DISCLAIMER: Masashi Kishimoto rightfully owns Naruto and its original concepts.

Contains: Boy Loving (YAOI), Foul Language, Mentioned Criminal activities, Future lemons

Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto, possibly others.

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Love Escapism

Escapism (adj; n)

- diversion of the mind to imaginative activity as an escape from routine

Love Escapism (adj; n)

-diversion of the mind by falling madly in love with someone that you could not escape from

This is going to be a perfect day. Naruto could just feel it down to his optimistic bones.

He woke up, ate and prepared for work without the alarm clock dropping on his head, spoiled milk ruining his meal and things to trip with while dashing around in panic for work. He even had an hour before the bus he rides arrived. For once, things were going quite fine for his morning. He might even get a salary raise from his stingy boss so he could finally bring his girlfriend Hinata to an expensive restaurant for dinner.

He was confident that this would continue until the end of the day and hopefully, for the rest of his life.

Out of his good mood, he decided to check out the horoscope section for what was in store for him this day. Normally, he would skip that part over because he didn't believe in it and he always rushed towards his work. There's no harm in reading it after all.

Naruto wished that he have just ignored it; his mood turned sour and sourer as he continued to read Libra's fate for the day. So much for Lee's 'ultimate guide of youthful luck' –it was more like the ultimate guide of errors.

"It's even biased!" He skimmed over the other signs and frowned. The others were decorated with rainbow-colored sprinkles while his sign was butchered ruthlessly, cooked to ruins and served with unappetizing garnishes that even houseflies won't touch it.

He threw the paper on the floor, determined not to let his perfect-time-for-salary-raise-and-bring-girlfriend-to-expensive-restaurant day be ruined by some sort of mystical lies.

What could possibly go wrong when your day started out like this?

Astrology and fortune-tellers all spouted a bunch of crappy lies anyway. He chose to ignore the small doubt squirming at the back of his head like a stubborn, headless cockroach that refused to die. He made a small wish that this was not the calm before the storm as he headed out to his work early for the first time, stepping on the newspaper on the way.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

The stars and the planets do not appear harmoniously for you today. Events ranging from bad to worst will occur in just about every aspect of your life. You will lose very important things and everything will fall apart.

On the brighter side, everlasting love will be found moving at the most unexpected time, in the most unexpected place and with the most unexpected person.

COLOR: Black



LEO (July 23 – August 22)

If you have big plans for today, you better abort it. It better remain as a plan for the good of your over-all well being. Judas is lurking among your friends and not even a bag of silver and gold coins will make him change his mind.

Not all is bleak though; you'll be dragging along something worth than a million bucks –love. And this one is for keeps.

COLOR: Yellow


"You shouldn't go on today, Sasuke-kun!"

The redheaded girl handed the newspaper to the man seated in the expensive leather couch. His sharp, dark grey eyes scanned it for the entry that the other have just read for him, and read it again. He folded the paper after reading and put it on the coffee table, disbelief obvious in his face as he looked at his subordinates.

"You're just saying that so Sasuke would stay here with you so you could molest him," Suigetsu said. He gave Karin a toothy grin before taking a sip on his water jug.

"W-what are y-you talking about? I'm n-not planning unthinkable…like raping Sasuke out of his wits!" Karin nervously fixed her glasses.

"Aha! Just as I –ack!" Suigetsu struggled to get out of Karin's choking grip. The redhead made sure that her fingers wrapped around the man's neck tightly, shaking him roughly while yelling obscenities at him. Suigetsu dropped on the floor and Karin turned it into a punch-and-kick all-you-can spree.

"Stop that. Sasuke, what should we do?"

Sasuke looked at the big orange-haired man. "I didn't know that you believed in horoscopes, Juugo."

"No, but I think it is wise to rethink our steps," Juugo said, gently petting the crow that he had on his hand.

He had a point. Smuggling firearms wasn't exactly a reliable business; you are dealing with the black market with criminals as your business partners after all. You don't know who would turn their backs on you, whether foe, friend, ally or the government officials that you pay to make the flow of things smoother. Smuggling could be compared to walking in a string with one of your eyes blindfolded –you never know when you will fall.

But Sasuke would not let a ridiculous prediction ruin what would be his biggest transaction after four years of bring in this organization. The millions that he would get out of this deal would ensure his passport to his long-deserved freedom.

"We have to continue with it. The Lotus gang wouldn't be able to ship the cargoes in time and that could ruin our reputation. The meeting is in an hour. Suigetsu, Karin break-up and secure the parameters. Juugo, get the keys."

The three nodded and quickly went on their assignments. Sasuke stood up and got the keys of his car before heading out to the meeting place.

His freedom was in the hands of Bruce Lee's fellow men.


This was the worst day ever. Naruto once heard some kind of saying that when you start your day right, you would definitely end in a perfect ten. But why was his day plagued with all the misgivings that the world could offer?

At 10 am, his best friend Kiba—ex-best friend with a big, red 'X'—told him over the phone that he was taking away Hinata over to some island that they would stay until Naruto was not angry with them. He apologized for stealing Hinata.

'We fell in love but we didn't want to hurt you.'

His pride was more damaged than his heart. He trusted Kiba and always thought of the guy as his own sibling that was simply born in another body. And Hinata, his shy, quiet and cute girlfriend of three years ditched him for his own best buddy. She didn't strike him as a person like that. He felt as if he was stabbed by a five-foot pole.

And then he got fired because he punched his supervisor for discreetly asking him to join in a sexual orgy. The man told him that he always found Naruto attractive and offered him a twenty percent salary increase if Naruto would agree. He gave him broken nose for a reply. Their employer didn't even listen to Naruto's side of the story before terminating his contract.

To lift his spirits, Naruto decided to drown himself in bowls of ramen at Ichiraku's, his favorite ramen bar. He took a shortcut in the shady neighborhood that normal people usually avoided because of the nasty tales surrounding it. As of the moment, he didn't to be normal. He just wanted his ramen.

Naruto suddenly bumped into someone and was about to tell him to piss off but his tongue rolled back on its own. The man was a lot bigger and broader than him, similar to those goons that the evil men in mafia movies. The scorpion tattooed to his bald head shining menacingly at the street lamp and the numerous scars on his face and body broadcasted 'I'm going to pulverize your puny human bones into powders for my soup to have that human taste'.

"It was my entire fault, mister. Please go on with your business." Naruto gulped and smiled nervously at the man, giving way to the bulky terror of a man. He quickly ran off until he was sure that the man won't see, hear and smell him.

"Man, running for your life was thirsty work. Better get something to drink," Naruto searched his pockets for his wallet but found nothing. If there was one thing that he would never, ever forget even with his short attention span, it would be his wallet. His living was literally inside it; apartment keys, ATM that contains his life savings, all sorts of identification cards like driver's license, voter's ID…

A wallet that was missing. He frantically searched for it, retracing his steps and checking out corners and non-corners for his living wallet. A full hour of fruitless search ensued.

"Oh my fucking, shitty life." Naruto was literally robbed of his life.

He should just have believed that damn horoscope. He should just have locked himself in his room, painted everything black and posted the number four all around him, anything just to have prevented this bad luck from hitting him down to the ground.

Now he had nothing. He turned all his frustration to the innocent piece of soda can and kicked it. He continued until the aluminum material curved into an alley.

"Great, I even lose a piece of stupid can," He muttered as he entered and crouched down to pick the can when he suddenly heard some shouts followed by gun shots. He looked up and saw some guy clutching a brief case running towards him, followed by men with all kinds of guns firing at his direction, at Naruto's direction. One bullet grazed the tip of his ear, millimeters away from making contact. His mind was already screaming red alert but his body was too numbed by shock to register his brain's commands.

They were all shouting but he didn't understand. Was this what that horoscope meant when it stated he would lose everything? Was he going to die without even tasting every ramen flavor that the world could offer? Was he going to hell for all the pranks that he did in his youth?

Too many questions sprung up but there was one thing that he was certain; he didn't want to die.

Not yet.


Everything was going on well. Sasuke nodded to the representative of the Lotus and handed him the key to the ware house where the firearms were stored while of his own men accepted the briefcase with the money. Sasuke opened the case and examined the money tied in bundles. He closed it in satisfaction.

"It was nice to dealing with you." The representative shook hands with him.

"I'm looking forward to another transaction with you, Mr. Xing," Sasuke said with a fake smile. He was about to turn around when Mr. Xing suddenly dropped dead on the cement. Before he could react, the companions of the fallen man pulled out their guns and started to rain bullets on them. Sasuke managed to avoid the shots but his subordinates weren't so lucky. Ducking, he grabbed the briefcase and made a quick dash for his safety.

He was going to be free.

He didn't expect that someone would be present. The man was simply sitting there, staring dumbly at the scene in front of him. When you hear gunshots and see men running, you should also run; not be a sitting duck and admire the view. Sasuke cursed and fixed his grip on the case he was holding before yanking the man up and dragged him by the arm and ran. It took quite a bit of time before the man struggled.

"Let me go! I won't tell anyone so don't kill me. I never saw nothing!" The blond tried to pull his own arm back, making it harder for Sasuke to run. Sasuke ignored him and even tightened his grip more, leaving bruises on the skin.

"Just leave me in a corner or something. I don't want to die. I'm only twenty-three years old!" the blond cried out.

Sasuke was having a lot of problem balancing his body and controlling his temper. How the man could run, struggle and talk all at the same time, he didn't have any idea. Either he had great multi-tasking skills or simply an idiot who could not figure out his own situation.

"Shut up. We will both be dead if you don't shut up and be still," Sasuke snapped.

He slammed the back door open and shoved both man and case inside roughly inside before rounding up to the driver's seat. He revved the engine up and drove away. He saw a car tailing them with their pursuers inside, holding their guns in place. He took many twists and turns to confuse them, his passenger stumbling at the back seat with every drive.

He should just have followed that stupid horoscope. But he won't probably have another chance at getting out of the Akatsuki because once you swore your loyalty, you were their property. He was no one's property because he belonged to himself.

"Don't just push me inside your car like luggage! I'm human, damn it." The blond winced when he was thrown against the door when Sasuke

Sasuke didn't give him a reply and focused more on his driving. He analyzed his situation and weighed his options. The penthouse was probably crawling with the Chinese mafia so he could not return there. He could not even risk contacting Suigetsu, Karin or Juugo because the call would be traced. He didn't worry much for them because he knew they could take care of themselves.

He formulated plans. He had to get another vehicle and dumped this one for obvious reasons. The Lotus gang would still be wary of the incident so they won't contact Akatsuki so they wouldn't know his face until much later. Once h shave his beard off, he will look entirely different. And get as far away as possible from Konoha; on how to do that, he'll decide later.

The only problem now was his unintended human baggage. He didn't have much time to worry about himself, much more for others he didn't even know. He could have just left the man there but he didn't want civilians involved not because he cared for them but their presence complicates things.

He looked at the front view mirror before addressing the blond idiot.



Why can't he just have one moment of peace when no one was stealing his wallet and no one was dragging him for drives he didn't want to go? Now, he was stuck in a literal life-or-death situation with a criminal.

If he was going to die, he should probably have some last compensation, specifically three bowls of Ichiraku's super-sized bowl of miso pork ramen with extra pork toppings and beef strips. At least he would have one less regret before going to the afterlife. He was disturbed from his thoughts when his kidnapper spoke to him.


"Could you give me three bowls of Ichiraku's super-sized bowl of miso pork ramen with extra pork toppings and beef strips before you dump my lifeless body in the river later?" Naruto asked him with a straight face, intent on getting his last living wish fulfilled.

"You…are an idiot." Sasuke said with a disbelieving tone.

"I'm going to die, you insensitive asshole! Even those at the death row had their last meal before they die so why couldn't I be the same?" Naruto gritted his teeth. Can't a dying guy het his last wish and meal?

"Your mindset is lower than that of an idiot and idiot is the lowest, following imbecile and moron. All could you think is food at this time?"

"I'm being reasonable by demanding you something inexpensive before I bid this miserable world goodbye."

"Do you think I'll kill you after saving you from those men? Maybe I should've let them made you into a human dumpling stuffed with bullets."

"You dragged me and tossed me inside your car unwillingly, which is kidnapping, not SAVING!" Naruto was to continue his ranting when a bullet broke the rear window and through the windshield, making him duck and scream like a banshee, which a man would never, ever do. A number of bullets followed suit, hitting the windows and mirrors.

"Shit!" Sasuke said loudly.

Naruto looked up from his position on the floor and saw the man's hands were bleeding profusely from the deep gashes that the glass shards had cut him through. His grip on the steering wheel was loose, the car swerving out of the control. Naruto raised his head and saw that the China men were quickly gaining on them. Panicking, he quickly crossed to the front seat and grabbed the steering wheel from him.

"What are you doing? Give me back the wheel!"

"You can't drive with your hands like that, Beardface." Naruto said. His body was bent with his elbows leaning on the man's muscular thighs. He disregarded the searing pain that he felt from his right shoulder.

"Your bones are digging into me. Wha—!" Sasuke suddenly found himself lying flat on his back on the now reclined driver's seat. Naruto settled himself uncomfortably between the man's legs, his ass closed to the man's crotch. He really had no time to think about positions since they are on the run of their lives from the evil guys from Bruce Lee's country.

Naruto almost crashed into a tree when they fired at them again. "Do you have any specific place you want to go? Somewhere without cars and bullets?"

"Just keep on driving. We're almost out of the city proper and entering the forest." Sasuke ignored his injured hands. He could smell the gasoline leaking out of the car. "We have to get out! This car's going to blow any minute."

Naruto could not understand what he was saying. His hearing and vision were fading in and out, his mind concentrated on the pain. He felt something flowing out of his body, soaking his jacket. He might have been shot. He didn't know.

"Hey, we're heading for the cliff!"


Sasuke cursed when he saw the amount of blood staining the blond's arm. The other's movements were sluggish and Sasuke couldn't get any response from him. The car was heading straight for the cliff and if Sasuke didn't do anything, they'll die either from the explosion or the cliff.

He struggled to drag the almost limp body back to the seat and kicked the door open. He threw the briefcase first before hugging the blond, cradling his head on the crook of his head securing his arms around his waist. And hoping to all the gods listening that they survive, he readied to jump out when the car suddenly exploded.

The huge ball of fire continued to speed onwards until it crashed into the metal railings, spiraling down the cliff with all of its contents.


Naruto never felt this sore even after fighting all of seven big bullies that tortured him during elementary. He tried to snuggle into his big, warm pillow that felt a little bit harder and groaned when it moved away. His shoulder sure hurt like hell.

He tried to move again but winced. What happened to him anyway? He could feel his pillow move again

"Stop snuggling into me. Wake up, dumbass."

Naruto felt someone trying to push him off his comfortable moving pillow. He definitely should buy more pillows like this –it was hard but it was comfier than any other pillow that he ever had. And it talked too.

When did pillows move, talk and feel warm? Naruto opened his eyes and found a pair of annoyed black eyes staring at him.

"I'm not letting you drive again."


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