I don't own Twilight, I wish I did but I don't. That honor goes to Stephanie Meyer's.

This story happens after eclipse. However, Bella didn't go to Italy in New Moon, Carlisle and Esme got there first and talked him out of it bringing him home to see Bella was alive for himself. They got back together just like in the books and Victoria created the same army. The rest of Eclipse happened the same way, except when the Volturi showed up. Jane, Alex, Felix and Demetri all recognize Bella they just don't know how, and don't bring it up.

Chapter 1

"Three Thousand years ago"

The sun beating down on the white sands in Greece, it was a day of celebration. The warriors had recently returned from war victorious and all of Athens was in glee. There were families everywhere that had been reunited after a year of separation. Sitting on the beach away from the drinking and loud yelling of victory was a small family. A warrior meeting his daughter for the first time who had been born while he was away; not even a year old her golden brown hair fell in light waves as she played in the sands, her parents watching on. The woman looked at her husband with love in her heart "Aro, you will one day take control of the armies as your father wants, but promise me you will not forget your only daughter." Kissing his cheek she got up and took their daughter inside to finish preparing the food for supper. He got up being careful of his side which had been injured in the war, and slowly followed them inside their home on the outskirts of the city.

Late that night he sat up in his bed grabbing his sword hearing screams from the city, his wife woke up scared and grabbed their infant daughter from her crib as he pushed her into the hideaway in the floor boards. As soon as he shut them inside the front door blew open revealing 3 men, their skin was pale as a ghost and their eyes crimson red. Looking them over noticing their Romanian attire he was momentarily confused as to how they got there but quickly banished the thoughts from his mind. Aro raised his sword but was not quick enough, one of the men grabbed him in a ice cold grip, his sun weather skin shivered at the deathly grip praying his family would remain safe under the floor boards. Trying to pull away from the man was fruitless as he was thrown back into the walls of his home, looking in horror as the taller of the three walked over and ripped up the floor panels that concealed his family. He watched helplessly as his wife was ruthlessly ripped up holding his now screaming daughter. He turned to the man in front of him begging for their lives to be spared casting worried glances at his wife, who had her eyes closed in prayer trying to comfort their daughter in her shaking arms.

His eyes looked in panic as his baby was ripped for his wife's arms. Her eyes snapped open looking at him mouthing the words "I love you" and the man snapped her back to his chest ripping her side to the side before sinking his teeth into her soft neck draining the life from her with every passing second. All he could hear was screaming as he realized the shrill screams where coming from his own chest. His eyes scanned the room finding his daughter crying in the arms of the other man knowing her mother was now dead. Trying to get to her he felt a sharp pain run through him as the man sunk his own teeth into his neck, but stopped before his world went dark. Aro could only listen as the monster of a man spoke "I will not finish you, and will take pleasure knowing you will finish off your own family" His blood began to boil in his veins making him scream out and his daughter was placed next to his dead wife and the men left him, turning him into a vampire.

In the center of town Didyme was frantically searching for her family, running to her brothers house she threw the doors open seeing her dead sister in law and her brother screaming in pain. Knowing that the monsters must have done this she turned to leave quickly before seeing her niece in a corner. Grabbing the small infant she looked to her brother with promise in her eyes "I will take care of her for you my brother, I love you" taking a breath as she said a small prayer she kissed her niece on the forehead and grabbed her blanket "Come Isabella Marie it is time to go, my child" turning she prayed her brother could fight the demon and would come back the man she knew. Turning into the night she ran down the hill and to her home as her father was packing to leave.