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Chapter 10


What was she doing here? She was drunk and vulnerable and he could take advantage of her...

Who was she kidding. Edward was the perfect gentleman. He sat across from her with his arms crossed, staring at her with an intensity she didnt think was possible.

"Thank you for saving me."

He smiled. That perfect smile of his. "Anytime." And she knew he meant it, wholeheartidly.

"I dont drink... ever. I just wanted to try the college experience. You know?" She didnt know why she felt the need to explain herself to him but she just felt like she had to.

He nodded. "I understand."

She blushed and looked down feeling less awkward then usual. And then she though of Aaron...

Aaron her amazing boyfriend. Aaron who she missed and should have visited soon.

Then, Edward stood and walked towards her slowly gazing into her eyes as if she were the most important person on the planet.

Whispering in his wonderful velvet voice he spoke, "May I try something."

Bella couldnt speak. She lost her breathe entirely. In her head she was screaming, "Yes."

He mustve caught something in her facial expression because Edward cupped her face with his hands and his lips reached for hers.

The kiss was light. Just a small peck, but it had sent a warmth through her body she had never felt before in her life.

Unable to breathe she watched as he walked across the room... away from her.

"Could I walk you home now?"

Stunned all she could do was nod.

Soon it was the weekend again, and Bella had not seen or heard from Edward since that night. He was everything she could think of, which mean she had to tell Aaron what had happened. She couldnt keep this from him.

Dressing quickly she told Angela her plan to head home for the weekend and opened the door to her dorm where Edward stood smiling crookedly at her.

"Im sorry I dissappeared..." His voice was like velvet whine.

Angela gasped behind me.

"Edward Cullen?"

He looked passed her and politely greeted her roommate. "It is a pleasure to see you again Angela."


Tucking a hair from in front of her face behind her ear he replied, "We went to Forks Highschool together."

Forks Highschool. Where Charlie lived, Where I had almost lived...

Angela seemed to have lost all ability to speak because she had continued to just gawk at him as if she had seen someone famous. Rushing Edward out the door, Bella closed it gently behind her and he followed as she walked.

For some reason she was angry at him...

"I probably do deserve the silent treatment dont I." He followed step easily.

She shrugged. It was going to be difficult pretending to be mad at him when all she could think of was kissing him again.

Sighing deeply she turned towards him... "Im going home to tell my boyfriend about what happened."

Edwards eyes seemed to flash as if a fire was building inside of him. He became ridgid and stood staring at her.

"What are you going to say?"

Fighting back tears she looked away from him, "Im not sure yet."

He stood there unmoving and watched as Bella walked away from her towards her car.

Feeling extremely confused Bella drove the 40 minutes to the Beach Hut where Aaron worked in complete silence. How could she tell him that she had kissed another guy... How could she ever hurt him this way.

Parking as far away from the hut as possible, she jumped out of her truck breathed in deeply and walked the few feet towards the back entrance. The beach hut wasnt open yet. It only opened at night for the young college kids and the locals that wanted to drink a few beers or play pool.

Inside it was dark. She heard strange sounds coming from the back and crept towards it slowly...

Winding the corner, over the pool table she saw her boyfriend Aaron.

And her friend and neighbor, Kathy.

Skirt pulled up, undewear down.

Aaron delving in.

Unable to breathe or scream, she ran as fast as she possible could back towards her truck.

It should have been weird to see Edward leaning against it waiting to embrace her, but she jumped into his arms and started crying hysterically.

She felt safe.


The moment she had gone inside he knew he should have stopped her. Admitted he had followed her there, admitted she wanted her to break up with him. That dispicable excuse for a man...

How could he betray her in such a way?

Bella didnt deserve that. Bella deserved the world. Bella deserved everything. Bella deserved respect.

Against his instincts he waited for her by her car. He needed to comfort her. He need to make the pain go away. He couldnt stand her tears or the fact that her heart was now broken.

"Im so sorry Bella." He cooed into her ear as she sobbed on his chest and he felt everything inside him breaking for her.

She shook her head. "Its not your fault..."

If he hadnt kissed her so soon, maybe she could have ended it with Aaron a different way. On her own terms...

Anger reverbrated through his body. He felt the urge to snap the boys neck and end his miserable life. He didnt deserve to be alive after what he had done to Bella.

"I followed you..." Edward finally admitted as Bella's sobs slowed and she looked up at him with those wonderful big brown eyes of hers.

Looking down he felt her mouth tug almost into a half-smile. "Is it weird that I sort of think I knew that already and I dont find it creepy at all..."

Edward smiled crookedly. "Extremely weird."

She was so beautiful. And from inside he could hear things that made him want to lose control. Bella was the only thing keeping him on solid ground at the moment.

Bella can never know. Kathy would keep this our secret for me I know it. Oh my god, I didnt know a girl could bend that!

Aaron's thoughts as he did dirty things to the girl Bella believed to be her friend. Sometimes Edward wondered why he didnt eat people anymore...

Some didnt deserve the gift of life.

A determined facial expression crossed Bella's face as she began to turn away from him and walked towards the hut once more.

This surprised him completely. She was being so brave and looked so in control of herself. How could she not have the urge to go on a murder spree... But Bella wasnt that way this was sweet innocent Bella not tainted Rosalie... or even Alice.

"Would you like me to come with you?" He didnt know why he felt like he had to be there to protect her this time from what she would be seeing again, but he couldnt let her go in alone again.

She nodded as she reached for his cold hand and then winced looking up at him in a stange way. "Youre so cold."

Looking away he nodded, "I'm always cold."

Reaching for his hand again she took it, holding him closer to her. "That's ok."

Inside they walked in together hand in hand. Kathy and Aaron sat next to each other, done with what they had been doing but kissing sloppily.

Beside him Bella stiffened as Edward took a step forward and cleared his throat... whatever happened he would protect her and Aaron would not be able to hurt her ever again. She had him now. She had him since before she knew about his transgressions he knew this... she was coming to break up with him anyways. Of that he was sure.

Then he felt wrong about it, but now he knew Bella and he were destiny.

Aaron looked up as Edward saw both fear and fury spread across his delicate human body and stood walking towards Bella.

If theres a god out there for the immortal souls, please help me not drink and murder this boy tonight, Edward pleaded in his mind.