Freddie's POV

"It's now 10:25pm and I still haven't found Sam yet. I searched everywhere in the castle, but she was no where to be found! Maybe she was just... nah... Sam wouldn't do that, would she?" I said to myself as I was surrounded by tons of people.

"Hey Freddie," someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to find a blonde girl who looked so much like Sam.

"Sam?" I asked, hoping that my guess was correct.

She giggled. "Freddie, it's me. Melanie."

"Oh, hey Mel," I greeted her disappointedly. Since the entire Pete being evil thing had ended, I found no reason to hate her or anything. All she needed was someone to love her. "Wait, how did you manage to tell I am Freddie?"

"It's kind of easy to guess..." she looked at my outfit. I guess she still remembers what I wore on the last ball we attended.

I smiled. "I'm sorry I can't talk right now, I gotta go find somebody."

"Wait," she called out, placing her hand on my shoulder again. "You're looking for Sam, right?"

I gotta say, this girl's pretty smart.

"Well, yeah," was all I said to her. Then it struck me, maybe she would know where she was? Since they are twins, maybe she can use that twin-telepathy thing and find out where Sam was. "Do you know where she is?"

"I'm sorry," the hope in my eyes were lost. "But I do know where she might be..."

My eyes lit up again. "Really? Can you tell me where?"

"Well," she started. "Have you tried paying a visit to our house? Or the castle's gardens?"

"But I thought that I was supposed to find her in the ballroom," I said.

She giggled. "Did Sam ever mention anything about having to search for her in the ballroom?"

I thought about it for a second before shaking my head in disappointment. "But I assumed that when she suggested searching her during the ball."

"Freddie," she smiled. "You know Sam, she's unpredictable when it comes to these things. When she strikes a deal, she would make sure that she would be the one benefitting. But even so, there are still ways to find her and beat her at her own game."

"Thanks Mel," I thanked her. She isn't so bad once you get to know her. "By the way, Pete was looking for you just now. He's probably near the buffet, wearing a white tux with a purple flower in the pocket."

Melanie blushes, getting the hint. "Bye!" we both bade our farewells and left to find our partners.

...And hour later...

"Oh man, there's only 35 more minutes till the time is up! Ahh... I looked everywhere! I even went to her house! Hey... Maybe I can see her form the stairway. There's a better view there," I mumbled to myself.

Just as I was about to make my way up to the stairway, I bumped into someone.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" she said, apparently not sorry for bumping into me. "This book is really precious and you can't afford to dirty it."

I took the precious book the girl was talking about as it landed beside me, almost being torn apart by shuffling feet on the dance floor. The book looked all too familiar to me. It read 'Prehistoric Prophecies'.

"Is this book yours?" I asked as I handed the book to the girl. She looked familiar with the body build and those mesmerizing eyes, but she was a brunette though. She couldn't have been Sam, could she? "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you."

"You should be," she snapped. "Now make yourself disappear before I knock your teeth out with a carton of milk!"

Wait, a carton of milk? Where have I heard that from?

When she walked away, I spun her around and took off her mask. "Sam?" I was shocked with what she had done to herself. She looked totally different! She was wearing a blue dress with leopard prints down the skirt, a brown short wig and a mask that made her look more mysterious.

She tried to snatch the mask away from my hands, "Hey! No fair. The rules say that no one is supposed to remove their masks until the end of the ball!"

"Sam!" I made sure she looked right into my eyes. "It's me, Freddie."

"Freddie?" a look of hope appeared in her eyes, but it was soon covered by the look of disappointment.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I held her hand. "Don't you want me to find you?"

She looked away. "I'm sorry, Freddie. But I don't know anymore. Half my heart tells me that you're the one that I've been looking for, while the other tells me that I may just risk getting hurt again."

"Sam..." I looked into her ocean blue eyes. "Remember the day when I told you I loved you?"

She nodded. "On that very same day, I swore that I would never let anyone hurt you as long as I lived. Even though I was the one who hurt you after that, but I swear that I never intended to do it. You know how much I love you and how much I will for the rest of my life."

She looked at me again, with those glossy eyes that made my heart melt. "Sam, would you give me another chance?"

This time, she didn't look away or even hesitate. She had her arms around me and we were in bliss. The book that she held onto started glowing after that and people stopped dancing while creating a distance from us, leaving us in the middle of a huge circle of people.

A gold aura emerged as the pages of the book were flipped continuously. The gold aura then settled down into a more human form as it grew legs, arms, a head and a feminine body. The aura then took a step down on the ballroom floor.

"Lady Marissa," Sam seemed to recognize the golden aura.

As the aura took a more manly form, I recognized her that instant. "Mother..." I ran towards the now-human aura and tried to embrace her like a child hugging her mother after being lost. But it seemed impossible to lay a finger on her.

"I'm sorry, Fredward," she looked at me as I stared in confusion. "But I am not human, you can't touch me. I remain in spiritual form while I am here on earth."

Now that the kingdom has recognized mother as their queen, they kneeled down in respect while bowing down (still in kneeling position) to acknowledge their late queen. I could tell that they had a sense of fear in them as they have probably never seen a spirit before. But as for me, after encountering weird happenings with the Pete incident, I have long grown used to these minor paranormal activities.

"Please rise," said mother gently. "Samantha, Fredward, I am here to congratulate you both on finally deciding to be together. But I have a more important reason to be here."

"And what's that?" Sam asked.

"Is anyone of you by the name of Carlerella Shay?" mother asked. All of us looked at the 'just married' princess as she smiled awkwardly. Mother then floated (I really mean floated) to Carly. "You must be Carlerella. I have heard so much about you."

Carly looked a little scared. "Yes, I am er... honored to be... heard of so much... I guess." Wow, she's really nervous.

"Please Carlerella, there is someone that wants to meet you," mother told her. As soon as she said that, a silver aura appeared beside her. This time, the silver aura formed a male figure.

"Carly?" the male figure tries to recognize the princess. "Is that you?"

Carly seems to know this person as her eyes brightened up with joy. "Spencer?"

The male figure's hands formed fists as he thrusts his elbows backwards, looking as if he was a little boy who won a football match. "It's so great to see you!"

Sam's POV

Little Carls, wait, it should be Princess Carly. Anyway, our dear little princess found her elder brother, Spencer. I remember that guy. He used to be living in our house before my mom drove him away. She said that Spencer was a freeloader and would only cause trouble if he stayed in the house.

One day, we received news that Spencer passed away while he was somewhere out there. Carly was never allowed to leave the house unless if she had done her chores, so it was unlikely that she would be given permission to see Spencer for the last time. She was heartbroken that day she heard the news. She didn't eat for three days. But after a few days, she got over it.

"Thank you, Queen Marissa," she said as tears fell from her cheeks.

Later that night, when the clock striked 12, Freddie and I had the time of our lives. Since I'm not such a good dancer, he taught me how to move. After a few minutes of training, I was able to dance like a professional... well, almost.

Some say that dreams don't come true. Well, I say, "You never know until you try!"


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