Two-weeks passed and she had not seen Edward Cullen at all. She was beginning to think he had been a figment of her imagination. He was supposed to be in one of her late classes, but he had two absences already. One more and he would fail for the semester. Maybe, she should call him? No, that wouldn't be appropriate would it?

Aaron had stopped by last weekend for about an hour or so, he seemed distant. And lately their calls had been shorter. She was worried the fact they didn't live in the same town anymore would break them apart.

"Earth to Bella," Angela said waving her hands in front of her as she sat on her bed.

Bella turned towards her and giggled embarrassed. "It's Friday night and we're in our rooms studying, this is ridiculous."

Angela threw a pencil at her. "Well what else is there to do?"

Her friend shrugged in reply then stood putting all her books in her bag. "Let's go out and find something to do!"

This was the first time she had ever been in a bar, Angela sat at a tall round table and Bella followed.

They both looked around nervously as they notice a lot of their peers were their as well.

"Don't the id here?"

A pretty waitress came up to them. "This is college sweetheart, we sure don't."

Angela stared her friend wide-eyed wondering what they had just gotten themselves into.

"I'll have a rum and coke and she'll have the same," Bella told the waitress attempting to seem the braver of the two.

Two hours later they both stumbled out onto the streets laughing hysterically and walking back towards their dorm.

They heard someone whistle. "Hey there pretty ladies, How are you doing tonight?"

A drunk chubby looking man stumbled behind them and began following them.

"Crap," Angela exclaimed checking her purse. "I think I left my cellphone in there." And she ran back not bothering to wait for Bella.

Bella attempted to follow her but the chubby man was in front of her looking like her was about to keel over.

"You are so damn beautiful. My god. Just give me a kiss." And he began to pucker his lips obnoxiously and move closer to her.

Someone grabbed him from behind and pushed him away. "You stay away from her," He yelled bitterly.

In a drunk haze Bella looked up to see the handsome Edward Cullen come to her rescue and literally fell into his arms.


He should not had carried her here, he thought as he looked at the passed out Isabella on his couch. This was wrong, she would wake up and think him to be weird. Where else was he supposed to take her after she just fainted out of nowhere?

Her dorms may have been a good idea, except it would've seemed creepier to know exactly where she lived?

"That crooked smile," she mumbled in her sleep dreamily. A crooked smile spread across Edward's face as he realized she must have been dreaming about him.

Alice's vision replayed in his head and he shook it away. How could such a thing ever occur? He looked down at the letter Carlisle had written on his dining table.

Dearest Son:

As your sister may have informed you, Esme and I will no longer be supporting this adventure of yours. We believe it to be entirely to dangerous and bound to end badly. I hope you do understand that pretending to live as a human being when you are not is not a good idea considering the circumstances of your blood lust towards this girl. And yes, I have been informed about the visions and do not see how any of this could not end in utter disaster. Technically, all of the assets we own are solely mine considering that in what the human world believes you are only 19 and none of the fortune that would be left towards you will be given to you legally until your 21. Therefore, don't try and pull some legal ways of obtaining anything because it will not work. You want to be a normal human, this is how you will do it. I love you and wish you the best of luck.

Always, Carlisle

"Where am I?" Bella said getting up and looking around the apartment.

Edward stood and coughed awkwardly. "Sorry, you uhh.. Passed out on me, literally."

Her face turned a beat red. "What about Angela?"

He shrugged and gave her his cellphone. "Would you like to give her a call?"

She took it from him slowly, there fingers brushing and a jolt of electricity rushing through both of them.

After getting off the phone she sat there nervously. "So is this your place?"

Edward sat across from her and nodded. "Yupp."

"It's nice."

He laughed. "Would you like me to walk you home now Bella?"

Silence for a few moments and he studied her face trying to figure out what she could be thinking, it annoyed him that he couldn't read her thoughts.

She shook her head. "Not yet, I think..."

His brows raised in surprise and the thought of kissing her crossed his mind, but then he just sat there admiring her and then taking in her scent. What was it that attracted him to her, her beauty or her scent? Could it cruelly have been both.

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