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Breathing Underwater
AngelBabs81 and potterfan2006

Chapter 1
(February 2019)

The SeaQuest bustled with activity as it readied to welcome five new scientists. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. Everyone aboard had been assigned tasks before the newcomers arrived. Two of the SeaQuest crew, Dr. Kristin Westphalen and Dr. Joshua Levin spoke convivially as they waited for the launch to arrive. They were commenting about the expectations of the new science crew when Captain Nathan Bridger came up to them.

"Captain," Levin acknowledged Bridger by inclining his head.

He got a different response from Dr. Westphalen, "What are you doing here?" Kristin asked, looking a bit skeptical.

The Captain answered her, "I figured I can welcome them to the boat," then he gave Kristin the 'I am the Captain and it is proper procedure' look.

Kristin opened her mouth to reply when she was cut off by the launch's arrival.


Sammie Williams was the first of the new scientists to leave the launch.

Whew, I'm glad that's over she thought, climbing down the stairs.

Sammie was slight with shoulder length blond hair, and wore a dark blue top with tan slacks. Her friend Annie Anderson, next off the launch, was a few inches shorter, and sported shoulder length red hair and a petite build, dressed in a light blue top and black slacks.

Sammie and Annie had attended Madsen Science Academy together. However Sammie was not sure how long Annie would last on the SeaQuest. Annie had always been painfully shy.

Sammie was finally getting her first look at the SeaQuest, gathering her thoughts. The UEO Commander was not kidding, this place is HUGE!

Sammie turned to her friend and noticed that she was staring at three of the SeaQuest crew who were waiting to greet them and the other new Scientists.

Sammie waved her hand in front of Annie's face to try and get her attention, "Earth to Annie, are you in there?"Not able to get a response, she turned to the Captain as he started talking:

"As Captain of the SeaQuest, I'd like to welcome each and every one of you aboard," Nathan said approaching the group of five scientists as the PA system said, "Welcome to SeaQuest. Please present inoculation papers." "I am Captain Nathan Bridger," he finished after the automated welcome.

Then Dr. Westphalen stepped up to introduce herself and her colleague "I am Dr. Kristin Westphalen, Chief Medical Officer and your boss," then pointing to Joshua, added, "And this is Dr. Joshua Levin. Doctors Williams and Anderson will work directly with him due to your specialist areas."

After hearing their names Sammie walked forward while grabbing Annie's arm. She introduced herself and Annie, "I am Dr. Samarya Williams and this is Dr. Andrea Anderson"

Sammie was expecting Annie to say something, but when she didn't Sammie looked over at her friend nervously. It looked like Annie still hadn't come out of her stupor. So she elbowed Annie which prompted a response form her,

"Hey what was that for, Sammie?" Annie asked, rubbing her arm

"You need to pay attention!" Sammie scolded.

"Okay, okay sorry!"

Addressing Dr's Levin and Westphalen, Sammie was apologetic for their little display, "Sorry Annie's a little shy at times."

"That's all right," Kristin waved it off.

Nathan, who had been watching the interplay silently, whispered something into Kristin's ear before turning to the group. "Dr. Westphalen," the name sounded too impersonal off his lips, "Will show you to your quarters." With a slight nod of his head, he departed.

Sammie, turning to grab her bag, lost her footing and. She stumbled into Dr. Levin.

"Oomph," Levin grunted as he managed to grab the railing and caught her before she hit the ground. "You okay?' he asked with some concern as he righted them, holding her gently by the waist for a few moments longer to make sure she didn't fall again.

Sammie blushed, she was such as klutz sometimes, "Sorry 'bout that…"

"It's quite all right," Levin assured her, dropping his hands to his sides with a smile.

Unaware of what was happening between Sammie and Dr. Levin; Kristin smiled at the group of new arrivals and spoke as she turned on her heel to go: "If you will follow me." While the group gathered their belongings and followed, Dr. Levin stood, observing them. The group ranged in age from their mid 20s to mid 30s. The shy one caught his eye. He knew this was no place to be shy. They had a lot to deal with.

Kristin showed each to their respective cabins and before leaving, announced "Dr. Levin will be here in fifteen minutes to take you to the science hall." With that they were left to unpack, and prepare for their first tour on the SeaQuest.