Jane and Michael Banks could hardly contain their excitement. Today, their eldest cousin, Louisa Brighton, would be coming to stay for the entire month. Ever since Mary Poppins left a year ago, the children had grown lonely and missed her terribly. However, with Louisa visting, perhaps the loneliness would go away.

The two heard the front door open from their bedroom. They ran downstairs, and saw Louisa standing at the door, setting down her suitcases. Michael and Jane ran to her, and she knelt down to hug her younger cousins.

"Hello, my loves." Louisa kissed Jane and Michael on the cheek and gave them another hug.

Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael's mother, exited the dining room and smiled upon seeing her niece.

"Louisa!" Winifred opened her arms wide, and Louisa ran to hug her.

"Aunt Winifred, I've missed you all." Louisa said.

"Where is Father?" Michael asked.

Louisa chuckled. "He's handling the rest of my baggage, darling."

"Roberston Ay!" Winifred shouted.

"Roberston Ay?" Louisa repeated.

"Our servant, dear. He was hired after your last visit."

The door to the kitchen swung open and Roberston Ay came out, soaking wet and with a mop in his hand.

"Yes, Miss?" Roberston Ay stuttered slightly due to the coldness of the water.

"Roberston Ay, what on Earth has happened to you?" Winifred asked.

"I was cleaning the floor, Miss."

"Never mind it. Roberston Ay, I would like you to meet Louisa Brighton, she's the relative we spoke of and we'll be staying with us for the month. You and the other servants are to see to her needs. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss. It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Brighton." Roberston Ay bowed, accidentally dropping the mop.

"Here, let me." Louisa picked up the mop and handed it back to Roberston Ay. Their hands touched briefly, and their eyes locked with one anothers.

"Roberston Ay!"

The sound of Winifred's voice, brought Roberston Ay out of his dreamlike state. Jane smiled, having observed the entire thing.

"Roberston Ay, will you assist Mr. Banks with Miss Brighton's baggage?" Winifred said.

"Of course, Miss."

Roberston Ay left the house, the mop still in his hand. He returned moments later, rested the mop against a wall, and returned outside.

"Now, Louisa, let me show you where you'll be staying." Winifred and Louisa walked upstairs.

"I never expected it." Jane said.

"Expected what?" Michael asked.

"Isn't it obvious? Roberston Ay and Louisa like each other."

"What do you mean?"

Jane rolled her eyes. "I mean that they're in love. Or they soon will be, with our help."

"Our help?"

"Yes. Michael, we must bring them together or else they'll never be able to admit how they feel."

"Are you sure it isn't too soon for them to love each other?" Michael asked.

"Of course it isn't. Romeo and Juliet had only seen each other once, after all."

"But they both died."

Jane groaned and took Michael's hand. "Come. We have work to do."

The two Banks children ran upstairs, ready to develop a plan to bring their clumsy servant and favorite cousin together.