Chapter 1: Prologue

Author's Note- ok, I know I haven't finished any of my stories and I kept on writing new ones, but I promise I will tried to finish them. Anyway, I hope you like this one as well.


The blurry image before him was that entire he could remember before darkness completely consumed him. The voice that he considered dearly faded into the darkness as he continues to sink. A scorching pain he knew nothing of surge through his entire body, ripping him inside out. Tears escaped his eyes as his heart begins to slow down, suffocating him in the process. Please… Save him…

"Even in the time of death, you still consider his well-being above all else, Jono?"

"Ah!" Joey awoke with a start as the alarm clock goes off. The white ceiling blur as he tried to adjust his eyes sight. The annoying alarm clock continues to go on and on until he was too tired of it and turned it off. He was going to slam it, but then that was his third one he gotten this week. The first one he gotten, he threw it against the wall, and the second one was the one he accidentally dropped into the toilet. So yeah, he didn't want to get yell at by his father again.

His father, Katashi Wheeler, used to be an alcoholic person, but nowadays, he doesn't drink anymore, but that doesn't mean he can get over it that easily. To help his father, Joey was brought home a bottle of orange soda that his father doesn't seem to get tired of. It helps him in some ways, and now he was even back to working.

Joey tiredly got out of bed and manages to take off his pajamas and into the shower. He turns the water all the way to cold to get rid of the feeling he had every time he had that dream. It's been exactly three week since he started having those weird dreams. It always left him feeling depressed or confused and he hate it.

He stroke one hand through his wetted blond hair before turning off the faucet. Grabbing the nearest towel, he wraps it around his waist and dried his hair with a smaller one. Yup! A cold shower sure did a great job! The feeling was gone and he felt refreshed. Walking over to his desk where he had already lain out his school uniform last night, (his father made him) he looks for a boxer and then put on his school uniform. Grabbing his school bag, he headed down the stairs to the living room and then into the kitchen where his father was making breakfast.

"Good Morning, son," his father greeted.

"Good Morning, dad," he greeted back before seating himself down. His father handed him a plate of pancakes with syrup.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot. Joey, I will be going on a business trip today and wouldn't be back until fall. I want you to keep the house clean and spotless while I'm gone. You can invite friends over, but no party. Ok then, I'll be in my room packing," with that said and done, he left, more like a dash really.

The blond stared, speechless as he watches his father disappeared through the door. "Ok?" he said blankly as he finished the rest of his breakfast before heading to school.

He was greeted by his best friend, Yugi, and his other best friend, Yami, an ex-pharaoh that claims he and Joey knew each other in the past, meaning ancient Egypt. Yugi and Yami look-a-like, but there are differences between them. For examples, Yugi has violet eyes, while Yami had crimson eyes, and a bunch of other different stuff.

"What do you plan on doing this summer Joey?" Yugi broke the silence as they head to school.

The blond thought for a moment, "I don't know. Dad's going on a business trip this summer, so… I don't know what I'm going to do. I might as well get a job and work all summer."

"Why don't you go with Yugi and I to Egypt this summer?" Yami suggested.

"What?" the blond asked with shocked.

"That's a great idea!" Yugi said excitedly, "Yeah Joey, why don't you come with us? Isis just opened a new museum and wanted us to go see."

"Well" "She mentions Marik and Malik finding some new artifacts that might have something to do with Jono," Yami added quickly before the blond could even refuse or agree. Jono? The blond had told Yugi and Yami about his dream, but he had never specially revealed the name. So how did… that's right! Yami could read mind when he wants too.

The blond growl slightly, "You read my mind, didn't you?"

"Sorry, couldn't help it," Yami apologized with an innocent grin.

The blond couldn't help but forgives him. When it comes to Yugi and Yami, he totally had a soft spot for them. Now don't get him wrong, he's not in love or anything, it's more like a brotherly love. "It's alright, but next time, tell me," the blond said.

"Got it," Yami nodded. With that, they continue onto the school ground.

The class was barely full when they arrived. Most students were in the hall or some other place inside the school. Joey's expression automatically turns to a glare as he spot a certain icy blue eyes brunet in the seat next to his. It sucks that they argues every day, and not long ago, they were assigned to sit together. Yup! Ra must really hate him.

"Joey? Are you ok?" Yugi asked as he bumped into the blond by the door way.

"Uh, it's nothing," he quickly answered and moved out of the way so they could all get through. The three teens went to their assign seats. Yugi and Yami were lucky enough to get to sit together, while he got stuck with the icy cold CEO of Kaiba Corp. yup, he's talking about the one and only Seto Kaiba, the nerve of him!

"Don't get so close Mutt, you're get fleas all over me," the brunet said sarcastically with a glance towards the blond.

Suddenly, an unknown memory flashes through his mind.


He was standing by the dunes in the desert outside of the kingdom. The sun was already up in the sky, burning his pale skin and heating his golden blond hair. He wasn't a citizen of Egypt, but rather he was from Greek. He was travelling with his family when they were attack by bandits. He lost everything that day, and was forever stuck here. The bandits sell him to the slave market, and thanks to that, he is now working for one of the High Priest of Egypt as his personal slave.

"What are you daydreaming about Mutt?"

He turns around and comes face to face with a tan Egyptian. He wore a blue suits and was holding a rod with the eye of Horus implanted on it. The Egyptian had icy blue eyes and hair the color of brunet. He watched the blond stared at him. "What are you staring at?" he asked.

The blond quickly turned away with a faint blush. He could very well tell the brunet he was checking him out, so he quickly came up with a lie, "I was wondering when I'll finally be able to go home, but I guess that's impossible since I belong to you."

A pained expression crosses the brunet's face, but quickly faded away, "Yes… you forever belong to me and me alone."

The blond turned back to him with an unreadable expression, "Does that mean I belong to you for all eternity to come?"

"Yes," the High Priest answered almost immediately.

A small smile creeps onto the blond's face, "Then I'm forever yours… for all eternity to come."


Joey was yank away and pulled out of the classroom by Yami. Yugi stared for a few second before running after them leaving a very confused brunet behind. Yami continues to pull the stunned blond towards the roof. Once they were finally outside, Yami let go of the blond's hand and slam the door shut after Yugi got out.

"What was that about?" the blond asked.

Yami sighed with relief, "You were emitting such a heavy aura that it's almost scary to learn what else you got up your sleeve."

"I was what?" the blond asked with confusion clearly shown on his face and tone.

"Yami said you emitting a powerful aura just now, Joey," Yugi answered him.

"But how?" the blond asked, still confused.

"I was right when I said you should come with us to Egypt," Yami said, "Isis might know something. It's too bad Bakura isn't here yet. He might know something as well."

Bam! The door slam open and a very cautious looking Bakura, the ex-tomb robber back in ancient Egypt, came into view.

"Ah, speak of the devil," Yugi said.

"What was that I was sensing just now? It couldn't have been you, Yami," Bakura said.

Yami shook his head, "It was Joey."

A creepy smile creeps onto his face, "So blonde decided to test his power after all."

"I wasn't! I don't even know!" Joey argued.

"Whatever," he turned away from him and to Yami, "Have Isis contacts you about what they found?"

Yami nodded. He continues, "We should take blonde as well. Isis insists that we do."

"We are," Yugi answered him. The blond shrugged. He should get a job and quick, so that the others won't be able to force him to go to Egypt.

"Have you heard?" Ryou asked as he came into view.

"Heard what?" the group asked as he approaches.

"About the trip to Egypt; I heard Kaiba is coming as well, since it does involve him as well," he replied.

Great! He thought. Ra must really, really hate him! That's it; he's finding a job after school and am going refused their offer to Egypt, especially now that Kaiba is going as well.