This was inspired by The Room: Spongebob Edition by DonPinata which was inspired by some story by lovsamonkesuncleyaya.

Jon: Hello and welcome to The Room: Garfield Edition! Hosted by me Jon Arbuckle. Let's meet the contestants.

Garfield is a comic strip character known so well, that I don't even have to talk about him. (But if you need me to, then you are not a Garfield fan and should stop reading this story)

Odie is a dog who likes to drool.

Nermal is a gray cat who most people mistake for a girl. (He hates that by the way)

Normal is Nermal's little brother who he met in Abu Dhabi.

Arlene is a pink cat who very few people know exists. (If you're one of those people, go to then click comics and go to the strip from January 6, 2010)

Penelope is a cat who is only seen in very few episodes of the old Saturday morning cartoon Garfield & Friends (She is not well known at all)

Garfield's mom has only been seen in a few strips and a Garfield special that I don't feel like saying the title of.

Garfield's dad is a cat who looks exactly like Garfield except he has green fur. (He is also a ghost who died 6 months before Garfield was born)

Raoul is Garfield's half-brother (Also not well known)

Squeak is a mouse (Only seen on The Garfield Show)

Hercules is a Chihuahua (He has nothing to do with the Disney character)

RX-2 isn't even an animal, he's just a talking scale who's mean to Garfield.

and Fake Nermal is an cat used to play Nermal in Garfield: The Movie. (He's one of the reasons some people refuse to watch it.)

Garfield: I think my description should've been longer.

Jon: Come now contestants, I need to take you to the hallway.

Arlene: I thought this show was called the room.

Jon: Now this light brown door is the kitchen where some challenges will happen. This light blue door is the water room where other challenges will happen and nobody can go in until I say so. This purple door over here is the bathroom which is off limits from 3:00-3:01 A.M. Now finally, we have this red door where you'll all be staying. Behind this door is...The Room!

Garfield's dad: Why do you have to say it all dramatic like that?

Jon: Now here's how this game works, you 13 contestants will stay in The Room for weeks, maybe even months. Also whenever you least expect it, all of you will have to vote on who has to leave. There will also be challenges every once in a while where you can earn stuff that'll help you in the game. Now whenever you want to you can quit but you won't get to come back and if you do quit you will be unable to win the ultimate prize...

Hercules: Which is what?

Jon: of $1,000,000!

Garfield: Talk about being cheesey.

Jon: Well you guys get settled, I'm gonna go plan when vote off #1 will be.

RX-2: Wait! Can I sleep in the bathroom?

Jon: No.

RX-2: Darn.

Jon walked away as Garfield and Normal noticed something odd about The Room.

Garfield: I wasn't expecting The Room to have red walls.

Normal: This is odd there's actually one bed for each of us, because usually there's alot less beds than contestants.

Nermal: I have a feeling next season is gonna have a low budget.

25 minutes and 46 seconds passed

Garfield's mom: This is boring, when is there gonna be a vote off or something?

Jon then came in through the door the second Garfield's mom stopped talking.

Jon: Hey everybody...

Everyone paused for a moment.

Jon: I've decided that the first challenge will be in one hour, and the first vote off will be immediately after. See you in 60 minutes.

Jon then left.

Squeak: Well at least we know now.