Once upon a time, there lived a rich widowed man who had a child named Carlerella. She was an adorable child and had everything she ever wanted. But her mother died when she was very young, so the widowed man thought that she needed a mother to take care of her. With that thought, he married a widower who carried a pair of twins named Sam and Melanie.

When the widowed man passed away, Carlerella's stepmother forced her to do all the chores while she pampers her pair of twins. As the years passed by, Carlerella developed a nickname, Carly. Whenever her stepfamily required her assistance, she would be called by her nickname.

Through all the abusing, Sam and Melanie learnt from their mother ways to abuse the poor child. But the reasons why they participated in the bullying were different.

Melanie is the smart twin and the more adored one among the two of them. She often learns faster than Sam when it comes to the arts. However, she never learnt how to fight like Sam. Melanie listens to her mother all the time and does what her mother tells her to do. But unlike Sam, her obedience was overwhelming and she never felt guilty about the things that she does to Carly. Whenever she does something 'right', her mother would praise her and she would get a reward. Through the bullying, she gains a sense of achievement.

Unlike Melanie, Sam only obeys her mother for food. If she refuses to go according to her mother's wishes, she would not have her meals. But sometimes, when that happens, Carly would sneak into her room and serve her food. Even so, the strong-fronted Sam would still act as though she would never hold gratitude for Carly. Although Melanie is good at everything about arts, Sam is good at everything about fights. She would get into fights because she didn't pay for her food even if she had the money. Her blunt and vicious personality is what makes people feel that she is different. But one boy thinks she's just amazing…

When the twins went out shopping for groceries one day, they met a fortune teller on the side of the road. Their mother was very superstitious, so she decided to let her daughters try it out.

"My dear, you are a beautiful young maiden. Your father passed away when you were still very young but you have found your wealth back through other means," the fortune teller read Melanie's palm, surprising Sam of what she had found.

The fortune teller then shuffled a pack of cards and placed them in an organized formation. She asked Melanie to put her palm on top of the card in the middle and concentrate about what she wants to know. Then, she opened the cards one by one in a certain order and made a face that seemed to say "You are going to lead a rich life" or something.

"Oh my," the fortune teller gasped. "My dear, you will lead life full of riches and gold!"

"Really?" Melanie exclaimed, her eyes as big as the crystal ball that the fortune teller has.

"But…" the fortune teller pretended to be afraid. Melanie seemed very interested in this issue as she kept pestering the fortune teller to reveal what the 'but' meant.

"But you need to get rid of a certain person in your life," the fortune teller started. "According to the cards, that person is a beautiful brunette who is diligent, caring, smart and kind. If you fail to get rid of her, she would hinder in your affairs and you will never be wealthy."

Melanie immediately understood who the person the fortune teller referred to was. "But how do I get rid of her?"

"Forbid her from leaving the place where she belongs," the fortune teller said. "If she leaves that place, her aura would disrupt whatever you want to achieve."

Then, it was Sam's turn. She was never superstitious, but her mother forced her to sit down or no meal for the day.

"Oh dear," the fortune teller started. "You, my dear, were forced to do things that have gone past your conscience. You only felt happy when you were relieved of the pressure that was on you."

Sam was shocked. She never thought that anyone would be able to guess how her life was. But, she felt a glare behind her. It has her mother. She was angry about how the fortune teller described the things that she had made Sam do, but she had no choice; she wanted to learn more about her child's future.

Once again, the fortune teller did some fancy card shuffling and laid out the cards in front of Sam. Sam did what she was told and the cards were revealed. The fortune teller's eyes were wide with shock.

"What! What!" Sam asked, anxious to know more about her future.

"Your highness!" the fortune teller stood up and took a bow.

"What?" the fortune teller's actions made Sam very confused, "What's going on? What are you doing?"

"Your highness," the fortune teller addressed Sam. "You will grow up to marry a prince and live a life of luxury and romance."

Sam was puzzled. What was going on? "Wait, I'm going to marry a prince?"

"Yes, your highness."

"Are there any strings attached?" Sam asked.

"In your case, there aren't," the fortune teller said. "It is confirmed that you would marry a prince in the future."

From then on, Sam became more confident of herself as she made frequent trips with to the market with Carly to make friends with the people. She knew that if she were to become princess, she would need the love of her people and Carly would be glad to help help when she needs advice.

"Me, a princess…" Sam thought. "No more old house, no more crazy mother forcing me to go against my wishes and no more troubles! I'll be free!"