Title- Mine

Genre- Romance

Rating- Teen

Characters: Edward Cullen, Isabella Swan,and all original series characters. Some O/C's

Summary:What if Bella decided not to leave her mother and Phil to go live with her father in Forks. Edward is her destiny, her soul mate no matter what. They would have to meet somehow. Based on Taylor Swift Music video. Isabella Swan meets Edward at a coffee shop in Phoenix after he leaves Forks for college. This is their story. Story is baby-free.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the twilight series characters or content. Only my o/c's.


"Bella. Are you alright sweetheart?" Renée Dwyer asked her daughter worriedly. They sat together on the beach, the warm sand felt good to Bella. She stared out into the ocean feeling calm and empty. Her life was missing something. She was eighteen, had a wonderful boyfriend, was going to a great college, What could she be missing?

"Yes, mom. I'm fine. Just kind of nervous to be starting school tomorrow." It was only half a lie. She really was afraid to be starting college. First, she was pretty shy, and second she had no classes with anyone she knew. That was the first thing she had to find out when her schedule came in the mail.

"Your going to be fine sweetheart. Besides English majors don't have many friends. They are entirely too busy being friends with the fictional characters in their heads," her mother joked.

Bella rolled her eyes. Her mom was pretty much right on that one. She had like two friends. Her boyfriend, Aaron ,and her best friend and neighbor Kathy. Arizona state here comes Isabella Swan, Miss anti-social. Thank-god it was only a forty-minute drive from home. Too bad she was living on campus.

"I'm going to finish packing and call Charlie," Bella said to her mother getting up and rushing back into the house. Why did she even bother going into her backyard. No matter how much sun she exposed herself too, it was like her skin was allergic to becoming tan. She was like a ghost for god sakes.

At least her hair had grown, it was long and almost down to her hips. She almost felt like a hippie, but refused to cut it. It was the only thing that made her stand out from all the pretty blondes around Phoenix. One she wasn't blonde and two, her hair was real. No fake extensions.

Charlie promised to visit soon. He had been visiting a lot lately. Bella refused to go to Forks and see him because it was really boring there. The weather was always awful and there was absolutely nothing to do. Charlie's visits had payed off though because she was becoming extremely close to her father. They had developed a bond she would've never guessed they could have. Sometime's she wondered what it would have been like if her parents had never been divorced.

Last time Charlie had driven himself there in an old red truck. The poor thing broke down when it pulled into the driveway and he had to catch a plane home. For some odd reason Bella had fallen in love with the 1953 Chevrolet pick-up. Aaron had made fun of her and wondered what she saw in the thing but with luck and some money, the two fixed the old thing and it was now Bella's baby. In high school it stood out from all the Mercedes and Audis. It was different, which is probably what she liked so much about it.

Aaron showed up that night around dinner time. "Hey gorgeous," He said to Bella as she opened the front door. She smiled and raised a brow at his scruffy blonde hair.

"Haven't you heard of a comb?" she asked him jokingly.

He shrugged. "I was working. I just stopped by to say good luck tomorrow."

Bella smiled and kissed him lightly on the cheek. "I'm going to miss you." Aaron was a lifeguard and part-time student at a local community college. He had graduated a year before her. He was tan with blonde hair, and chocolate eyes. A lot of girls found him to be very attractive- he wasn't beautiful just simply had an edge to him that made girls want to get to know him. The two had only been dating about six months, and things were going well. Slowly, but well.

"You know I'm going to miss you too babe."

They hugged each other. Only seeing Aaron on the weekends was probably going to be hard. She had become so used to seeing him almost every single day.

The next day Isabella Swan packed all of her things and headed off for Arizona State. Luckily, the truck didn't make an odd sound the entire way there, it was as if the truck itself wanted to get there. Maybe things were going to be alright after all?


"Are you absolutely positive this is what you want?" Carlisle Cullen asked his adoptive son. The pair stood in the foyer of their home in Forks. It would have been around dinner time for those that were still human.

Edward looked down at the suitcase in his hand. "Mind over Matter. I don't mind having to shield myself on sunny days and it doesn't matter If I have to live like the vampires humans portray on the televisions. This is where I want to go. I've been to every other college in the world. It's time I try something different for a change." By every other college in the world he meant those that were in dreary places, like Alaska. He was a soul less animal walking the earth with no desire for existence, but her he was. And Phoenix, Arizona is where he would go.

Carlisle stared into his son's topaz eyes. There was no changing Edward's decision the boy was stubborn and always seemed to somehow get his way.

"Very well then. I hope you know that Alice plans on joining you."

A sigh escaped Edward's throat. "Yes I do know. If she wishes and must then I shall see her there."

Both male vampires turned as Alice jumped out of the shadows excitedly. "This is going to be so much fun! I am positively thrilled!"

Edward turned his back and made his way towards the door. "Never did I say you were coming with me."

Alice attempted to run after him, but he was too fast, the fastest. He wasn't even taking his car to the airport.

Jasper waited for Alice by the front door. "You were going to leave without me?"

She kissed him on the cheek lightly. "Of course not silly, I was hoping he would wait for us."

"You're the silly one. Don't you see he wants to be left alone."

He watched as Alice didn't respond, instead she froze and stared at him blankly. A vision. She blinked then looked at Jasper. "We cant leave him alone. We must go and look out for him."