Title- Always(Think Twice Sequel, Please read first) *This story is a better read, but to fully understand it, and it's background you need to read the first part.

Genres-Romance, Adventure, and the bond of brotherhood.

Summary- After the disturbing events a little over a month ago, Dean and Sam's relationship has hit rock bottom. Not only are they now both heartbroken and distrustful of each other, they have to still continue to work together in hopes of saving the world from the Apocalypse. On their quest to search for answers and Lucifer's next big plan, will they find more then they bargained for? Can their hearts take it?

Characters- Dean, Sam, Lucifer, Some O/C's

Rated- Mature. Adult language and Humor. Violence and possibly Sexual Content.

-Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Supernatural characters. Just my o/c's.

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This Romeo is bleedin' But you can't see his blood it's nothing but some feelings that this old dog kicked up. It's been rainin' since you left me, Now I'm drownin' in the flood.

Cold air filled the room, the plain white walls gave the place a feeling of hopeless despair. There was no color anywhere, even the furniture was completely white. A large bed stood in the middle of the room surrounded by a white couch, dresser, bookcase, and two night tables. All the furniture was empty. White everywhere, except in the middle of the bed.

I stared in absolute horror at the sight before me. Dark long hair was sprawled on top a white pillow connected to an exquisite face that was frozen, staring up at the white ceiling. The woman was beautifully laid out in a white silk dress that was completely drenched in blood. Both her hands were crossed over her heart, her broken heart. It had been pierced, literally.

"Wonderful sight, Isn't it?" A hellish voice asked me. My fists clenched in hatred and anger as I turned to see a familiar face. Tattooed, rocked out evil son of a bitch.

"This is all your fault!" My voice trembled with fury- How could he have gotten away with this?

A sly smirk spread across the devil's decaying face. "No Dean, this is all your fault." Lucifer's hands rose in display of the hopeless white room, his eyes then gleamed a reddish color and he vanished.

In awe, I watched as the devil disappeared before my eyes then turned to the corpse on the bed. She was magnificent. My hands reached for her hair, it was still silky smooth.

Pain and a sharp pang of undeniable sadness disturbed my entire being-It shook me to the core and it wasn't long until the tears swelled up my eyes. Through my tears I stared into her opened eyes- Forever Blue and Forever Frozen.