheated body. "I know, " the black haired teen was lathering up, "What do you think Trowa?" he called to the other one beside Duo, "I think Duo is going to do what he wants just as he's done since we where in elementary school." Laughing Duo gave him a hard shove, "To damn right," he said loudly as they continued to banter back and forth laughing.

Showered and changed they called their good byes before walking back out into the heat. "Working tonight?" the three best friends headed away from the stadium where their practices where held heading for home. "For the Sisters tonight, got the troops for dinner and entertainment." They laughed stopping outside a slightly run down, but well cared for red stone building. "Alright see you at six," the two called heading off. The two lived a little further into the little subdivision within walking distance.

Taking the stairs two at a time he stalled at the door already hearing the shrieks of laughter, screams, and general chaos of the house. Unable the stop the grin he stepped inside, "Hello!" he called over the general noise, this brought yells of excitement and he was mobbed by five small little bodies ranging from five to eight. "Duo!" they yelled crawling all over him as he picked three up with practiced ease tossing them over is shoulders listening to them shriek. "Oh thank the good lord your home," Sister Helen came into the room looking at the little squirming mass, "Sister Francis is out making calls and Sister Sarah had her hands tied with the baby." Duo nodded, "Alright troops lets go out back and play," he said winking at the frazzled looking nun who smiled gratefully, "I'll go run them," he teased, "They'll sleep well tonight."

True to his word they kids where run, fed, and nodding off by eight in front of the TV the movie Toy Story a fan favorite of the 'yard apes' as he affectionately referred to them. He began carrying them up to the rooms. The three girls in one and the two boys in other finally waking Sister Helen from the lounge, "Duo thank you, how was your day?" He smiled, "Good, looking forward to training the rest of the summer in this ridiculous heat." She laughed waving him off towards bed. "Goodnight Duo, kids start camp so should be quieter tomorrow." Laughing Duo headed up the stairs to the small attic bedroom moaning in contentment when he finally hit the pillows.

He stared up at the beams he liked his room it was small but comfortable. His bed was made the room was tidy his cloths neatly put away. His small desk was piled with paper, books and binders. His shelves overflowing with pictures, trophies, medals and ribbons. It was the room of both an athlete and a student. Sitting up he stripped to his boxers resting , his tired body, but his mind in turmoil. He worried his lower lip maybe Trowa and Wufei where right maybe he should just concentrate on volleyball. He loved football though, he was mediocre at it and he knew it. He would never play college ball as much as he wished he could. He was good and he knew his plays, but he wasn't great. Volleyball though…Coach thought he had a real chance. He was great at volleyball he had the height the speed, and the talent. His ticket to college was a volleyball scholarship and he was gambling with it by playing football. If he broke an arm…his season was over.

Balling his hands he rubbed tired eyes, he didn't want to be a burden to the sisters, it was so kind of them to let him stay, in exchange working with the kids they had let him stay on at the orphanage. "My last chance," he mumbled drifting off as his mind finally allowed his tired body to sleep.


"Good grief get over here you!" Duo cried there much yelling and laughter as he chased the kids around the house with three sweaters. It was the first day of school, his final year of high school, and for two it was the first day of grade one. The trick was getting all five dressed and ready. He was chasing Alex the oldest boy down the hall when the front door opened and Trowa snagged him throwing him over his shoulder as the child squealed in delight. "Come on Alex, time to get ready for school." Duo already looking frazzled grabbed his friends, "Calvary here, thank god." Laughing the got all the kids ready and out the door much to the happiness of Sister Helen who collapsed fanning herself as the door closed behind them.

The walked down the street holding hands of all five. Trowa and Wufei always tried to help Duo get the kids off as they got older and the amount of them he walked to the elementary got greater. "So Peter and Patricia are staring grade one?" Wufei looked at the two rather similar looking five year old, they where the twins fraternal but at the moment they looked very similar. Trowa had Alex's hand, he grinned at him "Grade three this year?" the small one nodded in pride, "Yup! Big boy now." Laughing Duo swung Lillian and Rose who where both starting grade two today.

The elementary school was on the way to the high school, Lillian, Rose and Alex rushing off spotting friends. Duo walked the twins in to there classroom and dropping them off with the teacher with limited amount of tears he left them happily colouring the boys waving them off heading for school. Duo sighed, freedom, "You look tired and the day hasn't even started." Trowa nudged him teasing, "No kidding, anyway time to get to school." Nodding the tree headed for the large rather old looking building that served as the high school.

At the same time the boys where entering and heading for homeroom a new figure was pulling up in his sports car. The parking lot was rather empty, the cars all mostly junkers nowhere near as over expensive as his own car. The tall figure stepped out of the car wrinkling his nose as he caught sight of his new school. "You have to be kidding," he muttered looking around, he hit the auto lock. He ran a hand through shaggy brown hair frowning as he slowly trudged towards the entrance. Uncaring of the stares tossed his way by other students he made his way to the office. He stepped into the room moving to the counter, "Yuy, Heero." He mumbled to the secretary. She looked at him over the top of her glasses, "New?" he nodded as she handed over the paper, "Home room is on the top," she sent him on his way.

The paint was peeling, the floor was dirty, the desk was falling apart, and the text the teacher handed him was at least ten years out of date. It was his first period English, applied level…like all his classes in this hellhole. He looked at the text and back up at the teacher as she started explaining the various texts they would be looking at. Heero drifted in and out looking out the window. He was on the second floor looking out across the green field, there was a class heading out there now looked like the girls gym class. He glanced around the room again, it didn't look like anyone was paying attention.

Blue eyes glared from the back of the room he didn't want to be here, he didn't want to be at school, he just wanted…he closed his eyes rubbing his temples. He didn't want to think about it any more, he didn't want to think about any of it. He was startled to hear the bell, standing with the others and filing out. He grabbed his bag moving down the hall looking at the crumpled piece of paper. His next class was an open geography, followed by a foods class, lunch, an open tech, and finally gym. It was a stupid schedule so easy a monkey could pass it. He felt disgusted with himself; at the same time he knew why it had been done. His grades….the other school. He gritted his teeth, feeling the tick in his jaw start as he threw his bag down settling in the back row. He was going to get through this, one day at a time.