Freya planted amaryllis in first crisp weeks of October. She doesn't have to wait long for their rich red leaves to bloom at her feet. They appear in the coldest days of December to remind her that the chill of winter has finally set in. The deep color contrasts against the inevitable blinding white of the winter months and she finds slight hope in the color fighting against the cold and the near lifelessness of the field during the winter. Her heart is full of pride for her dancing and for her green thumb. The wide leaves of the amaryllis reminds her of the pride that won't ever overwhelm Freya's heart. She dances through the amaryllis when she's in a good mood or when she felt pride over something she has done well. Nobody understands the meaning of her dancing routine in the flowers, and even Freya can't explain why she does it. It is a force of habit that appeared so suddenly and stuck.

Freya planted bells of Ireland when she needed luck and the mere thought of having planted the tall, green, leafy plant assures her more than any other good luck charm. Despite its blooming period being in the summertime and away from all the time she would ever need luck, she thinks that it is the best kind of luck she can get. If the small, white flowers could bloom and turn into the fragrant plant it became, Freya knew she could do anything if she wanted to. She dances in the bells of Ireland just as much as she dances in the amaryllis. Freya kept a secret from the rest of the dancers around her and she refuses to even think about it more than she needs to. The reason Freya believes that she has gotten so far was because of the fragrance of the bells of Ireland that reminded her that Freya could achieve greatness and all she had to do was fight and persevere and keep her head on straight.

It isn't hard to push myself to be the best that I can, Freya mused while she danced, and it isn't bad to believe that luck and work are able to mix.

When the plants in her garden blooms at one point or another, she smiles. Nobody knows why.

A/N: I liked Freya, and thought she needed more love despite the shortness of this chapter.. I hope it's not OOC because I tried to capture her character in as few words as possible. Reviews are appreciated.