Ménage a trois

Just a short one. It's a 3some between Eric, Bill and Sookie. Not set in any particular timeframe, just a place that they may one day get to. Why should she have to choose? They both want her and she wants both of them. Lucky girl. I don't own them. Just putting it out there. Please read and review. Always makes my day brighter. This is NC17 B/S/E. If you are too young to read this click away from this screen!

The moonlight drifted across the bed.

Sookie's head was thrown back in ecstasy. Her back was pressed against Eric's chest; she was lying on him, his body supporting her weight. She felt his fangs scrape against the column of her neck, his tongue tracing her pulse. His cock was hard against her back, his hips thrusting against her.

Sookie's hands clawed at the dark head licking at her thighs. She tangled her fingers in Bill's dark hair and felt her legs tremble as his lips found her centre. Bill's tongue snaked out and Sookie cried out her pleasure. Behind her, Eric grinned. His strong hands came out to hold her hips firmly down to his. His cock pulsed in anticipation.

Bill slowly worked Sookie with his tongue. He licked at her labia before darting out to tease her clit. His fingers crept up her thigh; moving to caress her swollen flesh. His fangs crept along her heated skin, his tongue lapping at the sweat droplets beading there.

"Bill," Sookie groaned, pushing her hips towards him. She desperately sought release. He teased her, feeling her body inch towards completion. Just as Sookie was about to plummet over the brink Bill pulled away.

Sookie's hips gave several uncontrollable thrusts, seeking out Bill's tongue. Her eyes shot open and she tried to lurch forward to follow him. Eric's hands held her in place and Bill's rested on her thighs, the two vampires keeping her steady. Sookie felt a laugh rumble through Eric's chest; the vibrations causing her to shiver. Her body shuddered at the sudden loss, her breathing ragged.

"Please Bill," she pleaded helplessly. Both vampires shared a grin, their fangs flashing.

"What do you want, Sookie?" Bill asked huskily. His fingers tickled along her sides, raising goose bumps. Behind her, Eric shifted, his long legs tangling with hers. His hands cupped her breasts, talented fingers tweaking her straining nipples. Sookie moaned, her body arching into their combined touch, her nerves sparking, her senses reeling. She felt her head spinning as she tried to control her body's reactions.

"You," she gasped, her hands clamping around the strong muscles of his arms. "Both of you."

Eric's cock twitched at her words and he thrust against her. Bill's eyes had darkened with arousal and his engorged member rested heavily against his stomach.

"You think you can handle both of us?" Eric purred in her ear. Sookie nodded shakily. Eric and Bill exchanged another long look, their hands still caressing her. They shared a "vampire moment" and seemed to come to an agreement.

Bill leant forward and captured Sookie's lips in his own. She could taste herself there, faintly, and this only served to arouse her further. Bill's tongue tangled with hers, thrusting in imitation of what Sookie wanted his cock to do. She moaned.

Eric was suckling at her neck; kissing and licking. Sookie gasped when she felt Eric reach down and coat his fingers in her wetness. He moved them to tease her rear entrance. She tensed as he inserted on long finger.

"Hush," Eric whispered, his tongue licking the shell of her ear. "Relax into it. I will make this good for you." He kissed her neck, continuing his ministrations.

Sookie forced her body to relax back against Eric's much larger one. She trusted him. And she knew that nothing bad would happen with Bill there. The two of them would take care of her and give her more pleasure than she could imagine. She felt Eric add another finger, working her as Bill reached down to tease her clit.

Feeling her body beginning to respond to their actions, Sookie's eyes drifted closed as her hips thrust against their hands. She took Bill into her hand and caressed his swollen cock. Rubbing his leaking tip, capturing the pearly liquid there, she brought her fingers to her lips and tasted them. Humming in pleasure she swirled her tongue around her fingers, enjoying his taste. She heard Bill groan at her actions, his fingers moving faster now.

"I want to taste you," Sookie murmured, pulling Bill towards her. Complying, Bill moved to kneel on either side of Sookie and Eric. His cock strained towards them and he watched as Sookie, and then Eric, took him in hand. Their combined touch aroused him and forced him to bite down hard on his lip, drawing blood.

Sookie took him into her mouth, her tongue caressing the swollen head, before swallowing him down. She worked the underside of his impressive girth with her tongue, while using her throat to massage his shaft. Bill thrust gently into her, enjoying her heat, and the wetness of her mouth.

Eric's free hand caressed Bill's balls, all the while continuing to tease Sookie. His cock was leaking against Sookie's back and he longed to thrust into her. He was enjoying watching the pleasure coursing over his lovers' faces, and he liked being the one to bring them such release.

"Sookie, stop." Bill groaned, pulling back. "I cannot last." He stroked her face lovingly before sliding back down her body. His hands and mouth and fangs were everywhere. Sookie writhed beneath him, arousing Eric further.

Bill gave Eric a questioning look.

"She is ready," the Viking rumbled. Sookie quivered, knowing what was about to come. Bill moved in to kiss Sookie. They shared a passionate kiss, tongues tangling, hands caressing. When Bill pulled back Sookie turned her head and met Eric. He caressed her lips with his tongue before delving between her lips and capturing hers.

Bill positioned himself between her legs, pressing his cock into her entrance. As he slid inside her he hissed at her heat burning his flesh. Sookie moaned into Eric's mouth as Bill's length stretched her. His hips met hers and she felt him pressing into her clit deliciously. He withdrew slowly, enjoying feeling her caress every inch of him. Pushing back inside his fangs glistened, his muscles twitching.

Beneath her Eric shifted. He removed his fingers and placed his ample cock at her entrance. Waiting for Bill to withdraw again, Eric readied himself. His hands held Sookie's hips steady. Feeling Bill's movement, Eric thrust inside as Bill did. They filled Sookie to bursting and she cried out in wonder at the feel of them. Her body shuddered, trying to accommodate their double penetration.

Bill and Eric stilled, allowing her to recover. Their hands traced soothing patterns on her skin, only heightening her pleasure. Finally she managed to regain her senses and Sookie gave a gentle thrust against Bill, testing this new connection. Bill smiled at her. Beneath them Eric thrust with Bill, the two of them settling into a rhythm. Sookie could do nothing but hold on as they sped up.

Pleasure was overwhelming her. She could feel her head spinning and everything fading in and out. Her hips were moving in time with their thrusts. Gasps burst out of her with every impact and her hands were clawing at Bill's back.

Eric's hand snaked between them and teased her clit. As the two vampires withdrew and plunged back into her Sookie felt herself fall over the edge. A loud keening sound filled the room and it took her a moment to realise it was her. Her nails dug into Bill's back as her hips thrust wildly against theirs.

The two vampires shared a look before leaning in, one on either side of her neck, and biting. Sookie felt another orgasm tear through her as they drew on her blood. Bill groaned and came inside her, his hips thrusting fiercely. Beneath her, Eric found his release, drawing Sookie's blood deep. He moaned into her neck, his hands caressing her sides as his seed shot into her.

Afterwards, they lay there, still connected, Sookie sandwiched between the two vampires. She couldn't feel her legs and her body was trembling with pleasure. She gasped in air, trying to slow her rapid heartbeat. Above her Bill was licking at the twin puncture marks in her neck. His tongue drew long lazy strokes, languidly enjoying the taste of her. Eric was also lapping at her neck. She could feel them softening inside her and felt the loss when they pulled away.

Bill moved off of them to reach for the blanket as Eric turned Sookie so that she was beside him, her head resting on his chest. He wrapped an arm around her, the other stroking her cheek. Bill returned with the blanket and pulled it over the two blondes. Crawling in on the other side of Sookie, he spooned up against her and tucked his arm across her hip.

Sookie sighed contentedly. After all the mess they had been through it was nice to finally have peace. If this was how they worked, so be it. It didn't matter what anyone thought, she pondered. Bill was happy and Eric was happy. The three of them would find a way to make it work. And that knowledge made Sookie happy.

A nice fluffy little raunchy piece! I thought, I've been so harsh to Bill and I actually don't have anything against him. I might as well let him have some fun. Originally it was Sam, and not Bill, in this story but I will think of something else to get him some Eric and Sookie action. Please review! I hate when people favourite a story or put it on alert but don't bother to review! Its not hard! Just tell me what you think! Thanks everyone!