Of Time and Shadows:

Chapter II: Reunion

Impa rode on her white mare through the frosty plains of Hyrule Field with a cloak billowing out behind her in the wind. It was cold, the wind sending waves of shivers through her frame, she wondered if she would catch frostbite before she found the infamous knight. Impa was praying to the Goddesses that the cold wouldn't get worse, it would hinder her 'meeting' with the mysterious warrior she sought.

She passed the prairies and her mare climbed up the hills of the Northern Plains. It was getting colder the further she went.

Finally she saw it, the dying light of a camp fire about a kilometer from where she stopped.

The Black Knight awoke from his slumber. His senses alerted him of a presence nearby, a presence that was familiar, yet its familiarity eluded him.

'It would seem that we have visitors.' He thought.

"Sophie, wake up." He called, awakening his loyal friend. She stood and shook the snows from her back and with a whine, walked to his side.

Link gave one last look at the direction the presence was approaching from before sighing to himself. He had just come back to pick-up where he left off with her, and already trouble had come his way. As if the Goddesses were not yet pleased by his loyal service to them during his travels to slay evil.

He grunted and thrust his hands to the sides, calling on a darker magic technique his old master taught him, the snow began to swirl around him and Sophie. As the snow thickened, the two black armored companions suddenly disappeared. They hid in the snow itself, using it to cloak their presence.

A figure in a white winter coat came up on a white mare. The saddle was that of Hyrule's servants. In the swirling void of snow that Link and Sophie hid within, the two shared a look. This was someone connected to the Royal Family. Meaning Zelda had sent this person here, but why?

'That must have been her soldiers watching us the day before...' The ex-hero mused.

As the figure who's face could not be seen through the cowl and hood searched the campsite, her voice suddenly called out to him.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Impa called out. Link felt his heart lurch two different directions as he realized who she was.

Sophie nudged her master's shoulder. She sensed the surge of emotions running freely through his soul, she felt the way his heart's pace had quickened.

*Well, what are you waiting for? Go on! She's right there!* The horse spoke to Link through their spiritual connection.

Link however, continued to remain unmoving. His eyes were locked on Impa, she was even more beautiful than before. Possibly more than when he had begun to realize his attraction to her during the Imprisoning War. Her hair had grown longer, the pony tail reaching midway down her back with a few bangs on each side of her lightly tanned and delicately shaped face, shining in the sunlit day. Her red eyes seemed heavy with a burden she must have carried for some time now.

*Well, say something all ready!* The horse suddenly commanded with heavy authority.

*Alright, alright!... I'm going!* Link responded exasperated. 'Since when does the horse control the Master...?' he wondered.

A snap of his fingers and loss of concentration resulted in the release of the void that kept him and Sophie hidden. A whirlwind of snow began to swirl at the ground and slowly made its way up. As the whirlwind lifted higher, the feet of a figure and a horse appeared. Then the chest of the figure was visible, and finally the head.

The sight of the figure caused Impa to gasp, her eyes as wide as the Hylian shield. A horse and man were levitating in the air, the figure himself had his face hidden in a shadow. Slowly, the two descended and landed on their feet and hooves. They both looked up and locked eyes with a surprised Impa. The man stepped forward, the sun finally shining on his battle-hardened features. Emitting a small gasp, Impa felt her jaw drop.

"...Link...You're the Black Knight...?" she asked in a shocked voice. The black armored Hylian nodded. A small smile played at his lips.

"I...I thought you were killed! When the rumors of the Black Knight reached us and word of you stopped, we feared the worst!" she exclaimed.

A dark laugh erupted from Link. His voice was much deeper than she remembered, and had a sort of bestial growl to it. His adventures must have hardened him over the years, now that he was able to live them. Despite the chilling aura that flowed from him, he didn't seem to have changed much. His eyes still had that innocences and shine she had fallen for long ago.

"No love, I am the Black Knight. I apprenticed under a master of war some time ago and he dubbed me this title. Said I had an unusually strong connection with my dark side, and the shadow spells I excelled at." he explained. Not waisting another minute, he walked up to her and embraced her tightly.

"Oh how I missed you..." He whispered. Impa returned his embrace, she felt as if a weight was lifted from her chest. Link was alive and in her arms!

"You don't know how long I dreamed of this day..." she whispered back.


Link, Impa, and their horses camped out for one more night before departing for the castle. The winter cold of Snow Peak was forcing them to shelter. And huddle.

Link was holding Impa in his arms as he watched for any white wolfos. Their cries were far off, but they could move quickly. And Link did not want to be caught off-guard if that should be the case, especially with Impa here. He knew she could defend herself, but he felt a need to protect her. Luckily, he had not told her of these emotions, they would surely be a blow to her pride as a Sheikah warrior.

She was fast asleep, along with the horses. The cold air dropped one's strength considerably low to the point of shear exhaustion and a desire to rest. If one was not properly prepared for such a situation, they would never awaken again.

Link shook himself of these worried thoughts.

Although, he had a right to be worried, she did exhaust herself on her way to see him. Link chuckled, the look on her face when she found out it was him was priceless. Impa stirred in her sleep, her arms were wrapped around Link's chest in an attempt to draw his warmth. Her eyes opened as she became aware.

Impa looked up at Link, he was gazing at her. She felt a blush come over her, it was strange to be in-love like this, she had never experienced these emotions before and neither did he. Only now did she realize that they had yet to share their first kiss. The thought of that moment made her feel light headed. She rested her head on his chest, burrowing her face in his neck and sighing.

A chilling wind suddenly blew more snow on them, causing Impa to shiver. Link was more used to the cold of the mountains, he had spent most of his years after Termina in the mountains. Shrugging the snow off his shoulders and wrapping the black cape he bore around Impa in an attempt to fight back the cold, passing the warmth of his form to her via the drape.

Gazing back into his eyes, and he to her, Link leaned down, ever slowly. Paralyzed by the passionate flame burning fiercely within, Impa remained still. At last, Link's weather-ridden lips closed on hers ever-so gently. The warmth in his soul passing to her in this way as well. The bitter cold that absorbed the heat and life of the living was expelled from her. Her heart beating faster, she reached about and pulled Link into her grasp, deepening the kiss.

The moon rose that night with a couple whose love was denied for seven long years.

A/N: UPDATE/ Jeeze, 5 years later and I'm STILL cringing at how cheesy I used to be. Anyway, I'm realtering my plans for the other Of Time and Shadows that I was writing as a twist to Ocarina of Time with heavy hints of Impa/Link. I'm planning for it to still be a Impa/Link story, however! It wont be the story of Ocarina of Time. Based in the same era, yes, but not going through the game's plot.

As for what I have planned, well... you'll have to wait and see. Otherwise, what's the point, right?