Author's Note: My apologies I was supposed to post this last night but I got called into work yesterday and was just so flipping tired by the time I got home. Anyway this is the final chapter to this story, it's amazing how long I can write about nothing. Just wait till you see my 'business' one. I don't have a title for it yet so it's just thirty pages of 'business'. If anyone actually reads my rants up here and has a good name for a story about a businessman and a student by all means let me know. For now however enjoy the final installment.

Fourth and Goal

13th Quarter - Final

They where awoken next by the alarm blaring at 9, Heero having set it the night before. Groaning he reached out turning it off, before settling once more against the soft warm body beside him. "Wha?" Duo muttered, "Work," Heero grunted, Duo yawned stretching, "Oh yeah, forgot I have the day off to finish my project," he said kissing Heero on the cheek gently. Grumbling and muttering Heero got up groggily heading into the bathroom, where Duo heard the shower start. Closing his eyes for just a moment, what seemed like seconds later he heard a disgusted cry from the bathroom.

The shower was off, "Heero?" he called worried, getting out of bed heading for the open door he saw the broad figure looking in the mirror, face twisted. "You ok?" Duo asked coming up beside him wondering what had caused the yell, "I look terrible," he said in a tight voice. Duo looked from the real thing to the reflection and back again. "Yes and?" sighing Heero hung his head, "I look this bad and you still slept with me?" blinking a couple of times in surprise he felt a smile tugging at his lips. "It was a trial to be sure," he said keeping a straight face. Heero turned pulling him close, "Can I call off work cause I look like I was hit by a car?" Laughing he kissed him once more, "Nope, use it to your advantage get the sympathy buy."

Dropping Duo off with a promise to come over after work he headed for the store, preparing himself to be cooed over by the girls. Looking in the mirror at the silly grin on his face he tried not to think about the morning, an impossible task. He couldn't contain his happiness.


"How did, I mean to saw how…" Quatre trialed off blushing brightly. He and Duo had been sitting at the usual table, now inside the cafeteria, as the winter winds whipped snow outside. "How did what Quatre?" the long haired teen wasn't sure what he was trying to ask, it was late December the school excited about the upcoming holidays. In the last couple of weeks Quatre had come clean to Trowa about his crush, finding that the like was mutual. "You know, when you and Heero.. your first time," he said looking anywhere but at violet eyes. "Oh…Oh!" blushing Duo looked at his tray, "What about it?" Quatre fidgeted a moment, "Was it good?" Duo chuckled finally looking at him, "Q, when the time is right, and the moment comes…there are no words to describe it."

"Describe what?" Heero settled next to Duo tray in hand, the longhaired teen smiled shaking his head. Shrugging Heero began to eat; his appetite of late had been monumental. Between yoga, volleyball, and now training for college ball spring training he seemed to be eating enough to feed a small army. "So, you're both accepted?" Quatre was trying to change the subject nodding Heero reached under the table clasping the callused hand of his lover. They had accepted offers at the same school Heero on a full scholarship for football Duo for volleyball. The scholarship his school choice along with Heero's decision to study culinary arts, specifically baking had sent his dad over the deep end.

In a rare time of both his parents where home Heero had told them his plans, ending in a shouting match from his father who wanted him to take over the company. His bankrupt company, Heero had come to learn through news stories. His father had been pilfering money from the company kitty for years trying to maintain this lavish lifestyle. They where flat out broke, his father was up on charges and his father was ranting about him bailing out the company. His mother had done nothing, just as she had his whole life but for the first time Heero didn't keep it bottled up, he spoke up. He told them he was going to go to college, he was going to play football, and that he and his boyfriend needed nothing from him. It had been an hour later when he's shown up at the orphanage steps disowned by parents he barely knew.

"Yeah, we decided to move out there as soon as we graduate," Duo was saying. Not that the Sisters where in a hurry to get rid of him, he simply wanted to be less of a burden to them. For now however they where enjoying his school life, as much as possible. "Hey Heero got a surprise for you," Heero looked up as Wufei and Trowa joined them grinning widely. Setting down his laptop he turned it so the screen was facing the pair, quick blue eyes looked at the youtube website, the title, 'drunk bitch gets hers'. Curious he looked at the widely smiling pair, hitting the play button. "Fuck you!" the voice screeched, a cop car flared in the background, as two officers tired to get the fighting figure cornered. Heero squinted as the scantly dressed, clearly drunk figure, who? "Oh god isn't that Relena?" Heero felt his eyes bug out of his head, Wufei cackled, "Sure is she was arrested for soliciting as well as drunk and disorderly this weekend past." As they watched the cops got her screaming and yelling flashing the world everything she had to offer before they got her into the car. "Daddy tried to cover it up but this little video made it to youtube…well over 8 million views. She's ruined."

Video over Heero looked at his friends, "Should I ask?" Trowa closed the laptop throwing an arm around Quatre, "Right place at the right time, lets leave it at that." Laughing Duo leaned into Heero for a moment, before going back to his lunch with a wink to the blushing blonde. Heero grinned, happy, and not for the first time glad he'd been forced to change schools.

"Oh Duo!" Quatre suddenly remembered, "I saw your project it's drawing a lot of attention in the science wing everyone is dying to know who you used for a model." He said with a sly wink. "What?" Heero asked looking between the two, Duo had handed in his project earlier in the week receiving outstanding marks the teacher had hung all the assignments in the hall. His life size, or Heero size project had been drawing a lot of attention mainly because he had a gorgeous body and it was on display. Duo groaned, "It's ridiculous…the teacher wanted me to give her number to my model." They all laughed Heero buried his face in his hands, "Price of fame," Wufei joked snatching one of Heero's cookies he had made in foods. They all laughed, Heero, Wufei and Trowa hurling good natured insults at each other comfortable in the camaraderie.

Present Day.

Violet eyes looked locked on the figure crouched on the line, he could vaguely hear the play yelled but he couldn't make out the words. The ball was snapped, the figures collided, the quarterback hustled back strong arm throwing the ball with all accuracy, as the clock wound down. The ball was caught, and the game ended in a howl of triumph Duo on his feet with the rest of the crowd as he watched Heero turned looking towards the stands. Violet eyes locked on blue and he grinned throwing his arms in the air. Waving back Duo settled back in his seat hand clutching the VIP pass hanging around his neck.

They had come so far, graduating college Heero was picked first round draft by the national league. The game they had just won sealed the spot for going into the big game, the Bowl of all Bowls, as well as his place in sports history. Duo waited as the stadium cleared out before slowly descending to the tunnels picking up speed heading for the change rooms. Waving to security who by now had seen him enough to know where he was going. Pushing quietly to the now much quieter change room, he sighed in relief. The immediate post game was hectic with reporters, people, and so much confusion it was ridiculous. He had learned to wait, and it was well worth it.

He spotted the lone figure sitting on the bench in nothing but his pants, the hip protectors jutting out as the solid torso moved softly with each breath. Quietly he sat beside Heero, "We won," came the soft voice, "We won, and we are going…" he felt hot tears running down his cheeks. "It's like a dream," Duo grinned looking at the shaggy headed man, four years had been kind to them both. Duo had filled out more, still not as broad as Heero he wasn't the skinny teen any more. Heero hadn't grown tall, his shoulders had seemed to broaden, his muscles bunched and curled he was in fantastic shape.

Duo didn't say anything gently taking his hand he looked at the crooked index finger, "Break it again," Heero sniffing laughed, "Sure did," he said quietly. Duo set the finger, now much more familiar with the workings of the human body a proud graduate in his field of sports medicine. "You remember, that afternoon after the big game?" Heero asked Duo grinned at him, "Yup, you looked a lot worse after that game." Nodding a long arm snaked around his waist pulling him close kissing the still fair neck of his lover. "I was thinking more about this," he kissed across his neck pulling him into his lap. Laughing Duo kissed him softly, leisurely, before separating with a sigh, "How about we go home, Mr. Quarterback, I'll let you run your wide receiver." Laughing Heero hurried to stand and strip pulling on sweats quickly, "Hey what's the rush?" Duo asked surprised by the speed. Heero wrapped an arm around his waist as they headed for the door. "Because Duo my love, I was just given my play, and it's fourth and goal." Duo blinked, one last down before he scored…when it suddenly clicked.

The sound of his laughter echoed across the now deserted expensive change room in a professional stadium, a long way from the dingy, old school change room where a blue eyed angry teen first heard that beautiful laugh.