The Next Day

"Ok, tonight, I will definitely get to be immune." Garfield said.

Nobody talked for 2 seconds.

"What? No comment by Nermal on how next season will be a low budget because I give a big announcement at the very beginning of the chapter?" Garfield asked.

"Nermal got eliminated." Penelope said.

"Yeah, I know." Garfield replied. "I just love hearing people say it." he continued.

Jon then burst through the door.

"Penelope, I need to talk to you, right now." Jon said.

"Whoa, must be something wrong." Penelope said.

Penelope and Jon then walked out of the room and Jon shut the door.

"Penelope, last night you were not supposed to vote, but you did." Jon explained.

"Oh yeah." said Penelope very worried. "But, you shouldn't have given me one of the papers." she said.

"What did she say?" Jon asked.

One of the strong men than walked up to Jon and handed him an envelope. Jon opened the envelope and read off the paper inside of it what Penelope had just said.

"Oh." Jon said after reading the paper. "Well, you should still know that you're not supposed to vote." he continued.

"But..." Penelope started to say.

"For breaking the rules, you must go home until you get the call to come back." Jon explained.

"Ok." Penelope said just before walking away.

Jon then went back into the room and told the contestants what had happened.

"So, are you guys ready for today's challenge?" asked Jon.

The contestants then nodded and said yes at the same time.

"Well you better stay ready, because it's not time for the challenge yet." said Jon.

Jon then left. All the contestants had a very confused look on their face.

5 Hours Later

The contestants were playing go fish.

"Do you have any 5s, mom?" Raoul asked.

"Go fish." said Sonya.

Jon then came in the room again.

"Hey, contestants!" Jon shouted. "I just wanted to let you know, that the challenge..." he started to say.

"Yes!" all the contestants said eagerly.

"will be later today." Jon continued.

All the contestants sighed after Jon left.

2 Hours Later

Jon came back into the room.

"Oh, contestants!" Jon shouted. "The challenge is..." he started to say.

"Not yet." Garfield guessed.

"not yet." Jon continued.

"Of course." said Garfield.

The contestants played Go Fish for another hour and waited for Jon to come back. Jon then reentered the room.

"It's time for the challenge!" yelled Jon.

The contestants then walked out of the room moaning either the word "finally" or the phrase "at last".

"You contestants look as though I've been making the wait time for the challenge longer than it really is." said Jon.

"You have." said Squeak.

"Today's challenge will be in the gym." said Jon.

Garfield opened the door to the gym, but when he did, he didn't see the gym.

"Hey Jon, somebody stole the gym and replaced it with the set of one of those game shows where all of the budget goes into the set." Garfield said. "Which is pretty much every game show." he continued.

One of the strong men then walked over to Garfield with a phone on a plate.

"Sir, there's a phone call for you." the strong man said as he showed Garfield the phone. Garfield took the phone off the plate and answered it.

"Hey Garfield, I'm watching the show, and this likely temporary remodel of the gym tells me that..." Nermal started to say on the other line.

"That next season is gonna be a low budget." Garfield said.

"How'd you know I was gonna say that?" Nermal asked.

Garfield then hung up the phone and gave it back to the strong man. The strong man then walked away.

"Now, everyone in and find the podium with your name." Jon said just before him and the contestants walked into what used to be the gym.

Each contestant and Jon went to their podium.

"Ok, before I explain the rules, I must state that there will be no vote-off tonight."

Steam then came out of Garfield's ears as his head turned red.

"No matter what I do, something comes up that makes it so I can't use my immunity! Well I don't want it anymore!" Garfield screamed. "I wanna give it to Odie!" he shouted as he pointed to Odie.

"Garfield, based on what's happened in the last 30 seconds, I'm assuming you want to give your immunity to Odie." Jon said. "Do you?" he asked.

"Yes." Garfield said as he nodded yes.

"Well ok, then." said Jon. "Odie, would you like to use your immunity tonight?" he asked.

"Don't use it tonight, Odie. There's no vote-off tonight, nobody can vote for you anyway." Garfield explained.

Odie then nodded yes to Jon's question.

"Ok, so everyone remember, you can't vote for Odie tonight." Jon said.

Garfield sighed.

"Here's how it works, I'm going to ask you multiple choice questions, and if you know the answer you must hit the correct 'A', 'B', or 'C' button on your podium before someone else does. Once you've answered two questions correctly, you've survived to cook another day." Jon explained. "Oops, sorry, wrong show. I meant, you can stay in the room one more day." he corrected. "The last contestant to answer two questions correctly will be eliminated from the room." he explained.

"Oh, this is gonna be a piece o' cake." said Garfield's dad.

"Ok, let's begin." Jon said.

The lights then went down while a really fast dramatic music piece played.

"Sorry! Hit the wrong button." the guy working the lights said just before he turned the lights back on.

There was silence for a few seconds.

"Ok then." Jon said. "Which composer wrote The Water Music? Handel, Mozart, or Beethoven?" Jon asked.

Garfield's dad took a guess and tried to push the A button, but because he's a ghost, his hand slid right threw it.

"No! No! No!" shouted Garfield's dad.

Garfield and Raoul saw which button the dad of one of them was trying to push, and each pushed their A button.

"That is correct, but Raoul got it first."

"Yes!" Raoul cheered.

One of the two light bulbs on the front of Raoul's podium lit up.

"No! This isn't fair! The buttons are un-pushable!" Garfield's dad yelled.

"What color does acid turn Litmus paper? Red, blue, or green?" asked Jon.

Garfield's dad tried to push his C button, but his hand still went right threw it. Sonja then pushed her A button.

"That's right!" Jon shouted.

One of the light bulbs on Sonja's podium lit up.

"Well at least this time I wasn't gonna be right anyway." said Garfield's dad.

"What's the largest Scandinavian country? Denmark, Finland, or Scandinavia?" Jon asked.

Hercules took a guess and pushed his B button just before time ran out.

"I'm sorry, that's wrong." Jon said.

Nobody else guessed before time ran out.

"Dad what gives?" Garfield asked. "I thought you said Scandinavian Geography was your best subject at Obscure High." he said.

"It was actually my second best, by best was Images of Frozen Purple Puppies Design." corrected Garfield's dad.

"So then why didn't you answer the question?" asked Garfield.

"What's the point?" asked Garfield's dad. "I can't push the button anyway." he said.

"What was the original name of the character Super Mario? The Plumber, Jumpman, or Luigi?" asked Jon.

Raoul pushed his B button.

"That is correct." said Jon.

"How did you know that?" asked Squeak.

"I do not believe I am at liberty to answer that question." Raoul said.

"What?" Squeak asked.

"I'm not at liberty to answer that question either." Raoul said.

"Raoul, you are safe to stay one more day." Jon said.

Raoul then walked back to the room cheering.

"What animals have the biggest baby? Tigers, blue whales, or elephants?" Jon asked.

Garfield hit his C button.

"Nope." Jon said.

Odie then hit his B button.

"That's right!" Jon shouted.

"What? No comment on how Odie somehow got it but you didn't." Garfield's dad said.

"No, because it makes sense that he got it right." Garfield answered.

"How?" asked Garfield's dad.

"Since I thought the answer was elephant, at the time, blue whales was flagged as an unlikely answer so that's why Odie, who is dumb, would choose it.

"Yes, but once elephants was eliminated, it just left tigers and bleu whales." Garfield's dad said. "You didn't think it could possibly be tigers, did you?" he asked.

"Yes, but Odie's species is the natural enemy of the cat, so his doggy extincts prevent him from ever choosing a cat-related answer." Garfield explained.

Garfield's dad turned his head and had a very confused look on his face.

"Who was Leonardo di Caprio's co-star in Titanic? Kate Winslett, Rose Dawson, or Donkey Kong Jr.?"

Odie then hit his C button.

"Sorry, but, nope." Jon said.

Sonja then hit her A button.

"That is correct." said Jon.

Sonja's other light bulb lit up.

"You are safe and will still be in the room tomorrow." Jon said.

Sonja left her podium and went back to the room.

"See, since nobody had selected an answer yet, Odie would naturally pick the answer which is obviously wrong." Garfield explained.

"Then how come what you said before is true?" asked Garfield's dad.

"It just is." Garfield answered.

Garfield's dad turned his head again and had an even more confused face.

"What is calcium carbonate usually called? Salt, metal, or chalk?"

Odie then pushed his C button.

"That's right!" Jon shouted.

Odie's second light bulb lit up.

"You are safe for tomorrow Odie.

Odie then slurped Garfield in celebration.

"Yuck!" Garfield said.

Odie then cheered on his way back to the room.

"So then how do you explain how he got the answer right the first time on a much harder question?" asked Garfield's dad.

"Odie's brain operator, who sleeps 97% of the time, woke up for half a second." Garfield explained.

"Now that, I understand." Garfield's dad replied. "There's no such thing as a brain operator, but ok." he continued.

"Who commanded the Allied forces, which invaded Europe on D-Day? John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, or Dwight Eisenhower?" Jon asked.

Hercules took a guess and pushed his C button.

"That's right." Jon said.

Hercules's first light bulb lit.

"Who holds the record as being Britain's youngest Formula 1 Driver? Jensen Button, Stan Yolui, or Easton Jones?" Jon asked.

Nobody even guessed.

"Well that's not a surprise." Jon said. "The correct answer was Jensen Button." he said.

"It was." Garfield said in shock. "But whose first name is 'Jensen'?" he asked.

"Britain's youngest Formula 1 Driver." answered Garfield's dad.

"What word describes a genetic carbon copy of an animal or plant? Scanning, clone..." Jon started to ask.

Everyone except Garfield's dad then pushed their B button.

"Wow! Everyone who pushed B, pushed it at the exact same time." Jon said. "We're gonna have to go to a tie breaker." he continued.

The scene that was supposed to be showed at this time was too violent to meet the standards of a K rated fanfic. Also, it was extremely long because Garfield's weight made him go slow, Squeak's size made him easily defeated, and Hercules just wasn't that good. We didn't want to make this chapter one hundred ninety-one trillion eighty-nine billion four hundred thirty-five million seven hundred two thousand three hundred seventy-three words. Also, we realized the scene looked very similar to the video game Super Smash Bros., and we didn't want to get sued by Nintendo. But wait, we've already mentioned two of their characters, one of their game series, and their name. They still can sue us! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Jon and the contestants who participated in the tiebreaker walked back into the gym. The contestants were all beat up and could barely walk.

"Well, that was exciting." Garfield said.

"Are you guys sure you can still play?" Jon asked after him and the contestants got back to their podiums.

"Oh yes." Garfield answered.

"Absolutely." answered Squeak.

"Of course." answered Hercules.

"Well ok, Garfield gets a point." Jon said.

One of Garfield's light bulbs lit up.

"Yeah!" Garfield said just before he fainted.

Garfield quickly got back up.

"What bird does this shull belong to? A penguin, a seagull, or an elephant bird?" Jon asked as a picture of a penguin skull was shown.

Oh darn! I gave it away! Everyone but Garfield's dad pushed their A button at the exact same time.

"Here we go again." Jon said.

The scene that was supposed to be showed at this time was too violent to meet the standards of a K rated fanfic. Also, it was extremely long because Garfield's weight made him go slow, Squeak's size made him easily defeated, and Hercules just wasn't that good. We didn't want to make this chapter three trillion eight hundred thirty-seven billion eight hundred eighty-seven million one hundred forty-four thousand seven hundred forty-six words. Also, we realized the scene looked very similar to the video game Super Smash Bros., and we didn't want to get sued by Nintendo. But wait, we've already mentioned two of their characters, one of their game series, and their name. They still can sue us! Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Garfield, Squeak, and Hercules were now in an ambulance.

"Well, we already knew you were gonna lose because of you're button-ghost problem." Jon said. "So do you wanna just be eliminated now?" he asked.

"Yeah." Garfield's dad answered as he nodded yes. "I had a big complaint planned, but I'm worried about my son and friends, and you can't hear me anyway, so I'm just gonna forget about it." he said.

Then a bunch more rounds happened, then Garfield won.

Oh come on, we all knew that was gonna happen!